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In the northernmost part of the Stellarsky Continent was a horrific place called Wide Chill Ice Plains. This place had snow all year round and was abnormally cold. Furthermore, under the ice plains were mutated beast laying in ambush. All of these mutated beasts had nearly non-existent spirit wisdom, but they had terrifying strength. It was rumored that there were plenty of formidable mutated beasts which had strength comparable to demon kings. Once any human approached that place, they would be immediately torn to pieces.

Hence, the Wide Chill Ice Plains was a forbidden place for humans. Putting aside regular martial artists, even Vajra Realm martial experts wouldn't dare to go too deep.


In the Wide Chill Ice Plains in the northernmost of the continent, the most dreadful place was an abyss. Above this abyss was an ancient teleportation array which suddenly lit up. An absolutely beautiful woman with a great figure, who was wearing a fox fur coat and a cape, appeared along with two peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts.

"Greetings to Saint Lady!"

The surface of the ground in the vicinity of the teleportation array exploded in layers, causing a burst of snowflakes. More than ten black shadows shot out while greeting with a single kneel.

The young lady wearing the fox fur coat slowly lifted the hood, revealing a gorgeous face, and it was Dugu Yan. Her face was covered in frost as she nodded with a prideful look. She then led the two peak-stage Soul Travel Realm guards and simply jumped into the bottomless abyss. Soon enough, three black figures vanished.

"Saint Lady, please have a good trip!"

All the other men yelled out again, and all went under the surface of the ground. The snow and ice quickly buried the surface of the ground, and peace returned to the surroundings.

This place was called the Hades Abyss. Apart from the Clan Heads from the influential clans and the kings of the various kingdoms, only a rare few individuals on the continent knew of this place. This was where the Main Hall of the Martial Arts Hall was. Apart from the members of the Martial Arts Hall, no one else had the qualification to enter, which included… the Azure Dragon Empire's Emperor back in the days!

Under the Hades Abyss was a paradise.

The place wasn't covered in ice and snow; it had a pleasant climate instead. Flowers bloomed like it was spring, and there were plenty of green gra.s.s and beautiful red flowers. This was obviously a strange s.p.a.ce that was similar to the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons. There were multiple buildings in there and numerous palace halls which were crawling with black-robed Martial Arts Hall's martial artists.


After Dugu Yan jumped into the abyss, she actually appeared in a teleportation array in a giant plaza which was located in the Hades Abyss. When she appeared, it caused all the martial artists to kneel on one knee.

Dugu Yan didn't utter a single word and arrogantly walked towards the largest palace hall. She walked past numerous palace halls and finally entered an extremely huge palace hall.

The huge palace hall only had four individuals, but two of them had powerful aura presence and had obviously reached the Vajra Realm. On the left was a young lady in a yellow dress which had looks that were comparable to Dugu Yan. If Jiang Yi was around right now, he would certainly be shocked.

This yellow-dressed young lady was actually… Ji Tingyu who had vanished for more than a year!

Back then, Ji Tingyu colluded with Jiang Yiliu and wanted to murder Jiang Yi in the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. Finally, Jiang Yi looked on their old ties and didn't kill her. During the midst of traveling back to Mt. Spirit Beast College, she actually vanished. Afterward, Jiang Yi asked Qian w.a.n.guan to help scout Ji Tingyu, but it was as though she had vanished into thin air. Right now, she actually appeared in the Martial Arts Main Hall.

"Hmph! Hmph!"

After Dugu Yan walked in, she immediately sat on a chair with her charming face still covered in frost. The two elders looked at each other and stood up to ask, "Saint Lady, what happened? Who provoked you?"

Ji Tingyu took a glance at Dugu Yan and let out an obscure smile before suddenly voicing out. "Keke, Sister Yan must have been mistreated by Jiang Yi, right? Jiang Yi is a person that is unmoved by force or persuasion and has a loathsome temperament. Sister Yan, don't hurt your body from anger because of him."


