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The beast tide was getting more intense, and both the Northern Liang Kingdom and the Divine Martial Kingdom had suffered severe casualties. There were just too many sea demons coming onto sh.o.r.e. It was fortunate that Qi had led a group of mentors and elite cadets while the Heaven Mystics Kingdom had also sent an army to provide support. They had helped to alleviate some pressure off the Great Xia Kingdom, and so they didn't suffer as many losses as the other two kingdoms.

The Divine Martial Kingdom imitated the Great Xia Kingdom as they evacuated all the citizens that were in the residing in the cities, towns, and villages by the sea. If the Azure Dragon Empire and the other kingdoms weren't going to provide support, the Divine Martial Kingdom's army would all be wiped out if this carried on.

Sha Di wasn't a fool either and gave an order to all the citizens that were residing by the eastern side to evacuate. Else, they would be executed by the army since they would also be dead if they stayed behind.

Once all those actions were implemented, the casualties weren't as severe. However, the battlefront was extended, and more sea demons had entered the continent. All the cities, villages, and towns were razed to the ground, resulting in huge a.s.set losses.

There were two demon kings that came onto the Northern Liang Kingdom's territories, which Sha Di struggled utterly against by himself. Had it not been for the decrease in their combat strength when they came onto land, he would be dead by now. Despite the case, he still suffered grievous injuries after killing the last sea demon king.

With great timing, the beast tide began to weaken five days later. Of course, it was just a small quant.i.ty of sea demons than when the beast tide just began. In less than ten days, at least ten million sea demons had come onsh.o.r.e, which included five demon kings. It was unimaginable how much more sea demons were in the deep sea region during the insurrection? How many more demon kings were there? From the looks of it, there might even be demon thearchs in the mix.

The citizens of the continent were all relieved, and it was obvious that the source of the insurrection wasn't near the continent. Otherwise, who would be able to resist if a demon thearch came on land? The Saint Spirit Kingdom, the Northern Mang Kingdom, the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, and the Azure Dragon Empire were silently in delight. The Divine Martial Kingdom and the Northern Liang Kingdom had lost at least 500,000 soldiers, which was a huge loss for their kingdom strength. Now that they were weakened, the other kingdoms had become stronger.

Especially the Northern Mang Kingdom and the Heaven Mystics Kingdom. They weren't originally powerful but had now taken on a new lease, becoming the two strongest va.s.sal kingdoms. During the blood cleanse of the Demon Empress, these two kingdoms didn't suffer any losses, and the beast tide didn't have anything to do with them either.

Of course, the one that was the happiest must be the Azure Dragon Empire.

The va.s.sal kingdoms' losses were a great blessing to the empire. Even if they couldn't govern the entire continent, the other va.s.sal kingdoms wouldn't dare to attack the Stellarsky City for at least a century. The Ling Clan's ancestor's lifespan might be coming to an end, but from the looks of it, it wouldn't be a problem for him to live another few dozen years or even a century. After all, his strength was already at the peak stage of the Vajra Realm.

The Demon Empress silently departed from the continent. Regular sea demons posed no problems to her, and she was only mindful of those demon thearchs in the deep sea. What did it mean when the beast tide was weakening? It meant that the battle between the demon thearchs had ended; otherwise, the aura presence from the demon thearchs would incite even more sea demons to surge towards the continent.

After the demon thearchs finished their battle, they would definitely be exhausted and would look for a place to seclude themselves. This was the best timing to travel across the eastern sea, and it was an opportunity she naturally wouldn't miss.

The Demon Empress left the continent in low-profile. She didn't barge her way across and instead traveled under the sea. She had ordered the eighteen demon kings to defend the nearby vicinity of the Fairy Peak and to not let anyone approach. It was one of her methods in protecting Jiang Yi. If no one knew that she had left, none would dare to act recklessly before the three-year promise comes due.


Just as the Demon Empress departed 30 minutes earlier. A black-clothed individual emerged from the reefs, and it was the Elder Lu from the Martial Arts Hall. He looked at the vast eastern sea and revealed a smile. He muttered with overwhelmed emotions. "Saint Lady is truly an impeccable individual. The Demon Empress really left."

Elder Lu didn't leave immediately and rushed towards Mt. Thirty Thousand instead. He did it in a cautious manner and used his divine senses to avoid the demonic beasts. Finally, he found a cave nearby the Fairy Peak and hid in there.

