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Jiang Yi had never joked, which was obvious from his nickname as the Bloodthirsty Demon. To him, killing one and killing ten thousand was similarly effortless. He might be less than 18 years old, but he had probably killed more than anyone here.

It was why Zhangsun Yan was afraid. He swept his eyes across his brothers, the elders, and some descendants who were of direct bloodlines. He then burst out with a roar with a severe expression, "Who was the one that did it?! Show yourself now! Are you really going to let the whole clan perish? Lord Jiang has said that as long as the mastermind is revealed, he will let us go. The Lord is such an influential figure and will naturally keep his words."


One of the Zhangsun Clan's elders went soft and knelt on the ground. He cried out loudly, "It is me. I am the one who brought Liu Yu in."


Before he could even finish explaining, someone by the side suddenly spat out a tiny poison needle. It instantly penetrated into the elder's temple, causing immediate death.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Everyone locked their eyes on the person that spat out the poison needle. They were astonished once they took a glance, as it was actually Zhangsun Wuji.


Everyone had been tied up except Zhangsun Yan. He walked with large strides and raised his hand to slap Zhangsun Wuji. He shouted with fury, "You unfilial son, do you know what you are doing? Do you want the whole clan to be exterminated?"

There was already someone that was willing to take the blame, and just as Zhangsun Yan saw some hope in survival, Zhangsun Wuji actually killed him? How could Zhangsun Yan not be infuriated by this?

"Keke, he is not trying to harm the Zhangsun Clan, and this incident is probably instigated by him. Otherwise, that elder from your clan wouldn't have such guts."

Jiang Yi let out a faint smile and reached out to grab Zhangsun Yan's shoulder, pulling him aside. He then looked at Zhangsun Wuji with calm eyes and said, "Young Master Wuji. It seems like you are very protective of your master, huh? You really think I don't dare to kill your entire clan?"


Zhangsun Wuji spat out a small bamboo pipe and looked Jiang Yi with this sinister smile, "Jiang Yi, you won't do it. You have never killed innocent people. You will kill my father, all my clan's martial artists, but you will not kill the women and children. I understand you very well, and I have collected all your information. You cannot cheat me."


Jiang Yi's eyes slightly contracted as he sneered while saying, "Seems like you know me very well. Keke, even if I don't kill the women and children, are you prepared to look on as your father, your uncles, and your brothers die?"

"There is no choice!"

Zhangsun Wuji let out a long breath and replied, "If I am to give out the name of the mastermind—in less than one month, my entire clan will be eradicated. If I don't say it… at least, there will still be some survivors of the Zhangsun Clan left, isn't it?"

"Eh, what you say seems reasonable. Since that is the case, before you die, I shall let you see how the Zhangsun Clan gets exterminated because of you! There must be a consequence for anyone that did something wrong."

Jiang Yi spoke in a calm manner and looked at General Tais.h.i.+, giving his orders. "Kill all the Soul Travel Realm experts of the Zhangsun Clan. General Tais.h.i.+, if you don't dare to kill them, I will go kill your entire clan."

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

The Zhangsun clansmen all had a drastic change in expression, but no one dared to resist or put up a fight to their death. Jiang Yi's strength was too horrific, and if they dared to make a move, the Zhangsun Clan would truly be slaughtered completely. He had just mentioned killing Soul Travel Realm experts, which was already giving mercy. After all, the majority of the Zhangsun clansmen were at the Purple Mansion Realm, with only slightly over a hundred Soul Travel Realm experts.

"Marshal, I am sorry. Kill them!"

General Tais.h.i.+ gritted his teeth and gave the orders. The commanders of the royal guards all brandished their battle sabers and cleaved down at the necks of the Zhangsun Clan's Soul Travel Realm experts.


