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After flying eastward for a while, Jiang Yi suddenly realized that he had forgotten something important. He had to go to the Soul-Seizing Valley to refine some Netherworld Ghost Flames first for self-defense; he knew that this journey was going to be extremely dangerous. He made a turn toward the southwest direction.

He purposely flew at a very low height this time. People could easily feel the pressure from the Yazi Beast and see his blood red hair when he pa.s.sed by—to mislead the two Heaven Monarch Realm experts when they come.

After staying inside the Soul-Seizing Valley for a whole day and refining many Netherworld Ghost Flames, Jiang Yi went on with his journey again. This time, he asked the Yazi Beast to fly five hundred kilometers high in the sky where no one could see them unless they were experts of the Vajra Realm or above.

The Yazi Beast flew quite fast. They only took around eight days to reach Starfall Island. After entering the Clear Sky Pavilion, Jiang Yi discovered that everyone had almost recovered. However, when he explained the current situation of the continent and suggested that everyone should go to the concealed island in order to be safe, everyone rejected his idea except for Jiang Yunhai.

"No matter where you go, I will always follow you, my Young Master! If you insist on leaving me behind, I will kill myself right now!"

Jiang Xiaonu was determined, and so were Zhan Wushuang, Qian w.a.n.guan, and Yun Fei. They understood that the Stellarsky Continent was already dead and that there was no reason for them to stay when Qian Gui told them to always follow Jiang Yi like the last time. To them, living a peaceful life on a concealed island forever was also not the kind of life they wanted.

The outside world was huge and full of opportunities. They would rather follow Jiang Yi to venture the outside world instead and make some life achievements.

Of course, they knew it very clear that the outside world was extremely dangerous. Many people had gone out previously, but none of them survived. This time was different: the Beast Tide at the East Sea had just pa.s.sed. It was the safest time in history. Furthermore, Jiang Yi was a strong Vajra Realm expert who had enough strength to protect them. If they do not follow Jiang Yi to venture the outside world this time, they would probably not have another chance again in their life.

"Very well then…"

Since everyone was so determined, Jiang Yi decided to respect their decisions and not persuade them anymore. Anyways, they would not be a burden if he just let them stay inside the Universal Palace or the Thearch Palace. Moreover, Jiang Xiaonu was part of the Ink Feather Race whose claws became extremely sharp after she transforms. That would help him a lot when fighting against enemies along his way.

He then turned to Jiang Yunhai and looked at him with guilt. Jiang Yunhai smiled faintly and said, "My Young Lord, please do not worry about me. Just try your best to achieve whatever goals you have. And… of course, if you could find my Lady and come back to visit me some time, there would be no more regrets in my life anymore…"


Jiang Yi nodded his head heavily. He knew that Jiang Yunhai was too old to follow him to the outside world. Luckily, General Lu and his cronies staying behind could take care of him, making Jiang Yi less worried.

Shui Youlan had already told Jiang Yunhai and Jiang Yi how to open the natural illusion zone and promised that she would try her best to take care of Jiang Yi's friends and relatives inside. After the discussion, Jiang Yi said goodbye to Shui Youlan and settled everyone inside the Universal Palace. He then immediately made an instant s.h.i.+ft to summon the Yazi Beast and headed towards the South.


Jiang Yi stood on the Yazi Beast, turned back, and cupped his hand to thank Shui Youlan. He did not say the words 'thank you' out. He knew it was more important that he should always remember her kindness in his heart.

"Mother, is Jiang Yi leaving the continent?"

As soon as Jiang Yi left, Shui Qianrou went up to the top of the Clear Sky Pavilion and stood beside Shui Youlan. She stared at the diminis.h.i.+ng figure of Jiang Yi through the window with her beautiful eyes, but no one knew what she was thinking.

