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After reading through the secret manual for Divine Perception, Jiang Yi's heated spirit cooled down instantly. It was simple to realize Divine Perception, but without a powerful soul spirit, Jiang Yi couldn't release it at all. According to the manual—in order to release this sorcery, one's soul spirit had to reach tier-three at least. However, Jiang Yi was at tier-two only.

Jiang Yi went on to learn the next sorcery after memorizing this one by rote. The second one was very familiar to Jiang Yi. It was the Puppet Mud Humanoid. The secret manual was indeed different from the one he saw last time. Jiang Yi understood it after reading for a while, but he didn't take the chance of realizing it now. It was better to memorize all the sorcery skills first.

He had also seen the third sorcery. It was the Art of Plant Spirit that Yun Fei had realized. He had seen the power of this sorcery skill. It would definitely create a significant impact if he was in a forest or near plants.

The fourth sorcery art was quite interesting. It was called 'Water Swim'. When releasing this sorcery art, one could walk on the surface of the water, just like on the ground—even faster than on land. It should be evolved from the water element Dao pattern.

The fifth sorcery skill intrigued Jiang Yi very much. By his deduction, it should be the easiest one to realize. The sorcery art was called 'Myriad Clone'. Although it was not mentioned on the secret manual, Jiang Yi instinctively felt that it was derived from the Wind Myriad of the mid-grade wind element Dao pattern. For Jiang Yi who had already realized the mid-grade Dao pattern, it shouldn't be difficult to realize this sorcery art.

Jiang Yi was also interested in the seventh sorcery skill. Its name was 'Heaven-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Inferno'. It went without saying that it was an attack sorcery art developed from the fire element Dao pattern. Because of Earth Fire and Fire Spirit Rock, Jiang Yi had always liked the fire element. Thus, after memorizing this sorcery skill, he marked it as one of the sorcery skills that he must realize in the future.

Jiang Yi couldn't understand the sorcery skills after the seventh one. They were very obscure and couldn't be read literally. Jiang Yi had no choice but to remember them by rote. It took him two days to memorize all the ten ancient sorcery skills. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After checking everything and making sure that all were correctly remembered, Jiang Yi cupped his hands and said, "Witch G.o.d, I have remembered them all!"

"Good! Remember, you mustn't teach anyone these sorcery arts except for the Yun Clansmen."

The Witch G.o.d's voice sounded again. Then, he warned Jiang Yi. "Besides, you can't record them on paper. Otherwise, you must immediately burn the secret manual after teaching someone else. These are the rules made by the ancestors of our Yun Clan. We would rather lose the sorcery arts—which were devised by our forefathers—than leak them to the outsiders."


Nodding repeatedly, Jiang Yi was secretly amazed at his good luck. If the Yun Clan had any prodigy over these years, or if any of the prodigies was willing to take the risk, or if the Witch G.o.d's remnant soul wasn't going to disappear soon—he would never have the chance to inherit these powerful sorcery skills.

These were the most advanced sorcery. Unlike low-grade martial skills, many contained the essence of Dao pattern. By studying these sorcery arts, one might be able to deduce the Dao pattern essence reversely and go on studying the Dao pattern.

Pausing, the Witch G.o.d continued. "I don't care about prestige or fortune, and I am only devoted to studying Dao. Thus, I have comprehended a lot of restrictions over these years and want to make the final breakthrough via restrictions. Restrictions are really complicated and require a large amount of time to comprehend. It's easy to get started, but it takes at least hundreds of years to appreciate it thoroughly—or to achieve phenomenal success.

"Of course… if you study restrictions in depth, they'll come in handy when comprehending the Dao pattern. Formidable restrictions can also trump the Vajra Realm, even the Heaven Monarch Realm!

"I placed the restrictions that I have comprehended in a secret room along the wall on the right. If you want to learn, study them slowly. If you don't want to learn, find a talented descendant and help me to pa.s.s them on."


The wall on the right lit up, a stone door opened all of a sudden, exposing a small room. Jiang Yi looked inside and was stunned secretly. This room wasn't big, but it was full of books—there were about tens of thousands of books.

