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Ultimately, Jiang Yi restrained himself. To him, feelings had always been of more importance than desire. All along, he felt that if a man is unable to control his lower half, this man's future prospect would certainly be bounded by limits. Without a strong temperament, how was one going to progress even further in the path of cultivation?

He calmed himself down before falling into a deep sleep with Su Ruoxue in his embrace. He felt that he could have the whole world as long as he could embrace this pleasant lady.

The following days, Jiang Yi resumed his tranquil and comfortable lifestyle. During the day, he would head over to the Divine Vein to cultivate and would accompany Xiaonu and the small vixen during the night. After that, he would embrace Su Ruoxue to sleep.

Very quickly, Qian w.a.n.guan had sent a message over, saying that his Qian Clan had some Stone Talisman Water and that he had already ordered his men to send it over. Simultaneously, he had also started to purchase the Stone Talisman Water secretly. He had no idea why Jiang Yi needed the Stone Talisman Water for, but as long as Jiang Yi needed it, he and his Qian Clan would do their best to get it.

Ten days later, the first batch of Stone Talisman Water arrived. When Jiang Yi got to learn of its arrival, he immediately got people to send it over. He was baffled when he saw that the Stone Talisman Water was actually stored in a wooden container. Furthermore, the Stone Talisman Water was not water; but it was like a white mud with a faintly unusual smell.


Jiang Yi carried a big barrel of Stone Talisman Water and delivered it down to the location where the Divine Vein was located. He walked towards the vicinity of where those dully-lighted crystal stones were at and gestured for a martial artist excavating the Divine Vein to come over. "Come, coat your blade with some Stone Talisman Water and try excavating the divine vein again."


The martial artist extracted out some Stone Talisman Water and smeared it on his blade. Afterward, he hacked his blade down on the crystal stones on the divine vein.


What caused Jiang Yi and the mining martial artist to be astonished was that after the heaven artifact had been smeared with the Stone Talisman Water, the crystal stones that were as hard as black steel became like an ordinary stone. The moment the heaven artifact hacked down, a huge piece of crystal stone easily fell off; and the martial artist did not even feel any rebound.


Jiang Yi's eyes lit up. He immediately instructed everyone to smear their weapons with Stone Talisman Water, speeding up the process of excavating the divine vein.

Pong! Pong! Pong!

Pieces of crystal stones were blasted and cleaved out. The excavation process had increased by hundreds to thousands of folds. Those martial artists excavating had also grown incomparably excited as they dug continuously.

"Try not to destroy these crystal stones. These crystal stones contained a dense amount of heaven and earth essence force. Gather all of them together! Be careful when you guys are excavating them out; don't break any of those celestial stones."

When Jiang Yi saw the group of them excavating recklessly, he frantically instructed them. If any of these crystal stones were to be thrown into a palace hall, the heaven and earth essence force in the palace hall would be denser by numerous folds. This was definitely great stuff, and it would be such a waste if they were to be destroyed by them.

The general in charge of this excavation began to berate the people. Jiang Yi had extended his divine senses to probe the area. He had long examined these Divine Vein crystal stones. However, his divine senses could only scout a distance of 30 meters. Originally, he was unable to discover any celestial stones; but with the speedy excavation, he could scout the area as the excavation was happening.

Half an hour later, Jiang Yi eyes suddenly lit up as he cried out in surprise, "There are two pieces of celestial stones here. Be careful."

Those people excavating slowed down their speed as they excavated little by little. Gradually, they were able to sense it as well because the heaven and earth essence force had gotten a lot denser. Furthermore, two light spots could be seen within those crystal stones vaguely, and the shape resembled the celestial stones.

"Two pieces of celestial stones!"

Jiang Yi got excited. This Divine Vein was so big, and only after excavating for a few moments, they had already found two pieces of celestial stones. If they were to fully excavate this whole area, wouldn't they have hundreds or even thousands of them?

The two pieces of celestial stones were excavated out very quickly as the general handed it over to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi checked it carefully and was certain that it was indeed the celestial stone. He continued to use his divine senses to probe the area. In less than 30 minutes, he discovered another piece of celestial stone on the other side. Sure enough, there were a large number of celestial stones contained in this divine vein.

In just a single day and night, a few hundred meters of the Divine Vein had been dug, and more than ten celestial stones had been excavated out. Furthermore, this Divine Vein seemed to be getting bigger as no one knew how much of the excavated area had been expanded.

"Continue excavating. All of you will be rewarded generously once we return!"

Jiang Yi patted on the general's shoulder with satisfaction. Those who were able to excavate the divine veins were all the most loyal subject of the Su Clan. Thus, there was not a need for Jiang Yi to be afraid of them embezzling as he brought the celestial stones back up to the royal palace.

The day had already brightened up, and Su Ruoxue had not slept well for practically the entire night. She had been waiting for news, and when she heard that they had excavated more than ten of celestial stones, she was instantly ecstatic.