It would be fine if this wasn't mentioned. Once it was mentioned, Dugu Yan was immediately infuriated. She suddenly stood up with a flop and spoke coldly, "Where is my father? I want to see him! Jiang Yi has bullied me. I want Father to give the order and chop him up into pieces!"

"Chief Hall Master isn't back yet."

One of the elders sighed helplessly and said, "Saint Lady. Jiang Yi's status is extraordinary. It is best not to be rash."


Dugu Yan glanced at the elder with a discontented look and stomped her foot before walking out. She then spoke in a cold voice at the entrance, "Inform me immediately once my father is back. If I don't repay this debt, then I shall not be named Dugu Yan."


The two doyens, who had esteemed status in the Martial Arts Hall, looked at each other and laughed bitterly. One of them sighed and said, "I already expected this matter would be ruined with Saint Lady's temperament. A pity that Chief Hall Master isn't around, and she doesn't listen to whatever we say. This is our fault. If we knew this would happen, either the two of us or Chief Hall Master should have gone to negotiate with Jiang Yi personally. Now, look what happened… the negotiation had crumbled. Because of Saint Lady, Jiang Yi would have a worse impression of the Martial Arts Hall. There is no longer anymore hope for Jiang Yi to join the Martial Arts Hall anymore."

"Doyens, do not have to blame yourself."

Ji Tingyu laughed lightly and said, "I am once considered a friend to Jiang Yi, and I know him very well. Even if Sister Yan didn't offend him, he will not give his allegiance to us. He is a lone wolf which is unyielding and cannot be tamed. He hates to be restrained. Jiang Yi… must be killed; otherwise, he would become a great threat for us."


The two doyens' eyes had flashes of a chill while killing aura poured out from their body. One of the doyens spoke, "Saint Lady Ji is right. We shall kill all who don't comply with us. Jiang Yi has too many possibilities and has to be executed early. Otherwise, there might be huge troubles in the future."

"No way!"

The other doyen shook his head and said, "This matter is of grave significance. We must wait for the Chief Hall Master to come back and make the decision."

Ji Tingyu shook her hand and said, "It doesn't matter if we kill him or not. We still have to make some preparations, right? I am familiar with Jiang Yi's weaknesses. As long as the two doyens are willing to cooperate and make some arrangements—once Chief Hall Master comes back and gives the order, Jiang Yi would certainly die. How about it?"

The two doyens' eyes lit up. Ji Tingyu's ability and wisdom was something that even convinced the Chief Hall Master; hence, he broke the exception and promoted her to the Saint Lady status. During this period of time, Ji Tingyu had proved her ability. As long as she personally plotted the operation, nothing would fail.

The two doyens immediately discussed. One of the doyens finally nodded and said, "Saint Lady Ji. You are not to touch Jiang Yi before the end of the three-year promise. Do not start a feud with him publicly. We are able to a.s.sist you in the preparations, but if the Chief Hall Master comes back and disagrees, you have to immediately cancel all the preparations."


Ji Tingyu's beautiful eyes flashed and were filled with delight as though a dazzling beautiful yellow rose. She said, "I naturally wouldn't take revenge for my private matters. If the Chief Hall Master doesn't agree to it, I will not make any move. But if the Chief Hall Master agrees, I guarantee… Jiang Yi will die for sure."

Ss, ss…

When the two doyens saw Ji Tingyu's resplendent smile, they felt an indescribable chill down their backs. This Saint Lady gave off a feeling of a bamboo viper. It would choose to bite or not, but if it was to bite, there was only death waiting for its victim.

"Jiang Yi!"

Ji Tingyu looked outside and at the cl.u.s.ter of palace halls. She muttered to herself in a voice that only she could hear. "Tingyu admits that she did misjudge you back then. If I had chosen you since the beginning, I might be as blissful as Su Ruoxue right now, right? A pity that we will never be together in this life. Since I cannot get it, I can only… use my utmost effort to destroy you!"

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