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Arrogant, rampant… foolis.h.!.+

This was the impression that Jiang Yi was giving to everyone below. If there was a Vajra Realm martial expert that was in the sky, then the people below would be feeling dominance, terror, and despair.

What was Jiang Yi worth? He was just a 16-year-old youth who had some luck and obtained some artifacts. He wanted to kill an army that was tens of thousands in strength? He even threatened the only Great General Lord of the Great Xia Kingdom?

Countless people began to rage, and Su Diguo was even more furious than ever. Even though everyone was enraged, they all quickly realized the truth that they couldn't kill Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi could continue to throw down that small rock with horrific flames to wipe out everyone. There were just too many soldiers, and the terrain here wasn't flat plains, making it impossible for the ma.s.sive army to scatter out within a short period of time.

Jiang Yi quickly dove with the Dragon Eagle, and he descended with a tactful grasp on the distance, maintaining a height of six to nine kilometers from the surface. At such an alt.i.tude, even the strongest crossbow or essence force attacks from a peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert wouldn't be able to hurt him. Even if there was a chance that someone had abnormal luck and hit Jiang Yi, the damage was probably too minute to even consider—at least it wouldn't be able to kill the Dragon Eagle.

"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+"

Jiang Yi had been chasing Xia Wuhui constantly; every time he dove, he would shoot a piece of Fire Spirit Rock. There were more than twenty Fire Spirit Rocks left in the Fire Spirit Pearl, and if Xia Wuhui was insistent on not handing over the Soul-Subduing Herb, he was prepared to throw all of them. By doing so, he would wipe out the army and utterly humiliate Xia Wuhui and the Divine Martial Kingdom. Would Xia Wuhui still have the cheek to go ask for marriage?


The old eunuch was carrying Xia Wuhui while swiftly dodging whichever direction Jiang Yi was throwing. There were soldiers everywhere, and Jiang Yi was smas.h.i.+ng with strength, giving the Fire Spirit Rocks an extremely fast speed that no one could evade in time. Every single Fire Spirit Rock would incinerate 200 to 300 people at least and go up to 400 to 500 on occasions. The horrifically high temperature scalded many soldiers as well.

"Xia Wuhui, you are the Divine Martial Kingdom's Crown Prince! While all these soldiers are your subjects, you are looking on helplessly as they die? What can one stalk of Soul-Subduing Herb be worth? You are willing to let your subjects die for a material object?

"Soldiers of the Divine Martial Camp, open your eyes and take a good look. This is the Crown Prince that you are supporting—your future King! What qualification did he have to command all of you with such moral conduct, such magnanimity, and such resolution?

"General Su, are you still not asking your men to back off? Hurhur, I heard that the Crown Prince is there to fetch your Princess in marriage? Are you willing to marry off your Princess to a person of such morality and conduct?"

For every Fire Spirit Rock that Jiang Yi threw out, he would shout out with a voice enhanced by essence force. With a thunderous roar, all the soldiers, the nearby merchant groups, pa.s.sers-by, and hidden scouts from various kingdoms could hear it clearly.

Xia Wuhui was going mad from anger, but he insisted on not responding and not handing over the Soul-Subduing Herb!

He knew that once he handed over the Soul-Subduing Herb, Jiang Yi would immediately flee. If he was to hide, it would be difficult to hunt him down in this entire lifetime. Hence, he bore the humiliation. Even when the hearts of the soldiers from the Divine Martial Camp were trembling, he still gritted his teeth and pretended that he didn't hear anything.

Su Diguo was also going mad from anger. This was the first time he met such a lunatic like Jiang Yi, and most importantly, it was a lunatic that was extremely terrifying while using an unknown type of flaming rock.

It was precisely because of Jiang Yi's Fire Spirit Rock that they met such a bizarre situation. If it was any other peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert who was riding an aerial spirit beast, Su Diguo had his ways of dealing with the enemy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even if it was Shui Qianrou riding on a flying spirit beast and using the World-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Silver Necklace, she would still have to close the gap to three kilometers before the World-Extinguis.h.i.+ng Silver Necklace could have any destructive powers. Who else could be a freak like Jiang Yi, possessing such flaming rock that couldn't be smashed into and would even kill a Soul Travel Realm expert upon contact?!

"If Jiang Yi has an endless supply of fire rocks, wouldn't he be able to easily slaughter an army of millions?"

Su Diguo had this frightening thought in his mind. Fortunately, Jiang Yi was riding on a tier-two demonic beast. Had it been a tier-three peak-grade demonic beast—along with an endless supply of flaming rocks, Jiang Yi would be invincible even among the Vajra Realm.

"Men! Immediately send the signal and ask for the elderly Consecrator to a.s.sist. Then go a.s.semble the martial artists with an aerial demonic beast to pursue Jiang Yi!"

