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"What is that?"

When Patriarch Ling noticed the black vines, he didn't pay much attention to it and a.s.sumed that it was some sevine-type demon spirit. It was normal for such a demon spirit that didn't have any soul spirit to be unaffected by his Emperor Intent. Hence, he casually shot out three finger forces towards the black vines.

Clang! Clang!

However, he was astonished when his finger forces—which could easily destroy three mountains—couldn't even sever the black vines. There was merely a dull clas.h.i.+ng sound which repelled the black vines hundreds of meters away.

"These black vines are actually so tough?"

The Ling Clan's Patriarch was silently surprised but didn't really mind it. He had an even stronger ability, and even if he didn't, so what if he couldn't severe the vines? He could easily repel the black vines and not let them approach.

"The Thearch Palace is being pulled away?"

When he saw that the Thearch Palace was being pulled down by the vines, he was in a dilemma. He hesitated for a moment before he descended rapidly. These black vines might be troublesome, but they were just slightly troublesome.


The ancient divine essence ring flashed in his hand. A black and beautiful longsword appeared which he used to slash at the three black vines.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

m.u.f.fled echoes could be heard as the seawater in the surrounding were surging and tumbled around while those three black vines were constantly repelled. One had to admit that Patriarch Ling was truly powerful and could easily repel the formidable black vines. Back when Jiang Yi was facing the black vines, he was truly helpless.

This Patriarch is so powerful. Not even the black vines can deal with him…

Jiang Yi's divine senses could be extended out of the Thearch Palace, and he could clearly see that Patriarch Ling was like a flood dragon in water. He effortlessly repelled the three sea vines and chased after the Thearch Palace.

Jiang Yi originally thought that if the sea vines would be able to easily wrap around Patriarch Ling, he would then be able to use the ghost flames to incinerate Patriarch Ling. Right now, he was apprehensive. He knew that there was an abnormally powerful female corpse below. What if the Ling Clan's Patriarch turned out fine and he was the one that would get killed instead…?

At this moment, what else could he do?

He had no choice but to grit his teeth and watch the sea vines pulling down the Thearch Palace. The Thearch Palace was a defensive-type cardinal artifact, but it didn't have a hint of attack power. If he wanted to escape, he had to withdraw the Thearch Palace and rely on his own strength. With all the black vines around, he was definitely unable to instant-s.h.i.+ft and might just make things even worse.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Patriarch Ling rushed rapidly like a flood dragon while he constantly brandished the saint artifact longsword to repel the black vines. His other hand would constantly release finger forces to exhaust the Thearch Palace's energy.

I have enmeshed myself in a trap of my own devising. I should have brought him to the deep sea regions, and I might have encountered a demon thearch which could easily eliminate this Ling Clan's old man…

Jiang Yi was complaining silently, but the Thearch Palace was already tens of kilometers into the sea. There was a light spot that was vaguely visible at the bottom. He quickly withdrew his thoughts and scouted below with his divine senses.

At the deepest part of the sea, there was a barrier emitting a mild light as though a luminous pearl resting at the bottom of the sea. The surroundings were pitch black, and there wasn't even a single sea demon or other signs of life.

In the barrier, there was an ancient coffin suspended within. There was a purple-haired young lady laying down naked in the ancient coffin. She didn't have any hint of life presence and was like this icebound sleeping beauty… or perhaps a thousand-year beautiful corpse.

The young lady was very beautiful and had smooth purple hair. Her facial features were much more exquisite than Su Ruoxue. Her figure was delicate and had enchanting curves. Her skin looked so fair that it might break from a gentle breeze. She looked extremely mesmerizing, and even if she was a corpse, it was still as captivating.


Right at this moment, the corpse suddenly moved; but shockingly… her body still didn't have any hint of life while her eyes were opened slightly. Her eyes were abnormally gorgeous and abstruse like the starry sky as though she could see through everything.

