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"Hmm, this Mystic Divine Palace is indeed unique!"

Jiang Yi felt a white light flas.h.i.+ng by before he went into another world. It was not the central hall at all, but a huge canyon.

It was pitch black on the back of the canyon, there was a big road leading straight to the front. Steep cliffs were on the two sides, and they rose up to the sky. Soft white lights s.h.i.+mmered on the cliffs. It went without saying that there were restrictions on it. The only way was going forward.


Jiang Yi's body shone with white light; without hesitation, he was going to instant-s.h.i.+ft continuously and run to the front. Fei Tian and his group would never let him go, and so the chasing troops might arrive any minute.


However, after Jiang Yi's body flashed, he appeared in the same place again. Perhaps, the s.p.a.ce here was constricted or very unique—he was unable to instant-s.h.i.+ft here.


Jiang Yi didn't risk staying here any longer; he had to rush to the front crazily. At the same time, the Fire Spirit Pearl lit up on his hand; and an Thearch Palace appeared. Jiang Yi was even more downcast when he wanted to let Feng Luan out as he… couldn't. The people in the Thearch Palace couldn't get out, and neither could he. The s.p.a.ce here was too odd.

Chi! Chi!

The only lucky thing was that the Fire Spirit Pearl was still able to release Earth fire and the Fire Dragon Sword could still appear. Otherwise, he didn't even bother to run. He could just stand here and wait for his death.

"I have to keep going. Hope that I won't run into Tu Long, Wu Ni, and their group. I should find a safe place to hide. After one year, I will be transported out automatically. Emm… it will be best if I can find Lady Yi."

Jiang Yi ran madly while clenching his teeth. Though he was in the Mystic Heaven City, he still had no intention to find any treasures. He was well aware that at least a dozen Heaven Monarchs were here—let alone those descendants of prominent clans with cardinal treasures. Moreover, with his pathetic little strength—even if he could find a treasure, would he be able to leave the Sandy Soil City alive?

The canyon was very long. Jiang Yi ran as fast as he could for five minutes and still didn't reach the end. To his slight relief, he saw no one in front or behind him.

Jiang Yi knew very little about the Mystic Divine Palace. Zhu Sui was so low-ranked to be qualified to access the full doc.u.ments. He had no choice but to focus on running and improvise on the situations.

After another five minutes, the canyon in the front became wider and wider and turned into the shape of a horn. Jiang Yi spread his divine senses long ago, and instantly, he looked solemn.

There was a giant square in the front. Some people went in just now were there, there were in total dozens of them, gathering in groups of two or three. They a.s.sembled around two huge Teleportation Formations.


Just at this moment, a slight piercing air sound came from the back. Jiang Yi swept with his divine senses and couldn't stop complaining. Three people in the general armors of the Pegasus Empire were rus.h.i.+ng over. In other words, the men chasing him were here.

Even though the people behind him were not very powerful, he had no idea whether there were any Fei Clansmen among those on the square in front—or any men who had connections to the Fei Clan.

Go! Go! Go!

Jiang Yi cared no more; he sprinted to the square at full speed. He located a Teleportation Formation on the left with no one around and rushed towards it.


On the giant jade square, the crowd saw a figure madly shooting toward the first Teleportation Formation on the left. All turned to the man in astonishment. After detecting that Jiang Yi's aura was only at the Vajra Realm, everyone stared at him as though he was a moron.

"Emm? Something is wrong with this Teleportation Formation?"

An idea appeared in Jiang Yi's mind, but his body was already in the Teleportation Formation. A white light illuminated, and he disappeared.


"He is only at the first stage of the Vajra Realm, but he even has the audacity to pick the most difficult h.e.l.lish round. Is he lucid?"

"Hahaha, there are always some people who think too highly of themselves and live in their fantasy. Though the harder it is and the more points to get, the faster he dies. I bet this guy can't even pa.s.s the first round."

