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Jiang Yi woke up after about fifteen hours of sleep. It was still before daybreak. Jiang Xiaonu was lying beside him, and He Lao was sitting cross-legged nearby, on guard.

He checked Xiaonu's injuries and found nothing serious. Jiang Yi was relieved to know that she was just too weak to wake up. He asked He Lao about the situation before sitting cross-legged and healing again.

Most of his meridians had recovered after healing for seven or eight hours. It was even fine to use his essence force. Jiang Yi stopped to have some roasted meat and water that He Lao pa.s.sed to him. Looking at Xiaonu, he frowned and asked, "He Lao, what's going on with Xiaonu? You just mentioned that she is a special race? Does that mean… she's not a pure human being?"

"Not true, not true!"

Shaking his head, He Lao replied, "The Zhan Clan is a special race, but is made up of normal humans, too! Lady Xiaonu should belong to a special race that is similar to that of the Zhan Clan, but her race is several times stronger than the Battle G.o.d Race. Young Master Yi, did Lord Yunhai tell you about the background of Xiaonu?"

"He did!"

Contemplating for a while, Jiang Yi said, "Probably Grandfather isn't sure as well. Xiaonu was brought to my family by Mom when I was two years old. As for… where she was from, no one knows. Grandfather and I always thought that Xiaonu was just an abandoned baby who was found by my mother. Xiaonu has always been very normal since she was young, but now, she can suddenly transform and even possess such powerful strength…"

He Lao was more and more certain about his a.s.sumptions. Jiang Xiaonu should be adopted by Yi Piaopiao on purpose—to be Jiang Yi's bodyguard or cauldron. However, he didn't dare to raise it. Pausing, he spoke in a low voice, "Young Master Yi, it's useless for us to guess these things. When Lady Xiaonu wakes up—since she can control the energy inside her body and transform herself to become so powerful, she must know a lot about herself…"


Nodding, Jiang Yi didn't say anything further. He turned to Jiang Xiaonu and smiled at her softly. To him, it didn't matter what Jiang Xiaonu had turned into or whether she had the strength or not—as long as she was still Jiang Xiaonu.

"Let's go to Starfall Island first! This sea is too dangerous!"

Tossing the bone in his hand, Jiang Yi got up, took the two inside the Green Clear Vase, and continued to instant-s.h.i.+ft to Starfall Island. Before he met the sea demons, they were less than two days away from Starfall Island. Though he traveled slower than the Yazi Beast, he should be able to arrive within one or two days—after instant-s.h.i.+fting for more than half of a day.

Jiang Yi had a map of Starfall Island. He also constantly observed the terrain and judged the direction of the journey. For every half of a day, he stopped and rested to prevent his soul from weakening or being unable to escape in case of danger.

On his way forward, Jiang Yi ran into some sea demons occasionally. They were all at tier-two or tier-three. There were no more demon kings. Dealing with low-grade sea demons was effortless for him. Thus, everything was peaceful after traveling for more than a day.

Roar! Roar!

On the afternoon of the second day, a deafening roar suddenly came from the south. Jiang Yi was shocked and quickly instant-s.h.i.+fted forward. He landed on a reef and looked towards the south.


A giant red-yellow figure bolted from a distance. Before it came close, a suffocatingly strong aura arrived. However, Jiang Yi didn't feel alarmed. Instead, he grinned and shouted from a distance, "Haha, demon king. I knew you wouldn't die!"


The Yazi Beast flew over and hovered above Jiang Yi. Proudly, it said, "Just two small shrimps and crabs. I killed one without any effort. If the other didn't run so fast, I would definitely end its life as well. How dare they fight with me with such little strength!"

"Without any effort?"

Jiang Yi paltered with a smile. He gazed at Yazi Beast's b.u.t.tocks which were covered with several deep scars. Though there was no blood, its injuries had not fully healed after so many days. Could one imagine how serious the wounds were back then?

"What're you looking at? Boy, if you don't come up, I'll leave without you."

The Yazi Beast became angry from embarra.s.sment and spiraled in the air. Jiang Yi smiled faintly and instant-s.h.i.+fted onto its back. Then, he asked, "Demon King, why did those sea demons and demon kings attack us? Is this place still in the deep sea region? I only fled for a short distance before encountering another demon king. I got in a very strange sea region and almost died there."

The Yazi Beast was going to flying forward immediately. However—after hearing Jiang Yi's words, it turned and said gravely, "You met another demonic beast and entered a mysterious maritime s.p.a.ce? Was it the Sea of Death? Was there any thunderbolts at night?"

"The Sea of Death?"

Jiang Yi didn't quite understand it and blinked his eyes in confusion. He told the demon king about his experience along the way, except for the part where Jiang Xiaonu saved him and He Lao.

Jiang Xiaonu could transform and increase her strength to a shockingly high level within a short time. If this news was spread, the world would surely be shocked. He didn't want Xiaonu to be hurt, and so he wasn't going to tell anyone about it. This maidservant was exclusive to him only.

"Boy, you could actually get out of the Sea of Death?! You are such a freak!"

Eyes filled with dismay, the demon king opened its big mouth and said, "When I left the Universal Palace, Master once sent a voice transmission to me. He asked me to be careful of three places on this continent. The first one is the Sea of Death, the second one is the Fairy Peak of Mt. Thirty Thousand, and the last one is the Dream Sea Abyss. Master said that I would definitely lose my life if I went to these three places. I didn't expect you to be able to get out!"


Blinked his eyes doubtfully, Jiang Yi asked, "The Witch G.o.d died many years ago. How did he know the continent so well?"


The demon king raised his head proudly and said, "Master was a heavenly prodigy and realized ten of the most powerful ancient sorcery skills. One of them could easily detect the whole continent and the surrounding sea. He feared that you might be in danger and was even willing to burn his very little remaining soul power to practice sorcery to search everything for you…"

"Searching the whole continent!"

Jiang Yi was amazed in secret. This sorcery was so marvelous and was practiced when the Witch G.o.d was already dead. If he was still alive, how powerful should he be?

How mighty the ancient sorcery is! It seems like I will go to the Witch G.o.d Forbidden Ground to realize the sorcery immediately after coming back from Starfall Island. Otherwise, if something happens which wastes time, the sorcery may disappear forever from this world.

Jiang Yi made up his mind. Then, the Yazi Beast started to say, "The attack from the sea demons is very suspicious. It should be your enemy who infuriated them on purpose. Otherwise, these demon kings wouldn't act together; and ordinary small fish and shrimps wouldn't dare to provoke me. Hem-hem. Boy, you make too many people your enemies. If you don't cultivate your skills diligently, perhaps, you'll die one day."


Finis.h.i.+ng his words, the Yazi Beast turned into a stream of light and flew towards the north. It was much faster than Jiang Yi.

It only took half of a day!

A giant island appeared in front of them. This island had very peculiar geography. It looked like a round ball floating on the sea, and a huge meteorite falling from the Nine Heavens.

"Jiang Yi, welcome to Starfall Island!"

An ethereal voice suddenly broke out. It was a very pleasant voice, full of feminine tenderness and like a spring breeze.


At this moment, Jiang Yi gazed straight at a giant white jade statue standing on the ma.s.sive square below as if he didn't hear the sound.

The statue was of a person, a woman with breathtaking beauty. She looked far into a distance proudly with her chin slightly up. A faint trace of a smile was revealed from her mouth. She was intoxicatingly beautiful.

… 'Zhan' means 'battle' in Chinese.

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