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Less than an hour later, the door of the secret room shone and was opened silently. Jiang Yi was extremely tensed-up. Appearing to be dead by stopping his breathing and heartbeats, he beefed up his hearing with the black essence forces so that he could listen to everything and be prepared to attack any time.


Two people walked in and stopped in front of the door. Both made a light raving, and one of them exclaimed, "What's going on? Why are General Cao and Mistress Liu dead?"


A majestic and lovely shouting came from outside. Jiang Yi's heart trembled slightly. The person behind this voice should only be the Witch Empress whose beauty astonished the world. Right away, Jiang Yi focused on her steps and calculated her distance from the secret hall.


Those two consecrators came in first. Jiang Yi had put the bodies of General Cao and Mistress Liu on the left side of the secret room, facing the door. Whereas he was on the right side.

His settings were perfect. When the two consecrators came in, they checked for General Cao and Mistress Liu immediately. It roused a lot of imagination since Mistress Liu's clothes were torn and the sword in General Cao's hand was covered with blood. Naturally, the two were drawn to them and only glanced casually at Jiang Yi. When seeing Jiang Yi was covered with blood, they did not care.

Six meters! Three meters! One meter!

Jiang Yi did not pay attention to the two consecrators and concentrated on the Witch Empress outside, waiting for her to come in. It seemed like she was very cautious, standing in the doorway and not coming in. She was also surrounded by two peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts.

Jiang Yi's heart was burning. If he took any actions, he must fight with everyone. For him to do that, he would have to release the Ma.s.sacre Intent. However, the killing aura would be so strong that the nearby martial experts would be alarmed, followed by the whole royal palace—and ultimately, Grandma Silver Flower. Things would turn into the worst case.

Come on!

Jiang Yi kept screaming in his heart. Unfortunately, the Witch Empress stood still at the doorway. When the two consecrators finished their checking, one shouted quietly, "Empress, General Cao and Mistress Liu are dead. They have been dead for less than an hour."

"The cause of their death?"

The Witch Empress asked apathetically and glanced at Jiang Yi. "Is he also dead?"

"Old servant will go and see!"

A man paused and said so. As he was striding towards Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi's heart was lifted to his throat. If the consecrator came and examined him, he would definitely found out Jiang Yi was faking.

I have to do it!

By the time that the consecrator was one meter away from Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi bit his teeth and was ready to attack. A slight footstep suddenly came from the outside, the Witch Empress said swiftly, "Everyone, go into the secret room. The King is coming to the Lifei Palace 1 . We can't let him find us." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


Three figures entered the secret room. A consecrator promptly clapped and turned on the restrictions of the secret room.

Help from Heaven!

One moment in h.e.l.l, one moment in heaven. Jiang Yi almost cried with excitement. His eyes suddenly opened and became blood red, his Ma.s.sacre Intent surging out. The Fire Spirit Pearl lit up instantly, and the Fire Dragon Sword showed itself, sweeping sharply towards the neck of a consecrator not far away from him.


The Fire Dragon Sword flashed by, the head of the consecrator left the body and rolled down to the floor. The other three consecrators and the Witch Empress were so terrified that their faces turned pale. Under the repression of the Ma.s.sacre Intent, none of them could move. The essence force inside their bodies was disturbed, preventing them to fight back at the first opportunity.


With his eyes fixed on the two consecrators behind the Witch Empress, Jiang Yi swung the Fire Dragon Sword sharply. Countless wind dragons whistled out and fettered the consecrators. Two fire dragons shot at the two respectively and instantly blew them up into piles of minced flesh. The Witch Empress next to them was also blown up to the wall and rebounded back, with blood and flesh all over her.

"Jiang Yi, die—!"

Another consecrator suddenly burst into a violent flame with a green light. Two rays of green light were emitted from his eyes. Clearly, he was burning his essence force and sorcery power, risking his life to release the sorcery.

Oh, no!

