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When Jiang Yi finished his statement, there was an instant commotion. Who was Jiang Yiliu again? He was a young prince of the Divine Martial Kingdom while his father was the no.1 combatant of the Divine Martial Kingdom, the protector of the kingdom, and the Liege Lord of the West Garrison Army!

Even without mentioning his status, his talent was already overwhelming. Fifth stage of the Purple Mansion Realm at the age of 19! Such a talent made him well-known throughout the continent. When he entered the college, it only took him three months to become a Prodigy Cadet. He was highly regarded by Zhuge and got accepted as the last disciple by the

Zhuge Liuyun's status was far beyond anything, and when Jiang Yiliu became his last disciple, even the Vice Princ.i.p.als didn't dare to put on any arrogance in front of him. This was why Jiang Yiliu was so fearless that he even dared to publicly pursue Su Ruoxue.

But right now, a nameless Write-In Cadet dared to provoke him in public? He even picked the crucial timing when Jiang Yiliu was pursuing Su Ruoxue? The words that he used were harsh to the ears, too. Hara.s.sing? Shameless?

Everyone's first thought was that either Jiang Yi was tired of living or he had an abnormal mind. Would normal people do such a thing? Even Qian w.a.n.guan, who had an esteemed status, had to speak courteously to Jiang Yiliu.

Oh no!

Qian w.a.n.guan's expression changed, and he cursed silently. His eyes immediately looked over Jiang Yiliu.

With a single glance, Qian w.a.n.guan knew trouble was imminent. Jiang Yiliu smiled, and it was a radiant smile. Qian w.a.n.guan, who was familiar with this prince, knew that something bad was going to happen. Whenever Jiang Yiliu let out this smile, it meant that the killing intent within his heart was no longer kept in check. Jiang Yi had become a definite target he had to eliminate.

Su Ruoxue paused due to the sudden interruption. Her expression altered immediately as she looked over Jiang Yi with concern. But what she saw was Jiang Yi's fearless and arrogant eyes glaring at Jiang Yiliu. His eyes were filled with battle intent like an unyielding lion cub staring at the tiger king. For a moment, Su Ruoxue's was in a daze and actually wanted to say something. In the end, she chose to not say anything.

Jiang Yiliu withdrew his longsword and used his finger to stop the blood that was trickling from his chest. He then looked at Jiang Yi and said calmly, "Good! I am rather impressed with this cadet. Could Yiliu get to know your honorable name?"

Jiang Yi didn't show any weakness as he replied, "Jiang Yi! Write-In Cadet, orphan. Why? Does Your Highness want to slaughter my entire family?"


Jiang Yiliu laughed while facing the sky. His eyes swept across Su Ruoxue as he said lightly, "Cadet Jiang Yi, you underestimate my magnanimity. Don't worry, I won't do such narrow-minded things. But a price has to be paid by anyone who makes a mistake. Since you dare to step out today, prepare to face the wrath of Jiang Yiliu."

Jiang Yi laughed lightly and spoke back in response, "If you want to kill me—Jiang Yi—then you will have to face my wrath, too!"

Dominance! Arrogance!

Every cadet lamented in their heart. They first talked about Jiang Yiliu, and then they mentioned Jiang Yi. Those with true strength that acted strong were arrogant, but those that didn't have the strength yet acted strong were jokes. It was obvious that in everyone's eyes, Jiang Yi was a joke.


Jiang Yiliu jumped onto his ancient war chariot and looked into Jiang Yi's eyes from afar. He let out two scoffs before steering his chariot towards the college. He soon vanished like a stream of light.

"Boss, you are too reckless!"

Once Jiang Yiliu left, Qian w.a.n.guan moved closer to Jiang Yi's side and lowered his voice. Jiang Yi remained indifferent and shook his head. "This isn't a matter of recklessness. I will have to clash with him sooner or later. With such a huge commotion last night, Jiang Yiliu must have already noticed me. What's more, Jiang Qilin will not let me off so easily, too. Rather than being on-guard from their sneak attacks, why not make this public? They will not dare to touch me for the moment. Or else, everyone will know that they are the ones who did it."


When Qian w.a.n.guan saw the stubborn expression on Jiang Yi, he speechlessly let out a sigh. Things were already like this now, and there was nothing else to be said anymore. What he could only do now was to do his best to protect Jiang Yi. Fortunately, it was temporarily safe within the college; and with Mentor Su around, they would not try to Jiang Yi while they were hunting for demonic beasts.