When she saw Shui Youlan nodded, Shui Qianrou lightly bit her lips and turned down her head with some unnoticeable sadness. She clenched her fists and said to herself very softly, "Jiang Yi, please stay alive. I have the Astral Body of Heaven so I can definitely break through the Heaven Monarch Realm in less than ten years! When that day comes, I will definitely find you and take revenge for the humiliations you have given me…"


Jiang Yi released everyone from the Universal Palace once they reached the place. Jiang Yi felt really guilty for those generals of the Great Xia Kingdom, especially when he saw vulnerable elderly, kids, and pregnant women with them. If not for him, those people would not have to abandon their hometown and come to such a far place.

However, General Lu was quite satisfied after checking about the surroundings. He believed in Jiang Yi; the place was indeed very safe since even those Heaven Monarch Realm absolute experts were unable to find out about it. He thought that it was fine for them to live here. They could always go back to their hometown if they have the chance in the future.

General Lu waved his hand and asked a few commanders to send some people to cut the trees down to build some houses. Anyways, they should settle themselves down first before getting concerned about anything else.


Jiang Yi gave the Universal Palace and an Ancient Divine Essence Ring to Jiang Yunhai and said, "I have already cleared the spiritual imprint on this Universal Palace. And here inside the Ancient Divine Essence Ring, there are a few pieces of celestial stones for you. If you refine those celestial stones, you should be able to reach the peak stage of the Soul Travel Realm! Also, do remember to refine the Universal Palace as well, so that you guys can hide inside in case anything happens."

Immediately after that, Jiang Yi's hands flashed; and a long spear with a horrifying aura appeared. It was the famous Saint Artifact of Sha Di!

Jiang Yi pa.s.sed the long spear to General Lu and said, "General, this saint artifact could enhance your strength by a lot if you refine it. Just in case there are any sea demon attacks, this would help you fight against the sea demons."

General Lu was in the peak stage of the Soul Travel Realm—the strongest person among all of them who stayed—and also the most loyal and righteous person here who was respected and listened to by everyone here. His presence could better ensure Jiang Yunhai's safety.

"I can't take this… no… no…"

General Lu's whole body trembled waved his hand to reject. "Regent, I can't take this… it is too good for me. I am already very old, and one of my hands was broken. It would be such a waste if you give this sacred artifact to me…" he said.

"Just take it!"

Jiang Yi insisted and pa.s.sed him the long spear. At the same time, he took out another ancient divine essence ring and gave it to General Lu. Noticing the envious look on the other six generals, Jiang Yi muttered and flashed his hands again, taking eighteen sacred artifacts out. He pa.s.sed those heaven artifacts to the generals respectively and said, "Those heaven artifacts are for all of you, but I promise that I would definitely give each of you a saint artifact if I can rise again!"

"Thank you, our Regent!"

The five generals were ecstatic. To them, a single heaven artifact was already very precious, not to mention three. They were just ordinary people; if not, they would have escaped a long time ago when the Summer Rain City was besieged by the six factions.

"Okay! We are leaving now!"

Jiang Yi sent Jiang Xiaonu, Qian w.a.n.guan, and their gang into the Thearch Palace and made an instant s.h.i.+ft upwards to the Yazi Beast's back. "Yazi Beast, let's go!" he shouted.


Yazi Beast turned into a stream of light and flew away. Since Jiang Yi did not have a map of the East Sea—neither did he know where the East Imperial Continent and the Heaven Fox Continent were, he could only fly towards the east aimlessly for now.

An hour later, to his surprise, Jiang Yi discovered that they accidentally came to the Sea of Death. Even though it was still during the daytime—and there was no thunder and lightning above the Sea of Death, he still decided to bypa.s.s this place and continued his journey towards the east.


The naked young lady with purple hair lying inside the ancient coffin under the sea suddenly opened her eyes with surprise when Jiang Yi bypa.s.sed the Sea of Death towards the east.

Her eyes were as deep as the ocean as if she could see Jiang Yi flying in the sky through the water. "What? This strange boy has set off to the sea? Although the beast tide has just pa.s.sed, it is still extremely dangerous here. Isn't he scared? Ke-ke, I will be coming out of seclusion in four days. If you could reach the East Imperial Continent before I do, I will bring you to the East Imperial Continent to meet my Majesty Father and bestow you with a great opportunity."

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