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The shouts from Su Ruoxue seemed too late as they could hear numerous screams from a distance—the fearful yelling from the nearby cadets. It had become a state of panic, and there were plenty of cadets fleeing in all directions—as though it was an apocalypse.


Su Ruoxue's expression was filled with urgency and fury, releasing a rainbow-like killing aura. Her speed was as fast as light as she vanished into the distant forest, rus.h.i.+ng towards the formidable demonic beast.

"Young Master Jiang, run quickly!"

Several Qian clansmen suddenly appeared with expressions of fear. The strongest among them who was at the peak stage of the Cast Tripod Realm, Qian Fu, shouted, "This demonic beast is definitely a tier-two high-grade demonic beast. Mentor Su might not be to go against it. We will die in contact with it. We have to go now!"

Jiang Yi didn't move and stared blankly into the distance instead. He murmured, "Mentor Su cannot go against it? Wouldn't she be in danger?"

"You guys go ahead and run! I will go help Mentor Su."

Jiang Yi revealed a determined expression as he darted towards where Su Ruoxue went to. Su Ruoxue was his benefactor, and he had to rely on Su Ruoxue to seek treatment for Jiang Xiaonu from the healer. She must not die like this.

"Young Master Jiang! Are you crazy?!"

All five of the Qian clansmen were shocked, but Jiang Yi had already turned into a sharp arrow, sprinting ahead—they didn't even have time to call him back. The five of them looked at one another, clenched their teeth, and followed Jiang Yi. Qian w.a.n.guan had given them a death order. If Jiang Yi was to die, they would not be able to survive either.

"It's a tier-two high-grade Ice Beast! Everyone, flee!"

There were people constantly fleeing from the forest, and every one of them had a fearful look. But when they saw Jiang Yi and the others heading towards that direction, they were all in shock. They snapped out of the daze quickly and continued to run frantically. If Jiang Yi and his group were stupid enough to try and slay that Ice Beast, it would give them sufficient time to escape safely.

After sprinting for several hundreds of feet, he noticed that the five clansmen from the Qian Clan had followed him. His expression changed immediately as he roared at them, "What are you doing here? All of you, get lost this instant!"

Qian Fu and his men all had a resolute expression as they spoke with a grave tone, "Our Young Clan Head have orders. If Young Master Jiang dies, we will not live either. So if Young Master Jiang doesn't retreat, we will not either!"


The delicate shouts from Su Ruoxue and the roars from that demonic beast were constantly resonating. Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and dashed ahead while ignoring those who followed him. But his footsteps got lighter, and he promptly channeled a wisp of the black essence force to his eyes as he looked far away.

In just a short moment, Jiang Yi arrived at the vicinity of the battle. Before he even got close enough, he could feel a chilly intent up ahead. This wasn't the prowess of the demonic beast, but the plain chilling intent as though there was a ten-thousand-year-old ice mountain in front of him.

When he pa.s.sed through the dense shrubs, he saw a strange-looking demonic beast that made his body tremble. This tier-two demonic beast was obviously much superior when compared to a tier-one demonic beast.

It was a panther-like demonic beast. It didn't have a huge body, but it had an entire body of blue fur that felt as though it was a layer of ice. That bone-piercing chilling intent was coming from its body.

Wielding a white-colored longsword, Su Ruoxue continued to fight against this Ice Beast. Her fair and charming face had turned green from a serious frost. Her maneuvers had turned dull as the temperature dropped lower the more she stayed close to the Ice Beast. That chilling intent had the ability to affect its enemies' movement within a certain radius.

Even so, Su Ruoxue showed no signs of fear. Her legs were like dragonflies tipping on the surface. She leaped up swiftly, her longsword drawing a beautiful arc before thrusting down at the head of the Ice Beast.


The Ice Beast let out an odd roar then released a mouthful of freezing breath. The cold breath instantaneously froze the air—even freezing the longsword that was in Su Ruoxue's hand. That freezing breath quickly spread across Su Ruoxue's body, enough to almost freeze her solid.


Su Ruoxue's face was beginning to crystallize, but she remained fearless. She let out a delicate shout and shook the longsword after pouring her essence force in it, shattering all of the surrounding ice. She endured the danger of freezing her blood and cleaved ferociously at the head of the Ice Beast.


The Ice Beast was rather frightened as it twisted its body swiftly. The longsword merely slashed the skin on the Ice Beast's neck. The beast opened its mouth with fury and spat out an ice arrow this time, which flew at lightning speed towards Su Ruoxue.


Su Ruoxue's body was almost completely frozen, but she immediately reacted, holding up her longsword and blocking the attack. There was a clear and crisp echo before Su Ruoxue flew along with her sword and crashed into the ground.

"Young Master Jiang, this Ice Beast is too horrifying! Mentor Su can't even get near it. If we are to go fight against it, we will become an ice block before we even get near it. What's more, there must be some trap for this formidable beast to appear here. Someone might be plotting to eliminate you. Let's hurry up and retreat…"

Qian Fu had this grave expression—but before he could finish his statement, Jiang Yi had already rushed ahead. His eyes had this flash of helplessness as he shouted, "Forget it!"

Jiang Yi had no choice but to dash in because that Ice Beast was about to lung at Su Ruoxue. Every hair on Su Ruoxue was frozen solid, and her body's reaction had decreased drastically. If she didn't have any time to recover, she would soon die at the hands of this Ice Beast.


Su Ruoxue saw a green figure das.h.i.+ng out from the forest at the side and was instantly pleased. But when she saw that it was Jiang Yi, her expression changed immediately. She yelled out delicately, "Jiang Yi, are you out of your mind? Run now!"

Jiang Yi didn't say a word. He circulated his essence force and threw the Green Destiny Sword at the Ice Beast. His other hand was radiating with black and blue essence force as he silently revolved the Exploding Essence Palm. He pressed forward courageously and burst towards the Ice Beast.

Such formidable freezing aura!

The Ice Beast didn't spit any freezing breath at Jiang Yi. It merely twisted its body to dodge the Green Destiny Sword that was shot out by Jiang Yi. Even so, when Jiang Yi was about ten feet away from the Ice Beast, he still felt his entire body freezing up. Even his legs had turn rigid and struggled to even take one more step.


Jiang Yi burst out shouting as he promptly channeled a wisp of black essence force to his left leg and stomped on the ground. His speed increased instantaneously as he turned into an afterimage and dashed towards the Ice Beast. He didn't know if his Exploding Essence Palm could damage the Ice Beast, but he just wanted to give it his best shot.


The Ice Beast lifted its head and roared. The blue eyes had this flash of cruel intent. It faced Jiang Yi and was about to spit out its freezing breath. Once this freezing breath shrouded Jiang Yi, he would definitely become an ice sculpture. If he was lucky, he might be able to keep his life; but if he was unlucky, his blood might just freeze—he would instantly die.


Suddenly, a loud roar echoed from a distance. Numerous black light shot over, attracting the attention of that Ice Beast. This black light was shot out from the black-colored mechanized crossbow from the hands of Qian Fu and his men. Their target was apparently the b.u.t.tocks of the Ice Beast. Those crossbows were glowing with black light in their hands, and they were obviously artifact weapons.


The Ice Beast didn't seem to have a formidable defense as it looked at the flying black light with fear. It ignored Jiang Yi and forcefully turned its b.u.t.tocks away.


Jiang Yi's body was stiff as an ice stick, but his eyes were s.h.i.+ning bright like the stars. He struggled to open his mouth and yell, releasing the Exploding Essence Palm. Jiang Yi's right palm slammed hard against the head of the Ice Beast.

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