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With countless looks of despair, the Man-Ruler Seal pressed downwards from above. Just several feet away, Jiang Yi's body finally couldn't endure anymore and was forced to prostrate on the ground.

But just at this instant, one of Jiang Yi's hands suddenly had a flash of red light. An intense blazing heat immediately scattered to the surroundings. Before the Man-Ruler Seal killed anyone with its pressure, that horrific high temperature had already burnt several people in the vicinity.

"Fire Spirit Rock, break this Man-Ruler Seal!"

Black essence force revolved around Jiang Yi's body; he used all his strength to flick the Fire Spirit Rock when it appeared. The Fire Spirit Rock completely ignored the Man-Ruler Seal's pressure and shot upwards.

This Fire Spirit Rock could easily burn through the restrictions set by the Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons—even the jade boat which was obviously a heaven- or saint-tier artifact. This was why Jiang Yi guessed that this Man-Ruler Seal… should be destroyed, too!


Jiang Yi got it correct. Once the Fire Spirit Rock got in contact with the Man-Ruler Seal, it was immediately blazing with green flames. And when the two items met, the golden radiance on the Man-Ruler Seal suddenly went dark, and the giant seal had the speed drastically reduced. The size of the seal restored back to the original fist-size, and it had become dull. On the bottom of it, there was an obvious hole.


Everyone was shocked. These people were prepared for their death and saw Jiang Yi easily grabbing the small seal with eyes of doubt and confusion. At that moment earlier, Jiang Yi's speed was too fast. Everyone could only feel a spell of the horrific blazing presence, and the huge seal suddenly vanished from the air. The heaven-and-earth-destroying kind of pressure that entrapped them suddenly disappeared, too.


Seated in the Ancient Divine War Chariot, Jiang Yiliu violently spurted a mouthful of blood. With his eyes rolling white and body going soft, he had completely fainted. The Man-Ruler Seal had been refined by him and had recognized him as the master. Now that the seal had been completely destroyed, he naturally felt the backlash and fainted.


Zhangsun Wuji's eyes were filled with fright and disbelief. Jiang Yi actually destroyed a saint-tier artifact? Could he have a saint-tier artifact, too? Or else, nothing could explain this!


Zhangsun Wuji didn't hesitate for too long. His Spirit Beast Talisman glowed, and a blue giant dragon appeared. He carried Jiang Yiliu with a single arm and pulled the Ancient Divine War Chariot with the other hand while leaping onto the back of the blue dragon. He then controlled this blue dragon and flew to a distant area.

Today's incident was too weird. He might be in the sky right now, but he couldn't guarantee that there would no longer anymore anomaly. It was best to take Jiang Yiliu and retreat to a faraway place first.


The members from the Zhangsun Clan immediately reacted and fled in all directions. The surviving members of the Jiang Clan and the Western Garrison Army, who was prepared to attack Jiang Yi, woke up from the daze and began to flee.

But Jiang Yi's reaction was faster than them, and his horrific killing aura instantaneously poured out in torrents, shrouding almost a thousand individuals. Jiang Yi moved like a phantom while one of his hands would glint with black light, frequently releasing the Exploding Essence Palm. His other hand held onto a razor-sharp artifact sword and would sever the enemies' head. Once again, the ma.s.sacre had begun.


Ji Tingyu and the rest, who hid in the nearby forest, didn't even dare to continue watching; otherwise, they might not be able to escape later on. Jiang Yi was in a killing frenzy! Apart from the Zhan clansmen, he would not hesitate to slay everyone else without mercy! With the combination of the Ma.s.sacre Intent and Exploding Essence Palm, Jiang Yi was invincible in this tomb. Who had the guts to stay and wait for death?

"I, Zhan Wushuang, didn't judge wrongly! Jiang Yi is too ferocious!"

Zhan Wushuang looked from afar and was boiling with excitement. He was itching to enter the fight and kill as well, but a pity that he couldn't make a move. His sudden interference to save Su Ruoxue and kill Gu Shanhe had already crossed his boundaries. If he made anymore move, he would truly offend the Jiang and the Zhangsun Clan.

The experts from the Zhan Clan nodded in approval, too. Initially, all of them didn't agree for Zhan Wushuang to forcefully interfere. But now, all of them were looking at Zhan Wushuang with admiration. If nothing was to happen to Jiang Yi, in another one or two decades, he would definitely become a generational powerhouse of the continent, and the Zhan Clan would benefit from it, too.