With a large number of celestial stones, not only could Jiang Yi advanced his strength quickly, but he would also be able to train a large number of Soul Travel Realm experts. Too many of the Great Xia Kingdom experts had died. If he was able to train thousands or tens of thousands of Soul Travel Realm experts, which kingdom would still dare to attack the Great Xia Kingdom?

"Get someone to send a message to Qian w.a.n.guan. Get him to purchase all the Stone Talisman Water at all cost. At the same time, send men out to purchase the Stone Talisman Water secretly as well."

Su Ruoxue stood up and went to arrange for it immediately. She even gave orders to send more people down to excavate the celestial stones. Concurrently, she got people to handle all those crystal stones as well. This thing would only bring more troubles if delayed. If they could complete the excavation faster, they could save the need to be concerned over it.

"In another half a month, the excavation process should more or less be completed; and I would bring a batch of celestial stones into the Witch G.o.d forbidden ground. Firstly, I would memorize all the ancient sorcery arts before refining the celestial stones. If I can transform all the nine star spheres, I might not be comparable to a Heaven Monarch; but I would at least be at the peak stage of Vajra Realm, right?"

Jiang Yi calculated in silence. Just when he was about to enter his room to rest, He Lao came in and spoke in an immense tone, "Young Master Yi, there are three people who wish to meet you in the Martial Arts Hall. Two of them are someone you are very familiar with. They are Skyplume City Martial Arts Hallmaster and Manager Yang. There's another one who is reported to be the Martial Arts Hall Saint Lady."

"The Martial Arts Hall?"

Jiang Yi frowned. The last time, the Martial Arts Hallmaster and Manager Yang had come looking for him and wished for him to become an honorary elder in their Martial Arts Hall. He rejected their offer, but they actually came again? Furthermore, there's a Martial Arts Hall Saint Lady that came along this time.

Jiang Yi naturally couldn't refuse to meet them since Manager Yang had come. He muttered to himself before replying with a wave of his hand, "Come, He Lao. Let's go and meet them."

He Lao had arranged the trio from the Martial Arts Hall to settle down in a side palace hall while a eunuch had brought a group of maidservants to serve them. Before Jiang Yi had even walked over, the eunuch announced aloud: "Lord Regent has arrived!"

Jiang Yi went into the side palace hall in big steps as his gaze swept past the standing Manager Yang and Martial Arts Hallmaster. He nodded his head slightly, and his gaze swept towards the lady who was still seated down. His eyes lit up, and he sighed gloomily after. As expected, the Martial Arts Hall Saint Lady was certainly extraordinary. The temperament and looks of this lady were certainly top-notch and not any less inferior to Su Ruoxue.

"Greetings to Lord Regent!"

The Martial Arts Hallmaster and Manager Yang clasped their fists and greeted before giving Jiang Yi an introduction; "Lord Regent, this is one of the two Saint Ladies in our Martial Arts Hall, Dugu Yan. The status of a Saint Lady is extremely esteemed and respected in our Martial Arts Hall. They are only second to the Chief Hall Master."

When Jiang Yi saw Dugu Yan was still sitting down, he was slightly discontented. However, he still cupped his hand and greeted, "Greetings to Young Lady Dugu!"

"Greetings to Lord Regent!"

It was only at this moment when Dugu Yan stood up languidly. She nodded her head slightly with an arrogant expression. Immediately after, she waved her hand nonchalantly and instructed Manager Yang and the Martial Arts Hall Master: "You guys can dismiss yourselves. I'm going to discuss something with the Lord Regent."

While she spoke, she also shot a glance at He Lao. Without a choice, Jiang Yi shrugged and beckoned, "He Lao, you can also dismiss yourself."

Only when everyone had dismissed themselves, the Martial Arts Hall's Saint Lady, Dugu Yan, sat back down. She looked at Jiang Yi indifferently and spoke, "Please take a seat, Lord Regent."


Jiang Yi was somewhat speechless as dark lines could be seen appearing on his forehead. Wasn't this Martial Arts Hall's Saint Lady thinking too highly of herself? She was in his territory, and yet the guest had become the host?

Jiang Yi chose to endure it down so as to give some face to Manager Yang. He sat down leisurely and took a sip of tea before he asked, "May I know why is Saint Lady looking for me?"

"Nothing much!"

Dugu Yan glanced at Jiang Yi with disregard. She lifted her teacup and swirled it around gently while blowing off the hot vapor coming out from the tea. After a long time, she finally took a sip of tea. Just as Jiang Yi had the intention to leave, she spoke out indifferently, "The Chief Hall Master thinks very highly of Lord Regent. He had sent me here to persuade Your Honor into joining our Martial Arts Hall. The position offered is still the honorary elder. You need not do anything or obey anyone's order, including Chief Hall Master's. Furthermore… after you became an honorary elder, you might have the opportunity to become mine or the other Saint Lady's husband."

Another honey trap?

Jiang Yi showed a smile of mockery. Others might be afraid of the Martial Arts Hall, and a lot of young masters would be willing to kneel and lick up to these so-called Saint Ladies. However, Jiang Yi wasn't such a person.

Therefore, he replied firmly, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in your Martial Arts Hall. And as for you… it's even more so!"

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