"That's obvious. If he can pa.s.s the first round, I'll eat three kilos of sh*t!"

The instance Jiang Yi disappeared in the Teleportation Formation, the dozens of people outside immediately burst into an uproar. Everyone let out a look of contempt; clearly, no one was optimistic about Jiang Yi.

In fact…!

Even Jiang Yi understood what had happened, he wouldn't have faith in himself either.

This treasure hunt in the Mystic Divine Palace was divided into different rounds. There were in total 18 rounds which were known as the 18 circles of h.e.l.l. In each round, there were three difficulty levels, which corresponded to three Teleportation Formations!

The people who had taken part in the treasure hunt in the past cla.s.sified the three difficulty levels to the average, the terrible, and the h.e.l.lis.h.!.+ Jiang Yi happened to rush into the h.e.l.lish level Teleportation Formation, but it wasn't known to him. He only saw that no one was around this Teleportation Formation, and the men behind him were about to catch him so… he jumped straight in.

Pa.s.sing every average round, terrible round, and the h.e.l.lish round would be rewarded with one point, two points, and three points respectively.


All the people who came in this time chose either the average level or the terrible level. Even the geniuses from the nine clans didn't have to bravery to choose the h.e.l.lish level. In history… almost all who opted for the h.e.l.lish level all ended up in a pretty ugly death.

The treasure hunt in the Mystic Divine Palace was very straightforward!

Every time, there was a total of ten treasures. The first person to pa.s.s the first round would get the no.10 treasure. The first one to acc.u.mulate three points would get the no.9 treasure. The first to get four points would receive the no.8 treasure, and this logic went on. Five points—the no.7 treasure; six points—the no.6 treasure; seven points—the no.5 treasure; eight points—the no.4 treasure; nine points—the no.3 treasure.

Of course!

It was harder to attain no.2 and no.1 treasures. In order to get the no.2, one must obtain 12 points. Whereas to get the first treasure, one must have 15 points!

To acc.u.mulate 15 points, one had to pa.s.s 15 average rounds, or eight terrible rounds, or just five h.e.l.lish rounds.

The problem was—in the tens of thousands of years in history, only three successfully pa.s.sed five h.e.l.lish rounds. However, none of them got a single treasure as others reached the points ahead of them.

Although it was easy to obtain points in the h.e.l.lish rounds, the rate of mortality was way too high. Usually, no one would challenge unless he or she possessed truly amazing abilities and had utter confidence in himself or herself. Jiang Yi's aura appeared that he was only at the first stage of the Vajra Realm. A person like him challenged the h.e.l.lish round; no wonder others considered him as an idiot.


The men from the Fei Clan soon arrived. After knowing that Jiang Yi went to the h.e.l.lish round, they sat cross-legged on the square to watch. Obviously, they didn't think Jiang Yi would survive.


Suddenly, a light shone above the second Teleportation Formation, giving everyone s.h.i.+vers.

Soon, the light congealed into a picture. A purple-haired young lady on a mask stood behind a door which opened slowly. She breezed in, leaving the door behind her to close silently, and the picture on the sky gradually faded away.

"Wow, Lady Yi pa.s.sed the first round in such a short time and got the no.10 treasure!"

"Lady Yi is really mighty. Her Thunder Sprint Art has reached the phenomenal stage after cultivating in the Desolate East Sea for three years. Her combat strength is really extraordinary…"

"My G.o.ddess is the first one to pa.s.s the round. G.o.ddess, come on! Keep on the spirit! My prayer is with you. I hope that you'll get the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s so that your strength will take a leap. By that time, you'll definitely be able to treat your peers with disdain."


Everyone s.h.i.+mmered with excitement on the square. A trace of fascination flickered across the eyes of many young men. They cheered for Yi Chan's speedy success. Many people did not bother to take part in the treasure hunt; they just sat here to watch others. It was also clear to them that they had no shot to win these ten treasures, and so they might as well wait here and obtain first-handed messages.

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