It would take several years to just read through tens of thousands of books, let alone comprehending them.

"Keep them first. Pa.s.s them on to the Yun Clansmen if you have to."

Jiang Yi walked inside and packed all the books into the Fire Spirit Pearl. Then, the Witch G.o.d transmitted his voice. "I will leave you to comprehend the sorcery. Don't comprehend the last four ones, for you have too low a grade—and too weak a soul—to comprehend them. You should hurry up and understand the first six ones. If you any question, feel free to ask me anytime."


Nodding, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged on the ground and concentrated on sorcery comprehension. The first one required a strong soul so there was no need for him to comprehend it. The Puppet Mud Humanoid wasn't very useful. There were quite a lot of limitations when performing the Art of Plant Spirit and Water Swim—they would be useless without plants or water. Considering those, he placed his focus on the Heaven-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Inferno and Myriad Clone.

Myriad Clone? Congealing a myriad of clones. Although they are images, martial artists without strong divine senses won't be able to tell the difference. It is the best help in attack and the best escape art!

Divine Perception was originally at the top of Jiang Yi's wish list. However, he couldn't find any spirit herbs that could strengthen his soul or cultivate his soul spirit now. Thus, realizing Myriad Clone was his only option.

One couldn't feel the fleeting time in cultivation. Jiang Yi comprehended the sorcery in seclusion. He had forgotten the time and woke up from hunger. After having some food and water casually, he continued his meditation.

As expected, this Myriad Clone was evolved from Wind Myriad. He was able to have some ideas after only five or six days, which cheered up his spirit greatly.

After another three days, a white light suddenly flashed on Jiang Yi. His essence force circulated wildly and influenced the surrounding wind. Following a peculiar trajectory, the wind gathered towards him.


All of a sudden—!

The surrounding wind flashed in the air and congealed into an image, which looked exactly the same as Jiang Yi—also sitting cross-legged on the ground. Simultaneously, his body became blurry and looked very much like the image. The two images were identical to each other. Even Su Ruoxue couldn't tell them apart.


Just in a blink of an eye, the wind on the right started blowing. His clone dissipated slowly, and then all went quiet.

"Not bad! In less than ten days, you have already introduced yourself to Myriad Clone. If you go on comprehending, you can congeal more clones which will last longer. When you are able to form 10,000 clones which can last for one day and control them to move around freely, you will then reach the phenomenal stage of Myriad Clone.

"Keep in mind that if you want to manipulate the clones to walk freely and deceive your enemy, you have to learn to multi-task. Only then you will control your clones to delude your enemy nimbly. After that, you use it to give the enemy a fatal blow.

"Your soul spirit is too weak. You should comprehend Myriad Clone later. When you get out, you must try to find some spirit herbs or a secret art to enhance your soul. You will never achieve any phenomenal success with your current soul strength."

The Witch G.o.d's voice echoed again, and Jiang Yi listened to him carefully. Jiang Yi also realized that his soul spirit was too weak. He secretly made up his mind to obtain some spirit herbs or ask Su Ruoxue to teach him some secret soul-cultivating arts. After all, it was a tradition to cultivate soul spirits in the Su Clan.

He didn't have much time left as the Witch G.o.d's remnant soul could disappear any minute. Jiang Yi didn't dare to waste time thinking too much about it. After eating something simple, he began to comprehend Heaven-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Inferno.

Heaven-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Inferno!

This was very domineering sorcery! It refined fire! Once reaching an advanced level, one could terminate a Vajra Realm martial expert with fire. If it was used together with the magical fire of heaven and earth, it could even burn a Heaven Monarch Realm martial expert to death!

"Magical fire of heaven and earth?"

Jiang Yi was reminded of the ghost fire at the Soul-Seizing Valley of the Saint Spirit Kingdom. He was secretly excited—as long as he could comprehend this sorcery and reach the phenomenal stage, he would show no fear even if all the martial experts on the whole continent were his adversaries.

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