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Jiang Yi naturally didn't die. He wasn't instantly incinerated by the Earth Fire; he was also fine when he sank into the lava. Right now, he was elated and laughing loudly in his heart because the Earth Fire in the lava was consistently surging towards him, instantly being absorbed by the Fire Spirit Pearl. In just a short period of time, all the flames in the surrounding lava had been absorbed. When the liquid lava lost the Earth Fire, it began to solidify.


Jiang Yi extended his limbs and began to swim around in the lava pit, constantly absorbing Earth Fire. The Earth Fire that was within the Fire Spirit Pearl soon expanded to about 50 feet in radius. Once the Earth Fire entered the Fire Spirit Pearl, it was very tame. It seemed like after being absorbed, all these violent, cruel flames would turn into gentle little flames.

Jiang Yi swam around rapidly. Anywhere he swam to, the Earth Fire would be absorbed; and the lava would stop flowing before beginning to solidify. The scene was both strange and terrifying.


Above the lava, Hong Lao—who was unceasingly using the palm forces to fly towards the Fire Lingzhi—finally realized something was wrong. He just merely took a few glances before he promptly shot towards the Fire Lingzhi with a rapid speed. As long as he was able to obtain the Fire Lingzhi, it didn't matter how strange the situation was; he didn't want to give up just like that, too.


After sending out another two more palm strikes, he finally arrived at the stone wall. He didn't just hastily reach out to grab the Fire Lingzhi; instead, he released the saber light essence force to cut off the root of the Fire Lingzhi before quickly catching the Fire Lingzhi. This Fire Lingzhi was absorbing the Earth Fire to grow; if the root wasn't cut off, Hong Lao's hand would certainly be scorched by the Earth Fire.

"Let's go!"

When the lava at the bottom had solidified, Hong Lao didn't dare to have any more delay. He sent his palm strike towards the bottom, launching his body towards the entrance of the lava pit.

"Can you still leave?"

Right at this timing, an icy cold voice echoed. The voice sounded like it came from the nine-netherworld realm, causing Hong Lao's body and soul to tremble. He immediately looked down at the lava and saw a terrifying scene.

The lava that had almost solidified suddenly burst open, and a figure shot out from below. When Hong Lao saw those icy cold eyes underneath that sinister-looking silver mask, he thought he had seen the soul reaper from the netherworld.


Jiang Yi roared as there was a steady flow of Earth Fire in front of him. He then abruptly used a few palm strikes, causing the Earth Fire to rush up front like a volcanic eruption. In just a blink of the eye, the Earth Fire engulfed Hong Lao.


Immediately, Hong Lao also executed a few palm strikes. The amount of rus.h.i.+ng Earth Fire was too overwhelming, and he had no way to disperse it. The horrifically high temperature made him suffocate and faint, ultimately being incinerated into ashes.

Why is this kid not afraid of the Earth Fire? He can even consume Earth Fire? What kind of monster is he exactly?

Till death, Hong Lao's mind still couldn't understand. There were plenty of martial experts that cultivated fire-attribute arts; some of them even had artifacts that resisted fire. He had never heard of someone who could consume Earth Fire, which was why he thought of Jiang Yi as a monster.

"Fire Lingzhi?"

Jiang Yi watched as Hong Lao was incinerated into ashes with a single strand of hair left. He was instantly delighted when he saw a fiery red mushroom-like spirit herb falling from the sky. This spirit herb wasn't afraid of the Earth Fire, which obviously meant that it was a Fire Lingzhi. Jiang Yi swung his hand to grab it before immediately storing it into the Fire Spirit Pearl.

"Hehe! Let's get more Earth Fire!"

Jiang Yi's body rapidly descending as he landed in the solidified lava securely. Since this lava had solidified, he could use it as a platform to jump upwards and use the rope that Hong Lao used to descend. Without any other worries, he naturally thought of getting more Earth Fire.


Jiang Yi launched himself upwards from the solidified lava before diving into the distant flowing lava like a carp. He was swimming around the fearful lava pit just like a mermaid. As he swam about, the Earth Fire within the lava completely vanished, and that boiling lava began to slowly solidify.