She looked towards the pitch black sea region above while her lips suddenly moved as she spoke in a surprised tone, "This youth is back again? Eh… why does he have the Thearch Palace which belongs to the Heaven Fox race? Oh, no wonder he came here. He is being pursued by someone…"

After the young lady spoke, she closed her lips and her eyes, turning into a female corpse again. It seemed as though nothing had happened.


The Thearch Palace was quickly pulled down and landed inside the barrier. The skeletons on the left of the ancient coffin were crushed, causing a tremor on the surface of the ground.

"This, this is…"

Patriarch Ling followed closely behind, but he quickly stopped three kilometers above the barrier. He looked on with astonished eyes.

He had incredible vision and could see the barrier from a long distance. Right now, he could clearly see the scene inside the barrier. He could see a ground filled with skeletons; he could also see a floating ancient coffin that had a beautiful young lady's corpse in it. His old face was extremely bewildered.

Let alone the Patriarch, everyone who saw this strange scene would be frightened! Thirty kilometers deep into the sea… strange black vines, a barrier, an ancient coffin, skeletons, and the female corpse. Everything was so horrific and frightening.

"Should I go down or not?"

Patriarch Ling's eyes were flickering. If he didn't go down, he would be unable to kill Jiang Yi and obtain the Thearch Palace. It was so strange at the bottom, and he wasn't confident about it.

Tsk! Tsk!

After the black vines pulled the Thearch Palace to the bottom of the sea, it didn't have any more abnormal movements as it continued wrapping around the Thearch Palace. The three black vines were still constantly attacking Patriarch Ling which gave him a pain in the a.s.s.

He had two choices. One was to continue attacking the Thearch Palace and attack Jiang Yi after the palace broke open, collecting this cardinal artifact at the same time. The other choice was to retreat; otherwise, he would be overly fatigued. If he was to expose a single flaw, he might just turn into a set of bones.


The Ling Clan's Patriarch had a surge of unwillingness. He had chased after Jiang Yi for such a long time, and if he was to leave like this, wouldn't all his efforts be in vain? Was he going to return with his tail in between his legs while Jiang Yi hid here for several years and came out to kill him after Jiang Yi reached the Heaven Monarch Realm?

"No, I have to risk it!"

Patriarch Ling couldn't afford to wait. Jiang Yi's meteoric rise was too fast, and he was already barely able to fight against Patriarch Ling. With his ghost flames and instant s.h.i.+ft, Xiao Longw.a.n.g and the others were probably not a match for him. He couldn't wait for the tiger cub to be raised into an adult. He had to kill Jiang Yi this time, and it didn't matter if the Demon Empress had gone to the Stellarsky City or not. The Azure Dragon Empire would still be ultimately destroyed by Jiang Yi.

After he made his decision, his attacks became sharper as he suddenly repelled the black vines and rushed towards the barrier like a flood dragon.


He entered the barrier effortlessly, and he didn't even feel any sense of danger. Those three sea vines continued to attack him, but he calmed down and used one hand to deal with the sea vines. His other hand would barrage the Thearch Palace with the finger forces that were much faster and much more powerful.

Two hours, four hours… six hours!

There weren't any strange signs in the barrier. The Thearch Palace had been constantly attacked, and the energy was quickly being depleted. Jiang Yi was seated within the Thearch Palace, and his expression had turned awful.

The Thearch Palace was immobilized, and the Patriarch was very careful as he hovered at the topmost part of the barrier. He was three kilometers away from the Thearch Palace and didn't have any way for Jiang Yi to launch a sneak attack. If this carried on, the Thearch Palace would be completely wiped out of the energy; and he could only wait for death.

Eight hours later!

The pitch black sea curtain above suddenly illuminated. A bolt of giant lightning pierced through like a sinister silver dragon, directly entering the barrier.

It was obvious that it was now deep into the night, and there must be a lightning storm right above the Sea of Death. The ancient coffin started to absorb the power of lightning again.

Tsk! Tsk!

The speed of the lightning bolt was too fast, so fast that the Ling Clan's Patriarch couldn't react in time. It took just a blink of the eye to enter the barrier which caused a change in the situation!

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