Ji Tingyu only instructed him to witness the Demon Empress leaving before asking him to return to the Hades Abyss. He was apparently not at ease and wanted to wait for two or three days, making sure that the Demon Empress didn't return.

After hiding in the cave, he had restrained his entire aura presence and sealed up the cave's entrance. He then took out a jade talisman and crushed it.


In one of the grand halls of the Hades Abyss, the other Martial Arts Hall's Elder Zeng's jade talisman lit up. After he took a look, he was instantly ecstatic as he quickly walked out of the grand hall and into a side chamber. He then respectfully spoke to Ji Tingyu who was leisurely tasting her tea, "Saint Lady, you are incredible. The Demon Empress really left."


Ji Tingyu laughed lightly but didn't have any huge emotions on her face. It seemed like everything was within her predictions, and so she remained silent and drank her tea. Elder Zeng didn't seem to be any hurry and just stood there waiting for Ji Tingyu to speak.

After some time, Ji Tingyu raised her brows and asked, "When is Chief Hall Master coming back?"

Elder Zeng made some calculation and replied, "According to my calculations, he should be returning in a month."

"Alright then!"

Ji Tingyu nodded and said, "We will make the arrangements first and wait for Chief Hall Master to return before making the move."


Elder Zeng was worried that Ji Tingyu might want to act immediately, but if she was going to wait for the Chief Hall Master, then he didn't have any concern. He nodded towards Ji Tingyu with respect and left to make arrangements. He was completely convinced by this Saint Lady, and apart from the Chief Hall Master, this was the first time he gave so much respect to another individual in the Martial Arts Hall.

"One month!"

Ji Tingyu let out a faint smile, which was gorgeous as a flower. She pursed her lips and looked towards the south, speaking in an indistinct voice, "Jiang Yi, you will die in a month later. I will personally send you on your way."

Jiang Yi was currently at the side of the Soul-Seizing Valley. He actually reached the Soul-Seizing Valley a long time ago, but seeing how sad the little fox was, it wouldn't be nice for him to put it alone inside the Universal Palace. Jiang Yi accompanied the little fox for a few days and would refine the Thearch Palace during his free time. After all, this was a life-saving artifact.

The Demon Empress had told everything to the little fox, that this trip of hers might be the final trip. She had explained everything about the Heaven Fox Continent to the little fox, too. The little fox knew that it was for her own good that the Demon Empress didn't bring her along, but this made her even more sorrowful and made her abnormally concerned for the Demon Empress. After all, according to the age of a human race, she was only about four or five years old.

"Xiao Fei, you have to learn to be strong. I had a worse fate than you as my mother left when I was only two years old. I am not even sure if she is dead or alive now. At least the Demon Empress managed to spend time with you for so many years. But can't you see that I have endured for all these years? Right now, you even have me to accompany you…"

Jiang Yi hugged the little fox and used a soft voice to console it. There was no better method to console another individual by comparing how miserable oneself was. This way, it would make the target feel slightly better.

After some consoling and telling the little fox about the things that happened to him when he was young, the little fox's emotions had stabilized. She suddenly transmitted a message to Jiang Yi: "Big Brother, Xiao Fei wants to cultivate and wants to work hard to become a demon thearch. That way, I will be able to help my Empress Mother. Big Brother, Xiao Fei will go into seclusion now, and when I come out, I will definitely give you a shock."


Jiang Yi was waiting for this statement. He then quickly put Xiao Fei into the Universal Palace, and after making sure she had closed her eyes to cultivate, he then took out the Thearch Palace and continued to refine it. The Demon Empress had completely unsealed the spiritual imprint on the Thearch Palace, and with Jiang Yi's current soul spirit which was rather strong, it wasn't a challenging task to refine it.

Three days later, the Thearch Palace flashed with white light while Jiang Yi made a spiritual connection with this cardinal artifact and had completely refined the Thearch Palace. After understanding the information on the Thearch Palace, he quickly got up and rushed towards the Soul-Seizing Valley in the north.

The Demon Empress had already departed, and if someone found out about it, the Ling Clan's old ancestor and the others would invade the Great Xia Kingdom at any moment. Hence, he had to use his fastest speed to refine the Netherworld Ghost Fire. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Gudu, Gudu!"

As Jiang Yi was standing on the cliff of the Soul-Seizing Valley, he recalled that bizarre voice when he came previously. He had this indescribable discomfort as he was trying to guess what exactly was under this valley.

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