Su Ruoxue took a glance at Jiang Yi with a trace of complexity in her eyes. She soon restored her cold att.i.tude before gesturing. "Let's go!"

The group descended the mountain in silence. Everyone looked at Jiang Yi with a complicated expression and subconsciously avoided Jiang Yi, seemingly afraid of being implicated by him.

Jiang Yi concentrated on traversing with this indescribable feeling within his heart. He didn't feel afraid or regretful. He felt some annoyance and vexation. It was as if he had this heavy heart.

The reason why he had that urge earlier was due to the helplessness and panic he saw in Su Ruoxue, causing him to instinctively want to help her. He might not have many interactions with this beautiful mentor, but she did help him during the first day of the Blood Purge—it was grat.i.tude that he took note of. Jiang Yi would always willingly risk his life for those that offered him kindness.

Of course, another main reason was because of his innate animosity towards Jiang Yiliu. Seeing Jiang Yiliu's demeanor, he felt out of sorts and uncomfortable in his heart. It made him forgot all his concerns and acted first before thinking of the consequences.

Jiang Yi couldn't explain the reason why he was displeased with Jiang Yiliu. Perhaps it was because they were brothers from different mothers, but one of them was high up with status and wealth while he was as inferior as an ant and had been mocked for over a decade. Or perhaps it was because Jiang Bieli had forsaken his mother and chose Jiang Yiliu's mother. He wanted to protest unfairness for his mother who died of a young age. He had this inner hatred towards Jiang Bieli and naturally viewed his enemy's son as his own enemy, too.

Their group soon arrived at the foot of the mountain where they would hunt demonic beasts. Under the instructions from Su Ruoxue, every cadet swiftly ascended the mountain to hunt. Qian w.a.n.guan had yet to understand the entire situation; thus, he didn't recklessly guide Jiang Yi up the mountain.

"Jiang Yi, you wait for a moment. You there, please go and hunt some demonic beasts first." Su Ruoxue suddenly halted Jiang Yi. Her expression might be indifferent, but her eyes were dodgy. It was obvious that her heart was still not at rest.

Qian w.a.n.guan let out a vague expression and poked at Jiang Yi's waist. He lowered his voice and said, "Boss. Grab this opportunity. Good luck."

"Get lost!"

Jiang Yi feigned his anger as he kicked Qian w.a.n.guan away. He then turned to look at Su Ruoxue and was almost dazzled by that delicate face. He quickly smirked and said, "Mentor Su, that fellow lacked a beating so don't mind him! Do you need something from me?"

Su Ruoxue nodded but remained silent. It was only after a moment before she bit her lips and spoke, "Jiang Yi… I would like to thank you for what you did earlier. But you were too reckless. Jiang Yiliu's background is unlike anyone else, and it will definitely bring you trouble in the future."

Jiang Yi laughed subtly and replied as though he didn't bother, "Doesn't matter. The thing that I am least afraid of—is trouble."


Su Ruoxue's eye glistened as she stomped her foot. "What will I have to say for you to get it? Jiang Yiliu is the heir to of the Western Garrison Liege Lord…"

"Mentor Su, you may stop now. I understand everything you have said."

Jiang Yi looked at Su Ruoxue and spoke seriously, "Mentor Su. You have helped me previously. I, Jiang Yi, don't have many quality points, but I still know that I have to repay the grat.i.tude to my benefactors. Don't worry! I, Jiang Yi, have an unyielding life that most people cannot be taken away."

Su Ruoxue looked at the serious eyes of Jiang Yi and finally shook her head and sighed. "Is it worth it?"

"Worth it!"

Jiang Yi nodded with certainty. He looked at the flawless and delicate face of Su Ruoxue while letting out a charming smile. "There was an ancient saying: 'in order to make a beauty laugh, the king lit up the beacon to tease the dukes.' If that king can forsake his entire kingdom for a beautiful woman, what is the problem with forsaking my cheap life?"


Su Ruoxue had heard of such flattery for more than a hundred times, but she didn't feel that it was disgusting this time. Instead, she let out a funny and pleased expression. She extended her dainty hand and knocked on Jiang Yi's head before rebuking him. "Glib tongue. Wait till you are older before you make such talks. Isn't it about time for you to be hunting demonic beasts?"

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