The secret room was too small, and those two green rays traveled too fast. Jiang Yi was occupied with attacking the two consecrators behind the Witch Empress and did not think that this one would be so ruthless and tough. The two green rays entered his head with a flash, but he chose not to care. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he yielded the Fire Dragon Sword towards the front. Two fire dragons whizzed out and turned the burning consecrator into mince, making sure that he could no longer release his sorcery.


At the moment, his Fire Spirit Pearl lit up; and the unknown energy entered his head. His spirit was flourished with a golden light, cleansing the green energy that was flowing to his spirit manically.

Ho-ho, that was close!

Jiang Yi let out a deep breath in relief. This green light seemed to attack his soul; otherwise, the Fire Spirit Pearl would not have protected him. If it was another type of attack—such as corrosive poisons, he would have been dead by now.

He glimpsed at the Witch Empress and found out she had a weak aura and was only at the Purple Mansion Realm. Jiang Yi felt surprised secretly but was relieved. The Witch Empress was famous for her sorcery and had many martial experts at her disposal. Probably, she would not mind if her own strength was weak.

After a close look at the Witch Empress, Jiang Yi's eyes brightened up. Though she was in her discomfiture and covered with flood and minced flesh, she was still breathtakingly beautiful. Especially her big, watery eyes seemed so delicate and lovely. Yun He was around the same age as Jiang Yi. Even if the Witch Empress had the child at the age of fifteen, she would still be at her thirties. She looked like a fair and delightful maiden, not a mother of three children.


Jiang Yi rushed to the Witch Empress and biffed her on the lower belly, smas.h.i.+ng her dantian. At the same time, he took out an Ancient Divine Essence Ring from her hand and tied her up with a rope from the Fire Spirit Pearl. Then, he withdrew his presence and looked at the Witch Empress coldly.

"Not bad. Famous reputation is a proven fact. Jiang Yi, you indeed did not disappoint me!"

With the purple mansion in her dantian destroyed by Jiang Yi, the Witch Empress's facial muscles were twitching because of the pain. Blood trickled down from the edge of her mouth, but her voice sounded calm. "The winner takes all. I don't want to waste time on negotiation. Make your offer."

"Talking to smart people is easy!"

Wiping the blood off his face, Jiang Yi beamed. "I don't intend to be the enemy of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom or the Witch Empress. I just wish to take Yun Fei and Yun Xian with me. Hope that I can trouble the Witch Empress to make some arrangements. Once we leave the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, I will escort you back, safe and sound. You can go on being the empress."


The Witch Empress sneered. "Do you expect me to agree on your terms? If it is not for you, Yun Fei, and Yun Xian, my Lu Er 2 and He Er 3 will still be alive. You think I'll look on helplessly as you continue with your lives leisurely. Besides, I don't have the ability to send you away safely. If the King and the old consecrator are alerted, you'll never be able to leave. You may as well kill me!"


Jiang Yi laughed and said, "If Yun Fei and Yun Xian are gone, who else will compete with your youngest son for the t.i.tle of crown prince? Your youngest son is only nine years old. You have offended so many people. If you die, who will be there to protect your son? How you manage to send us away without alarming the King and Grandma Silver Flower is your job. I forgot to tell you… my people have performed the Soul-Searching Art on Mistress Liu. Otherwise, how we did blend into the palace? If you don't cooperate, I can do Soul-Searching Art on you as well and turn you into my puppet."


Jiang Yi's words seemed to hit the weakness of the Witch Empress. Her pretty face turned deathly pale. Twinkling her beautiful eyes, she said, "Alright, I'll send you out; but 50 kilometers away from the Mystic Heaven City at most. Then, you have to let me go. Otherwise, the King will definitely be alerted; and you can't get out anymore."


Jiang Yi grinned. Then again—because his face was covered with blood, he looked unusually sinister and demonic.

… Lifei literally means beautiful imperial concubine. It is the nickname for Yun Lu. It is the nickname for Yun He.

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