Over a hundred heads were sent flying, and over a hundred of headless corpses were left violently spurting with blood. The scene was spectacular yet abnormally ruthless. Many women from the Zhangsun Clan involuntarily cried out while countless children began to wail, turning this place into a human world purgatory. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Marshal Zhangsun wasn't strong and was only at the peak stage of Purple Mansion Realm. He had narrowly escaped with his life, but his entire body went soft as he collapsed on the ground. He knew that the Zhangsun Clan was finished, at least they were certainly removed from the list of the seven great clans of the Divine Martial Kingdom.

Furthermore, the Zhangsun Clan had offended countless major and minor clans all these years. When the wall was weakened, everyone would give it a push. Even if Jiang Yi didn't eradicate their clan, it was up to heaven's will if the Zhangsun Clan was able to survive this ordeal.

Zhangsun Wuji's face had completely distorted as he yelled out hysterically, "Jiang Yi, even if I turn into a malicious spirit, I will not spare your life!"

Jiang Yi looked on as a bystander while his face was calm and indifferent, without any traces of emotions. Even when Zhangsun Wuji was cursing and swearing, he acted like he couldn't hear anything. However, his eye moved upon receiving a transmitted message: "Nephew, our clan has a secret art call the Soul Searching Art. You can use it to search Zhangsun Wuji's soul spirit."

"It's no use. It is too late…"

Jiang Yi shook his head while facing Zhan Yiming. There was a flash of white light from his body while the Yazi Beast immediately appeared up in the air. Zhangsun Wuji started to spit out black blood before he died and collapsed on the ground. When he shot out the poison needle at the elder of the Zhangsun Clan, he had already consumed a poison pill that was concealed in his mouth. Jiang Yi had already noticed it when he used his divine senses, and so it was already too late to search through his soul spirit.

"Members of the Zhangsun Clan, listen up!"

Jiang Yi took a glance across everyone below and spoke loudly, "My name is Jiang Yi. The experts of your clan might be killed by General Tais.h.i.+, but he was forced by me. Thus, you can direct all your vengeance towards me. Your clan has tried to kill me on many occasions, and this time, Zhangsun Wuji was obviously trying to plot against me—the reason I killed all your clan's experts. There must be a consequence for anyone that made a mistake, and that includes me. Thus, I will not have any complaints if your clan wants to deal with me in the future. I, Jiang Yi, never kill the innocent, but… if you dare to provoke me, then you have to prepare yourself for death."

After finis.h.i.+ng his statement, Jiang Yi nodded to Qian Gui before he flew to the south with the Yazi Beast. Things were very clear now, and nothing else could be found out even if he continued investigating. Eunuch Lin was already dead, and if Xia Tingwei didn't perish, he probably wouldn't appear during this period of time. There was no meaning for him to stay in Monarch City anymore as he didn't want an encounter with Jiang Bieli again.

The one that murdered Zhuge Qingyun was obviously not Xia Tingwei. Zhangsun Yan didn't know either, and everything had been controlled by an extremely intelligent mastermind behind the scenes. Jiang Yi had won the fight against Xia Tingwei after he was lured here by Liu Yu, but that mastermind had won, too.

There was no righteous or wrong meaning for the fight between him and Xia Tingwei. There was originally no such justification in this world as the correct reason always came from the mouth of the victorious side.

Liu Yu was coincidentally injured by the demonic beast and had coincidentally encountered Zhuge Qingyun. After killing Zhuge Qingyun on Mt. Spirit Beast, Liu Yu led Qi and the others into the Divine Martial Kingdom, wreaking havoc along the way. When he finally entered Divine Soldier City before reaching Monarch City, there was hardly any time lapse.

Everything was planned perfectly, and there were no flaws from the mastermind as they didn't leave any clues behind. Even if they were to find the mysterious person and investigate them, there would probably be nothing as well.

Jiang Yi didn't know exactly how intelligent was the mastermind that plotted all this. He didn't know whether if this scheme plotted by Ling Xue or that Saint Lady Ji, too.

Right now, he was standing on the Yazi Beast and looking at Monarch City which was getting smaller. His had this grave expression and could slightly feel himself suffocating. Perhaps, not long from now, he would be played to death by that invisible giant hand.

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