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Published at 13th of August 2019 10:46:22 PM Chapter 505

Sunday, continued …

After having been released from the police station Lu Jingho returned home to his shocked wife .

"How in the world did you get caught?" screamed Madam Lu .

"I have no idea .  Someone had targeted the warehouses . While I would suspect Hou Yi and Yao Tan, what seemed to come out was it was not them . They had footage and recordings from inside, and the staff are not that dumb to have let those two in or someone connected to them . "

"d.a.m.n it, what does it mean?"

"I am not stupid; you know the system as much as I do . I can offer a civil settlement with an agreement that they will not have criminal charges pursued against me . Most of them are still underage and from rural areas . I can offer to their parent's compensation amounts, and that should make most of the charges go away . The only ones that are not easy to get rid of will be those involved Hou Yi, that wife of his and Yao Tan's daughter . But the lawyers can deal with most of that . "

"Most …"

"That ungrateful brat of ours has to be dealt with . He gave over my blackmail footage to the police .  He betrayed us . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

"You are kidding me . "

"No . Obviously he acted to save himself, rather than protecting the family . We must act against that woman who sp.a.w.ned him and her family . The problem is I would suspect he told the police of the threats we have used to control him over the last few years that they will protect them . "

With that Madam Lu looked at her watch, before turning to her husband "Well we need to get going for our afternoon with the ungrateful brat and our darling daughter-in-law . "

"That brat will be taught a lesson . "

With that Lu Jingho went and changed before they headed over to the Lu Jinhu and Yang Lin's villa for their allotted time .

As soon as they were in, Lu Jingho grabbed and dragged Lu Jinhu into the study, before starting to unleash on his son, screaming "What in the f*ck were you thinking helping the police . "

"d.a.m.n it father, calm down . "

"No, I will not," screamed Lu Jingho

"Sit down and we will talk . "

"You know the rules, you ensure that you protect me, and I will not use the dirty information I have on you, and that witch that gave birth to you, and that w*ore that you apparently love would be safe . "

"I am not stupid . I told the police about everything you have on me, my birth mother, everything .  They know about your threats . d.a.m.n it, based on what I have seen, you are going to go down regardless of what I did . You will not be able to buy your way out of all the charges, as it will take too much money .  If I know anything about you, while part of your money is tied up with Lu Corporation, the balance comes from all the dirty little enterprises that I have always told you I want nothing to do with . They will not be able to run and you will be cut off from the Lu Corporation money tap . " Was the determined reply form Lu Jinhu

Still screaming came Lu JIngho's response "That does not matter you brat …"

"Stow it father . Lu Corporation must be the primary goal . My ban from being a company director is only temporary, and any replacement for you as the CEO is only temporary owing to the terms of the charter and the relevant family wills . The problem is if you take me down with you, we both will receive bans outside the time limit allowing those parasites of relatives to become the permanent CEO, cutting off the permanent easy flow of money to us . Think about it . "

"Screw that, you know the rules, protect me …"

"If you are not going to listen to me, you can go jump . I really do not give a care . And let me be realistic, if the situation is reversed you would drop me in it . You taught me well father," the last word was spat out by Lu Jinhu . "And I learnt the lesson well . Plus I know, that why I am a screw up, my willingness to admit my failings and take responsibility will end up with me becoming CEO, but I will not be so stupid to mix things like you have been and become to close to it . "

Before either of them could continue their argument, Yang Lin interrupted them calling them in for their meal, but the balance of the night was icy between them .

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