Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 235 Anyone Who Obstructs Me Shall Die!

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On this side, the Fire Phoenix had yet to emerge… the battle had yet to begin, but the surface of the ground—where the three carriages carried countless treasures—suddenly burst open while a black-armored and demon-masked man shot out.

The moment he appeared, there was a s.h.i.+ne of red light as dreadful flames constantly flowed out from his body, instantly incinerating dozens of soldiers into ashes.


Jiang Yi swept his eyes at the three carriages that were a few hundreds of meters away. His eyes had this flash of killing aura, and his feet sank slightly into the ground, shaking it a little before his Black Scale Sword turned into thousands of sword shadows that enveloped numerous soldiers ahead.

"Such audacity! Kill!"

Three of the nearby Soul Travel Realm experts burst out with a roar as they flew out from among the soldiers, shooting towards Jiang Yi. The rest of the soldiers were also enraged as they flocked towards as they wanted to surround and kill Jiang Yi.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Hur! Ma.s.sacre Intent!"

Jiang Yi grunted as a red light flashed in his eyes while killing aura poured out from his body. The three Soul Travel Realm experts, who were flying towards Jiang Yi, suddenly had a drop in speed as their expressions changed. One of them seemed to recognize the oppressive aura and yelled out, "Ma.s.sacre Intent? Jiang Yi? Are you that crazy to actually intercept and kill the Divine Martial Camp? Jiang Yi, are you going to commit treason?"

"Jiang Yi?"

The other two Soul Travel Realm experts and the innumerable other soldiers suddenly realized that there was only one person in this world who had the Ma.s.sacre Intent. What's more, the news of Jiang Yi releasing dreadful flames during the Kingdom War to incinerate many people had already traveled to the kingdom, and this person was Jiang Yi for sure!

Wasn't Jiang Yi recently bestowed with the t.i.tle of Dragon Fang General? This was something announced to the entire kingdom. A general of the Divine Martial Kingdom intercepting the bridal escort army from the Divine Martial Kingdom? With the Crown Prince in the army? Everyone had a flash of shock and bewilderment, thinking if this individual wasn't Jiang Yi, then it meant that Jiang Yi went crazy.


Jiang Yi didn't have time for such considerations as the Black Scale Sword vanished and was replaced by a two-meter-long red longsword. As he poured the black essence force into the sword, he suddenly cleaved as two fire dragons flew along with an aura that felt like it could destroy heaven and earth.

Eh? Why did the firepower of the Fire Dragon Sword increase again?

The instant when the fire dragons appeared, Jiang Yi could feel the difference; and its oppressive aura was much stronger, too. As the length of the fire dragons grew longer, it was needless to say that this firepower increased by at least 20%.

"Black essence force!"

Jiang Yi had a quick thought and understood it was because he was pouring black essence force in. In the past—when he poured the black essence force into Su Ruoxue's spirit artifact, it had the strength of a heaven artifact; hence, the reason why the Fire Dragon Sword's current strength was increased by 20% was that it was enhanced by the black essence force.

"Saint artifact, Fire Dragon Sword!"

The three Soul Travel Realm experts had this flash of panic as they were certain that this individual was Jiang Yi. The rest of the soldiers realized it one after another, but when they thought of retreating, they noticed that their bodies went soft and was immobilized—even those three Soul Travel Realm experts were slower by a few folds.

With the double oppression from the Fire Dragon Sword and Ma.s.sacre Intent, it was already good enough if they were able to walk.

"Do it!"

A trace of resolution flashed across the eyes of these three Soul Travel Realm experts. They were definitely unable to escape and had no choice but to risk it. The three of them concurrently shot out their essence force attack to clash with the fire dragons.

There were soldiers in the nearby vicinity, and once the essence force attacks and the fire dragons clashed, these people would definitely be eliminated. What other choices could they have now? If they didn't release their essence force attacks, these people would still die under the attack strength and the ferocity of the Fire Dragon Sword.


"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ "

The two fire dragons and the three essence force attacks swiftly clashed while the nearby soldiers closed their eyes with despair.


A thundering explosion echoed as they were all enveloped by a white light. The terrifying explosion caused the entire s.p.a.ce to distort slightly, turning several hundreds of soldiers into minced flesh. The powerful shock wave blasted the three Soul Travel Realm experts away, bursting the layers of armor and clothing and leaving them in a b.l.o.o.d.y mess that was horrible to look at. It was unknown whether they were dead or alive.


Countless soldiers that were das.h.i.+ng in from behind were also sent flying by the shock wave while the three carriages fell apart, which caused all the black metal boxes that contained the gifts flying over, devastating the entire place.

