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Jiang Yi's head brightened up. Very quickly, two small golden seals flew out. The seals turned into golden rays and infused themselves into Feng Luan and Qing Yu's head respectively before disappearing.


Feng Luan and Qing Yu's delicate bodies shuddered for a moment. At that moment, both of their eyes were as bright as the stars. It was especially so for Qing Yu as her face was filled with disbelief and excitement. This happiness came too sudden, and it caused her to feel so surreal.

"Young Master, you…"

Feng Luan stood up excitedly and had no idea how to voice out her emotions. Previously, Jiang Yi had told them that he was going to return them their freedom. During then, she didn't give much thought about it. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yi returned them their soul spirit marks the moment he arrived inside the sea—returning their freedom.

In fact…!

The way Jiang Yi had handle this was truly too stupid. If any ordinary person possessed these two beautiful and strong female soul slaves, they would have played with them daily and never to let them off. These were two formidable bodyguards and playthings. To have a Heaven Monarch martial artist as a slave was something that was reputable by itself.

Originally, Jiang Yi had given them a 10-year contract. After restraining them, not only did he not infringe upon them, but he even treated them like his friends. He had also helped them eliminate the threat from the Merman Race which lasted for tens of thousands of years. Yet, it had only been a few months, and he was going to return them their freedom and allowing both of them to return?

Countless people would be scolding Jiang Yi as if he was an idiot if they were to know of this. The road to East Imperial Continent was filled with dangers. Without Feng Luan, the chances of him dying had drastically increased.

Furthermore, Feng Luan and Qing Yu were his enemies beforehand. When they became his soul slaves, they would never dare to rebel or scheme against him. Once he returned their Soul Seals, it would be unknown if the duo would have a change of mind and decided to take revenge for the humiliation they suffered!


Suddenly, Feng Luan pulled Qing Yu along and knelt down onto the ground. She gave Jiang Yi three bows respectfully before lifting her head up with a complicated expression. Her beautiful eyes were also holding onto glistening teardrops while she spoke, "Feng Luan thanks Young Master for his kindness!"

Jiang Yi smiled, and it was an extremely brilliant smile.

He didn't misjudge them. Feng Luan and Qing Yu's character was pretty good. At least the duo didn't hold any intentions to take revenge. On the contrary, they were grateful towards him. This caused him to feel extremely gratified.

He stretched out and supported the duo up with a smile, "Feng'er, Qing Yu, that day, I had mistakenly charged into the Phoenix Cry Continent. Ultimately, I turned both of you into my soul slaves in order to protect myself. In fact, there should be no hatred or enmity between us, and you two did nothing wrong if we are to see things from your standpoint. Instead, the two of you had truly suffered for no valid reason. In the past few months, you two had helped me out greatly, and yet I still treated you as soul slaves. Am I still fit to be human?"

Jiang Yi had always been a man of emotions. He might be a ruthless demon to his enemies. However, to those who treated him kindly or helped him out, he would repay them several folds. The numerous times Feng Luan had risked her life just for him had won his heart. Thus, now that he was heading to the East Imperial Continent that was filled with dangers, he naturally wouldn't implicate both of them.

"Young Master is really kind and is a good person!"

Qing Yu's cheeks were streaming with tears. The joy of regaining her freedom had caused her to lose control of her emotions. Jiang Yi's words had caused her to feel extremely touched as her tears came trickling down. Meanwhile, Feng Luan might not be as emotional as her, but her eyes had also turned red.

"Alright, alright!"

Jiang Yi wiped Qing Yu's tears gently and stretched his hand to give Feng Luan a rub in the head before speaking gently, "Regardless whether you two hate me, blame me, or are grateful to me, I will always treat you as my friends. The promise I had said to you will still be in effect. If there was ever a day I became unrivaled, I will definitely help your clan become even more powerful. This might seem somewhat pretentious right now, but this is a promise from a man. En… you two can leave anytime you want. Be careful on your way back. Your families are still waiting to reunite with the two of you, and I hope we can still meet each other in the future."


This time, even Feng Luan had turned teary. She hugged Jiang Yi and buried her head into his broad chest. Qing Yu joined in as well as they hugged onto Jiang Yi tightly and sobbed. Meanwhile, their tears had drenched the clothes on his chest portion.

The Phoenix Cry Continent was a place where the females reigned supreme!

Since young, the females had been educated that men were not reliable, and they should always be a strong, independent woman.

The duo was also taught this way. However, regardless of how strong they became, women were still women. They belonged to the yin which was a synonym of weak. At the bottom of their hearts, the duo yearned for an indomitable male to protect them from wind and rain as well as to build a safe harbor for them.

The emergence of Jiang Yi had toppled the perception they had towards man. It had also caused them to feel the charisma, masculinity, and boldness of a man.

Women were emotional creatures. The moment the duo were turned into soul slaves, negative emotions like fear, terror, despair, sadness, disappointment, confusion, discouragement, and many more emotions emerged from the bottom of their soul. During this period of time, they might seem very relaxed on the outside. In fact, there was a kind of lingering fear in the bottom of their soul since their lives were no longer in their control and that their future had turned bleak. Anyone would feel the same if the same situation had happened to them.

Now, the duo had finally regained their freedom. They could finally return and continue being their Thearch and Region Mistress. Furthermore, they could also reunite with their loved ones. On top of that, Jiang Yi's emotional speech had caused the duo to be unable to conceal their feelings as they vented it out all at once.

"Alright, alright. You will no longer be pretty if you continue crying!"

Jiang Yi did not have the slightest bit of crooked thoughts even though these two tender jades were in his embrace. On the contrary, there was a kind of indescribable pride as he felt that he had done something terrific.

How could he not know that releasing the duo from his shackles was something extremely stupid? Losing Feng Luan would cause his journey to be even more treacherous and dangerous, but he still chose to follow his heart.

There were too many gains and losses, enticement and choices in a person's life.

It's my luck to gain it or my destiny to lose it.

It would no longer be pleasing if things were being imposed upon. There was not a need to be too calculative, and so just do whatever one wished to. Follow your heart, and you would have a clear conscience. This way, you could live your life in happiness.

This was Jiang Yi's philosophy, and he had always followed it. Why should he mind others' perception of him even if there were thousands of people calling him an idiot and foolish—as long as he felt happy?

When Feng Luan and Qing Yu heard Jiang Yi's words, their crying came to a stop really quickly. It was a woman's nature to love beauty. It would produce an unexpected result if something were to be involved with their good looks.


Jiang Yi pushed the duo away and helped the duo to tidy up their disheveled hair before smiling, "In two hours time, I will set off to the Umbra Continent. You two ought to leave after resting for a while. You can head towards the northern side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea from the Flying Shadow Sea and return home quietly. The Martial Arts Hall wouldn't make a move on you since I'm not around."

Jiang Yi turned around and left after he spoke. He returned to his own room and released his Divine Perception. He examined a radius of a million miles before preparing to set out.

"Thearch, wuu-wuu-wuu!"

After Jiang Yi had left, Qing Yu hugged onto Feng Luan and wept tearfully while Feng Luan no longer cried. Rather, she lowered her head with her eyes closed. The long eyelashes of hers trembled, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Qing Yu cried for a period of time. Suddenly, she wiped her tears and leaped up happily. She grinned. "Thearch, we have finally regained our freedom. Let's bid farewell to Young Master and return home! Qing Yu has already started dreaming of returning home. I miss my mother."

Feng Luan lifted up her head as traces of reluctance could be seen within her eyes. She clenched her teeth and spoke after pausing for a moment, "Qing Yu, how about you return alone? I… wish to stay behind."

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