Su Diguo quietly gave the order to an eighth-stage Soul Travel Realm expert who immediately rushed towards the Summer Rain City at the fastest speed. Not only did Jiang Yi humiliated Xia Wuhui and the Divine Martial Kingdom, but he also humiliated the Great Xia Kingdom and Su Diguo. An army that had tens of thousands of soldiers actually couldn't do anything to a single individual. If this news traveled out, the other kingdoms would laugh their heads off.


When the old eunuch—who was carrying Xia Wuhui—saw that Su Diguo sent out an expert, there was a flash in his turbid eyes. He whispered to Xia Wuhui, "Your Highness, if you don't want to hand over the Soul-Subduing Herb, this old servant can bring you towards the Summer Rain City at my fastest speed. As for the Divine Martial Camp… just let them scatter by themselves, and Jiang Yi will not be able to kill too many of them."


Xia Wuhui's eyes flickered for a few times. Unless he handed over the Soul-Subduing Herb, he had no choice but to listen to Eunuch Wei's suggestion. Then again, if he left like this, his humiliation would be intensified.

Did he want to preserve his reputation or take revenge?!

Xia Wuhui was in a dilemma. If he went to Summer Rain City, there was a chance that Jiang Yi might follow behind his heels; and there was one Vajra Realm martial expert in the city. Let alone Jiang Yi chasing until the Summer Rain City—as long as they could delay one hour, Jiang Yi would certainly be dead. The Great Xia Kingdom also had aerial spirit beasts, and as long as they could drag out the time a little, everything would be much easier.

"Go—go to Summer Rain City. Tais.h.i.+ Zhen, you give the orders for everyone to scatter and await for military orders!"

In the end, the killing intent in Xia Wuhui's heart won against his logic. Since his reputation was already lost, he might as well throw it all away. If Xia Wuhui couldn't kill Jiang Yi today and allowed him to get this Soul-Subduing Herb to swagger off, Jiang Yi would become the nightmare of his entire life!


The old eunuch began to increase his speed and ran straight towards Summer Rain City. Tais.h.i.+ Zhen gritted his teeth and pa.s.sed down the orders before he led a group of Soul Travel Realm experts to follow Xia Wuhui. His responsibility was to ensure Xia Wuhui's safety, and if the Crown Prince gave out the orders, what else could he do? The men that he brought along were all experts above the fifth stage of Soul Travel Realm. They had speed like lightning and took just a few blinks of the eye to run 30 kilometers away.



Jiang Yi and Su Diguo cursed out at the same time. The commanding marshal of the army actually left in the midst of battle? Abandoning the soldiers without any regards? How idiotic must an individual be to do such a thing? What would his men think of him?

If one could sacrifice them during this crucial period—treat them like inanimate objects and forsake them, what made one think they would sell their lives for this person? Why would they give this person their allegiance?


The soldiers from the Divine Martial Camp were all flabbergasted. Even though the orders were pa.s.sed down, none of them fled as they looked on impatiently as the Crown Prince and commander-in-chief escaped. They seemed to have some doubts towards their sacred and esteemed Crown Prince and commander-in-chief as they actually acted so cowardly. Forsaking them without any regards?


Jiang Yi didn't go on a pursuit as his Dragon Eagle was just a tier-two peak-grade demonic beast; how could he catch up to a peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert? He just felt that it was ridiculous, mocking, and sorrowful as well.

He didn't continue using the Fire Spirit Rock to kill the soldiers of the Divine Martial Camp anymore.

He was truly deranged or a homicidal maniac. If he wasn't forced to be so imperative, he didn't want to kill a single soldier. He might have deserted the Divine Martial Kingdom and had resentment for many people and the Divine Martial Kingdom's royal clan, but he was still born in the Divine Martial Kingdom and did have some feelings towards this kingdom.

If one had a peaceful life of good health, who would wish to live the life of a refugee?

Who wanted infamy for a lifetime?

Who wanted to be treated with disdain by everyone?

Who wanted the life of a stray dog that was pursued while being cursed?

He had never wanted to deal with anyone; neither did he want any fame or wealth. He hated to even have to kill!

If Xia Tingwei and Xia Wuhui didn't force him and seized the Soul-Subduing Herb that belonged to him… he wouldn't be sick in the mind to publicly commit treason—to bite everyone like a mad dog.

The Soul-Subduing Herb was gone.

Jiang Yi didn't have any more mood to stay here any longer, and he naturally wouldn't behave like an idiot to pursue Xia Wuhui. He just stared blankly while standing on the Dragon Eagle, looking down upon the people that were small as ants and let out a deep sigh.

"General Su Diguo, soldiers of the Divine Martial Camp and the Great Xia Kingdom. Today, this Jiang n.o.body didn't hesitate to murder for the Soul-Subduing Herb, and I am purely forced to do so! If all of you want revenge, go ahead and pursue this Jiang n.o.body; and I will not have a word of complaint!"

Jiang Yi left a statement and flew the Dragon Eagle towards the north without any hesitation. He left everyone with a back view of solitude and bleak—like a lone wolf that was about to venture the world.

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