"Devil Sky Silk!"

At the moment of the explosion, Jiang Yi immediately took out the Devil Sky Silk and wrapped his body with it. The shock wave came and carried away everything, sending his body flying. The dozens of soldiers that were behind Jiang Yi were all blasted off by as well while a whole group of soldiers further away were all knocked off of their feet as they scrambled up into a lump of a mess.

"Dog sh*t!"

Just as he was about to approach the treasure boxes, it had been blasted several hundreds of meters away, which enraged Jiang Yi.

He didn't conceal his strength anymore; as the Devil Sky Silk disappeared, the Earth Fire poured out from the Fire Spirit Pearl, incinerating hundreds of soldiers around him into ashes.

He used the Exploding Essence Palm to force the Earth Fire to sweep behind him, engulfing hundreds more. He didn't dare to stay in one place as he released the Earth Fire, sprinting at full speed to chase more than twenty black metal treasure boxes.

It was needless to say that everything inside the black metal boxes was treasures which were meant as betrothal gifts for Su Ruoxue, and there was a possibility that the Soul-Subduing Herb was contained in them. Jiang Yi didn't know how the situation was at the Fire Phoenix's side, but an injured Fire Phoenix was certainly not able to withstand for a long time. The peak-stage Soul Travel Realm expert at the Crown Prince's side would come rus.h.i.+ng over soon, and if he didn't obtain the Soul Subduing Herb quickly, he would probably be unable to leave anymore.


With another Exploding Essence Palm, Jiang Yi exploded a ma.s.sive lump of Earth Fire which scattered the flames in all directions, bringing catastrophic damage to the Divine Martial Camp.

The Divine Martial Camp was the most elite army in the Divine Martial Kingdom. The weakest of them was at the peak-stage of the Cast Tripod Realm while all the team leaders were of peak-stage Purple Mansion Realm. So what if they were at the peak stage of the Purple Mansion Realm? Could they withstand the Earth Fire? Furthermore, this was the Soul Break Valley which had a narrow terrain; and there were people everywhere who had to face the raining Earth Fire.

If the Earth Fire engulfed all of them, it might have been a better outcome because it would be… instant death. When the Earth Fire broke up into tiny sparks that landed on their bodies, it was even more unbearable than death. Blood holes were scorched on tons of bodies while some would die immediately as they got shot by the Earth Fire on the head. Those that were shot on the arms would helplessly stare as their arms turned into dust. There were some who got shot on the lower body, burning a huge hole in their nether region.

Blood-curdling screeches, bursts of shrieks, horrified voices, and the sound of tumbling on the ground…

When all these sounds were interwoven, the interior of the Soul Break Valley turned into a living h.e.l.l. It grew unbearable to look at and had become a ghastly sight.

"Anyone who obstructs me shall die!"

Jiang Yi's entire body was shrouded in Earth Fire, and it was at least as huge as six meters in radius, making him look like a fire G.o.d. Before the dreadful Earth Fire even approached, it gave people the feeling of despair. He carried this lump of horrifying flames as he dashed towards the treasure boxes. He roared out with bloodied eyes, and it was a roar that was as cold as a ten-thousand-year glacier, echoing throughout the entire valley: "Anyone who obstructs me shall die!"


The commotion over here had long alerted Xia Wuhui and his group. They were currently standing hundreds of meters above the valley, and although the distance was far away, the horrific explosion still rumbled in their ears as they could see the indistinct figure of Jiang Yi that was fuming with a ma.s.sive lump of flames.

When Jiang Yi just appeared, everyone felt the tension in their hearts as they a.s.sumed that there would be a group of experts that would a.s.sault them and Xia Wuhui. After the Fire Phoenix had been slain by the Soul Travel Realm experts, they noticed there weren't any more demonic beasts or martial artists in the vicinity, relaxing their tensed-up bodies.


A rhythmic blowing of the horns echoed, changing the expression of a peak-stage Soul Travel Realm general beside Xia Wuhui. He hesitated for a moment before he reported honestly: "Your Highness. Information from that side states that someone has intercepted the army. He is wielding the Fire Dragon Sword, in possession of the horrific Earth Fire, and even has the Ma.s.sacre Intent. They suspect that it is the Dragon Fang General… Jiang Yi!"

"Jiang Yi?"

Xia Wuhui was stunned as a boundless murderous intent rose up from his body immediately. He roared out, "General Tais.h.i.+, lead twenty experts at the fifth stage of Soul Travel Realm and go over. You must eliminate this renegade for me!"

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