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"Let's go!"

Sweat on his forehead dripped down like rain, and Jiang Yi's back was drenched in his sweat. It was not because of the heat wave below, but the tremendous pressure which made it difficult to move forward. Such immense pressure caused all his muscles to tremble after every single step. His body was already bent to an arch, but he continued to go forward, clenching his teeth.

One hundred and fifty steps, 200 steps… 250 steps…

As expected, the pressure on his back doubled again, but Jiang Yi could still barely support himself and didn't crawl.

There were two unparalleled beauties on the iron chain bridge in the middle, who were both one year younger than him. They were still able to stand upright on the one-third position of the iron chain bridge. He was a big man; couldn't he be worse than those two weak chicks?


If only Jiang Yi knew that the gravity on the middle bridge was two times of that on the bridge on the right, and the iron chain bridge he was on experienced two times the gravity of that on the middle bridge; he would never be overly concerned about his face and swallow the hards.h.i.+p!

After 300 steps, the gravity doubled again; and Jiang Yi collapsed once again.

However, after taking a few deep breaths, he struggled to get up again, which surprised the people on the iron chain bridge in the middle. After all, Jiang Yi's 300 steps were equivalent to their 600 steps, and Jiang Yi's strength was pitifully low in comparison with others'.


After 330 steps, a gentle breeze suddenly blew in the canyon, which caused everyone to change expressions. Immediately, people were either lying or sitting on the ground. Even the young masters and young mistresses from the eminent clans who appeared most relaxed no longer cared about their images.

"What's happening now?"

Jiang Yi appeared a bit dumbfounded, but he reacted quickly and sat on the ground as well, looking at the iron chain bridge in the middle.


The sound was getting louder and louder. Soon, Jiang Yi turned pale as a hurricane was blowing from the other side of the canyon. Everyone's clothes were fluttering in the wind. The magma below was blown up, billowing out huge fire waves. The heat waves swept over and increased the temperature all of a sudden.

Under the extreme heat, people on the iron chain bridge sweat profusely. The clothes of the young ladies were drenched as well and clung to their pet.i.te bodies, rendering a visual feast for Jiang Yi and the rest.

The heat wave didn't bother Jiang Yi very much. He had the Fire Spirit Pearl and didn't feel hot at all. He turned pale because the wind was getting more and more violent. The iron chain bridge even swayed back and forth along with the hurricane. It also tilted slightly. Jiang Yi might fall down accidentally.

Scalding magma was underneath. Jiang Yi wasn't worried about being burned into ashes in case he fell. The problem was the immense pressure in the canyon. If the gravity was the same down there, how could he get up? What if there were some special demonic beasts or dreadful creatures in the magma?

Luckily, Jiang Yi had sat down, and he clutched two iron chains in his hands. No matter how violent the wind was blowing, he kept his body close to the bridge. He peeked at Yin Ruobing and Ling s.h.i.+ya from time to time. Their dresses were lifted up by the wind, occasionally revealing their snowy legs, which was a feast for him.

Not only Jiang Yi but also many other men were peeping at them as well. However, two ladies didn't notice those men as they were behind them. Instead, they clearly felt Jiang Yi's explicit staring, causing their faces which were already heated from the heat waves to flush with shame.

After a few glances, Jiang Yi didn't dare to continue. If he annoyed the two ladies, the consequences would be serious. The hurricane gradually disappeared. Those who were able to stand up stood up, those who couldn't resumed crawling.

Jiang Yi arched his back and carried on going with his legs s.h.i.+vering. After he stood up, he subconsciously gave Ling s.h.i.+ya a glance to check whether she could still get up. It turned out to be a very tempting scene. Ling s.h.i.+ya clenched her teeth and struggled to stand up. Her pet.i.te bodies kept trembling non-stop, and so did her plump bosoms, making Jiang Yi's blood to surge up.

Ling Qijian at her side grabbed her arms, instantly stopping her from shaking. She took a few breaths before her face darkened upon seeing Jiang Yi's blatant glare at her chest. She gave him a poisonous look and sent a voice transmission. "Huh! Just have a look—look as long as you wis.h.!.+ Anyway, you won't be able to do so for too long. One can't turn back on the Bridge of Helplessness. The longer you stay, the larger the gravity will be. If you can survive half of the journey, I'll take up your family name!"

Ling s.h.i.+ya's voice transmission sounded like she was irritated and embarra.s.sed. She was always graceful and elegant, but at this moment, she was put in such an awkward situation. Most importantly, she was watched by so many people, which was detrimental to her dignity. Jiang Yi happened to get in her line of fire; otherwise, she would never act so rashly and send him a voice transmission.

Bridge of Helplessness? Can't go back?

Jiang Yi was scared. He blinked his eyes and stopped. He tried to take a step back, and sure enough, a colossal pressure weighed down, which almost caused him to kneel down again. The gravity he experienced just now was even way larger than when he went forward.

Looking at Jiang Yi's sour face, Ling s.h.i.+ya felt much better. However, she didn't continue to tease Jiang Yi, she no longer looked at him and resumed walking slowly.

"Let's go!"

It was unlikely that Ling s.h.i.+ya lied to him. Jiang Yi had no choice but to grit his teeth and continue going forward. After another 300 steps, he finally couldn't take it anymore. Falling to his knees, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get up.

People on the other two bridges were no better than him. At least half knelt down and moved forward arduously with both hands support themselves.

Jiang Yi had already taken nearly 700 steps, which was about 500 meters, one-tenth of the length of the iron chain bridge. The fact that he could still crawl was already a surprise to everyone. His 500 meters were equivalent to one kilometer on the bridge in the middle and two kilometers on the bridge on the right, which was nearly half of the entire journey.

In fact!

Jiang Yi could go so far with his body upright not for his strong ability, but because of the Fire Spirit Pearl.

Everyone else was shrouded in heat and felt extremely uncomfortable because of the high temperature. They were readily dehydrated and exhausted. For every minute that they stayed here, even when they remained still, they would get weaker and weaker, slower and slower.


Perhaps he didn't want to look so embarra.s.sed, or perhaps he couldn't bear the ridicule from Ling s.h.i.+ya. Jiang Yi's pride was stirred up. He was s.h.i.+vering relentlessly, the blue veins stood out on his face and arms; he looked extremely ferocious. However, he actually stood up again and continued to stumble forward.


Astonished sighs came from the other two iron chain bridges, but there were also those who felt more disdain at him. He was overly concerned about his image and suffered because of it. Standing up consumed more energy than crawling and also might cause him to die more readily. It was more likely to lose his balance and fall straight down, being annihilated by the fire.


Jiang Yi fell onto his knees again after another two steps. To everyone's astonishment, he actually rose up again.

Ling s.h.i.+ya and Ling Qijian looked at each other; the former suddenly sent a voice transmission to the latter that said, "Big brother, this person's willpower is strong. He seems to be a friend of Sister Chan. It's a shame that he is destined to die here."


Ling Qijian sneered and said scornfully, "Just an idiot who thinks too highly of himself. He actually chose the h.e.l.l grade? He's chasing after his own demise."

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