The ma.s.sacre ended soon. Jiang Yi didn't manage to kill everyone due to his weak body which stopped him. Even so, more than half of the thousand individuals had been slain by him. The ground was littered with severed limbs, causing a river of flowing blood—just like h.e.l.l.


For the rest of the people, they all had scattered with fear and at the fastest speed they could run. They would occasionally turn back to look at Jiang Yi as though they saw a horrific devil from the netherworld.


Jiang Yi's body swayed and finally fell to the ground. He suffered multiple injuries and had already broken one or two rib bones after falling from the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. Enduring the injuries, going through such an intense battle, constantly releasing of Ma.s.sacre Intent—all of these caused his body to be extremely frail now. It was unimaginable: how he managed to last for so long.

"Zhan Hu, take Jiang Yi and retreat!"

After Zhan Wushuang gave an order, a martial artist at the peak stage of the Purple Mansion Realm dashed out to carry Jiang Yi. Their entire group swiftly pulled back and sprinted faraway.

Fresh blood was still trickling out from the corpses, dying the surface of the ground into a blood red color.

Jiang Yi was unconscious for three days and had finally awakened. He opened his eyes which were still in a daze and realized that he was lying in a cave.

The entire place was illuminated with dimmed candle flames. A bronze-skinned man was seated, cultivating beside him. A black-dressed young lady, who had a veil, was leaning on the wall and dozing off. On the other side, there was a white-dressed young lady who was lying on the ground just like him, sleeping.

Zhan Wushuang noticed something moving unusually and opened his eyes. He smiled at Jiang Yi and spoke, "Jiang Yi. Are you awake? How does your body feel?"

Jiang Yi moved his lips and swallowed some saliva. He then closed his eyes and nodded. "My injuries have recovered, but my body is still frail. I still have to rest for two days. Where is this? Is Mentor Su okay?"

"This is a cave, and it is concealed. Don't worry!"

Zhan Wushuang explained and took a glance at Su Ruoxue who was lying on a blanket. He chuckled. "Mentor Su is fine. The Essence Sealing Powder on her body has been neutralized. She is just weak now and requires a few days of rest."


Jiang Yi forced out a smile and struggled to sit in a cross-legged position, wanting to recuperate. Zhan Wushuang knew Jiang Yi well enough to know that he needed a bottle of recuperation medicine. Jiang Yi received it silently without polite thanks, immediately consumed it, and entered a meditative state.

Since Zhan Wushuang was willing to offer his a.s.sistance this time, Jiang Yi had already treated him like a brother in his heart. It was unreasonable for brothers to speak politely with each other. Some favors were just meant to be kept in the heart.

For the next few days, everyone had been hiding in this cave that the members of the Zhan Clan found due to Jiang Yi and Su Ruoxue's injuries. Su Ruoxue woke up the next day and began to recuperate as well.

Five days later, Jiang Yi was fully recovered; and Su Ruoxue had recovered to about 70% of her strength. Jiang Yi made sure that Su Ruoxue was fine before he cheerfully stood up and spoke to Zhan Wushuang, "Wushuang, are you going with me, or shall we go separate ways?"

Zhan Wushuang expected Jiang Yi to leave, and he let out a wry smile. "Separate ways would be better. There are things that you need not worry, but I have to avoid it due to my status."

Zhan Lin'er saw Su Ruoxue stood up without a word and asked with some doubt, "Big Brother Jiang Yi and Mentor Su. Where are you going to go?"

Jiang Yi extended his hands and rubbed Zhan Lin'er's head. He let out a grin that exposed his white teeth and said, "I am going to seek revenge and s.n.a.t.c.h some artifacts at the same time. Tell me, Lin'er, do you want any artifacts? I will s.n.a.t.c.h them for you!"


Zhan Lin'er's pearl-like eyes immediately brightened up. She witnessed Jiang Yi's astounding combat strength and knew that no one could match up to him in this Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. It would be like child's play for him to s.n.a.t.c.h those artifacts. She immediately exclaimed, "s.n.a.t.c.h more artifacts, Big Brother Jiang Yi! s.n.a.t.c.h all the artifacts from those bad people and give some to me!"

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