"I have enough! Time to go! Otherwise, that Fire Phoenix might just come back!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

With the Fire Spirit Pearl, Jiang Yi actually didn't need to be fearful of the Fire Phoenix. It was still a tier-three demonic beast after all, and Jiang Yi didn't want to risk it. The amount of Earth Fire that he collected was about 400 feet in radius. It had taken up about two-thirds of the s.p.a.ce within the Fire Spirit Pearl and should be sufficient to use for a period of time. Jiang Yi was also rather satisfied.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Yi ran wildly to where the entrance of the lava pit was and glanced at the entrance which was 1000 feet above. Both his legs suddenly stomped on the ground, immediately causing crack lines to form the solidified lava, while his body flew upwards rapidly. When he was about 800 feet above the lava pit, Jiang Yi felt like the upwards force was gradually diminis.h.i.+ng. Jiang Yi promptly condensed 100 wisps of black essence force and released the Exploding Essence Palm downwards.


As the Exploding Essence Palm exploded, a horrific explosion echoed—which vibrated Jiang Yi's eardrum so much that he felt some pain. The strong shockwave bounced him upwards again. Due to his inner organs being injured from the shockwave, blood was trickling from the edge of his mouth; but his eyes were still bright like the night stars. He effortlessly grabbed onto Hong Lao's rope. Using the strength in his arms, he would constantly step and kick on the stone walls, while he flew upwards like a primate.


After leaping out of the vent of the volcano, he was breathing in the fresh air from the outside. He glanced into the pitch black sky and could see that the Fire Phoenix was still chasing after the martial artists with rage. Jiang Yi let out a long breath. He might have only been in the volcano for a short period of time, but he felt as though he took a tour in the netherworld, feeling like it was an entire lifetime.


The sky might be pitch back, but Soul Travel Realm martial artists had insane vision. One of the Soul Travel Realm experts at the bottom saw Jiang Yi coming out and instantly exclaimed, "That kid with the mask is out—where is Hong Lao? Why don't I see Hong Lao?"

The rest of the Soul Travel Realm experts were also silently alarmed. Hiding behind a boulder, the young master—who was wearing the luxurious robe—yelled out furiously, "Zhao Lao, go and quickly kill that kid! If he has the Fire Lingzhi, then everything we have done will be in vain."


One of the Soul Travel Realm experts released an essence force to attack the Fire Phoenix before silently climbing up the volcano. When he was halfway up the volcano, he saw Jiang Yi swiftly descending the volcano from the other side. He raged up instantly and chased at full speed.

"Where should I go next? I have collected so much Earth Fire. It should be sufficient for the Kingdom War, right?"

Jiang Yi had completely disregarded the martial artists below. With the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, their speed wasn't even worth looking at. So he rested at the vent of the volcano for a moment and immediately descended from the other side, preparing to withdraw.

While he was traveling at rapid speed, he muttered to himself silently. Soon enough, he had an idea. Since he was going to enter the Divine Martial Kingdom from the Saint Spirit Kingdom, he might as well go over to the Soul-Seizing Valley along the way. It was also much safer to travel through the Saint Spirit Kingdom.


While he was muttering to himself, the sound of air piercing came from the other side of the volcano. A Soul Travel Realm expert was flying towards him and was roaring from a distance, "Kid, accept your death!"


Jiang Yi took a glance at this person and had teasing eyes. He slowly and leisurely retrieved the spirit beast talisman and yelled out, "Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, appear!"


A blue giant wolf appeared out of nowhere. Jiang Yi leaped onto it, and the Silver Moon Demon Wolf shot off the volcano like lightning.

"What… what is this thing?"

Zhao Lao paused and was dumbstruck. Jiang Yi's spirit beast was traveling at a speed which he couldn't keep up with.

He looked at Jiang Yi's giant wolf with doubt and couldn't understand. The only wolf type demonic beast that had such speed should be the tier-three Silver-Moon Demon Wolf. Wasn't that demon wolf purple? Why was this demon wolf blue? Could it be a mutation?

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