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Jiang Yi shook his head, forcing himself to calm down. He didn't look at all those tempting treasures anymore. Instead, he scouted the entire hall, looking for a way to exit.

It was just that…

Similarly to the grand hall, this side hall didn't have any doors or windows, except for the huge door at the back.

Jiang Yi got back up and went on a tour, searching the entire small hall in a meticulous manner. It was obvious that he wasn't as lucky this time. After searching for two hours, he couldn't find any trace of exit.

"The Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons?"

He cast his sights on the skeleton that sat in the jade bed. He had looked through the entire hall, except that bed which he had yet to scout.

"Senior, please forgive my rude behavior!"

Jiang Yi endured the oppressive pressure from the skeleton and slowly walked over to the jade bed. He used his eyes to search every corner of the jade bed.

This bright yellow robe seems to be an artifact. The corpse has already been eroded by the wind, but the robe didn't have any signs of wear and tear?

Jiang Yi thought in his mind as he looked at the glowing yellow robe. He didn't dare to have any blasphemous actions on the remains. What's more, this robe is too similar to those royal robes worn by the lords of the va.s.sal states. Jiang Yi wouldn't dare to wear it even if it was gifted to him.


Suddenly, Jiang Yi's eyes brightened. He found a white jade bottle and a jade box beneath the skeleton. These items must have been on the body of the Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons. But after turning into a skeleton, the jade box and bottle dropped onto the jade bed.

"Supreme-grade elixirs and treasure! Since it was on his body, there shouldn't be any restrictions, right?"

Jiang Yi was palpitating with eagerness. The elixir from the belongings of an absolute master couldn't just be an ordinary earth-tier elixir—it must at least be at heaven-tier or even saint-tier. If all his treasures were placed in the bedroom—except this jade box and bottle, then these two items must have a value that exceeded everything else.

"I'll give it a try!"

Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and reached out his hand with lightning speed to grab the jade bottle and box. His luck was finally here: the jade bottle and box didn't have any restrictions and were obtained with ease.


Jiang Yi retreated with haste and sat in the corner of the hall before lifting up the jade box and bottle with excitement, looking at it repeatedly.

"These are great items! Great items!"

Jiang Yi clicked his tongue in astonishment. He didn't even have to look within to know that this bottle and box were treasures. The jade bottle was sparkling and translucent like a piece of flawless jade. The jade box was carved with unadorned yet mysterious patterns.

"Let's see what is inside?"

Jiang Yi used his strength to pull off the bottle cork of the jade bottle. The moment the bottle cork was pulled out, his entire body shuddered. A fragrance that freshened up one's soul and willpower spread from within the bottle. The fragrance made Jiang Yi comfortable from his head to his feet—it felt as though he jumped into a hot spring in the chilly winter.

"Great item!"

Jiang Yi took a quick glance within the bottle and saw two resplendent golden elixirs, making him go into a frenzied burst of joy. There was no need to appraise these elixirs to know that they were definitely at least of heaven-tier. Jiang Yi did possess Earth Essence Elixirs, but he felt that it was on an entirely different level when compared to the elixirs in the bottom.

"I shall keep it!"

Jiang Yi placed the jade bottle into his belongings. He didn't dare to recklessly consume elixirs of such grade. If the medicinal effects were much too overwhelming, it might even burst his meridians. Even if he was to go insane from the sudden influx, he would be finished.

"Absolute treasure!"

Jiang Yi swallowed his saliva before looking at the jade box on his other hand. He stared at the box for a moment before slowly opening it.

"What is this?"

The result was slightly disappointing for Jiang Yi. There was indeed a treasure within the jade box, but it was just a red pearl that was the size of a lychee. It didn't radiate with a s.h.i.+ny glow like the other treasures within the bedroom; instead, it looked just like a regular red stone.

"This doesn't make sense?!"

Jiang Yi blinked his suspicious eyes. All treasures had a certain glow; even the lowest graded artifact would have an indistinct glow. Once the user injected their essence force, it would radiate with divine light. Take all the treasures within this room for example, which were emitting divine light even without any essence force. The Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons wouldn't be carrying some ordinary item with him like this red pearl, right?

He picked up with the red pearl with suspicion, and just as his hand made contact with the pearl, something bizarre happened!

The wisps of black essence force contained within Jiang Yi's dantian once again surged out uncontrollably, entering the red pearl in an instant.


Jiang Yi paused before throwing the red pearl away… like he saw a devil. His eyes were filled with astonishment as he looked at the pearl which was rolling on the floor. He quickly closed his eyes to look within his dantian. As expected, the black essence force within his dantian had been wiped clean.

"This… is this pearl be an evil item? It can actually absorb my black essence force automatically?"

Jiang Yi was frightened: the feeling of not being in control was the worst kind of fear. It absorbed the black essence force earlier; would it absorb the blue essence force next? What if after it depleted the blue essence force, would it start to absorb his blood? Wouldn't he be dead?

After absorbing seven or eight wisps of the black essence force, the red pearl didn't have any changes. It laid silently at the corner like any other regular rock. Jiang Yi sat for some time and ultimately couldn't resist his curiosity, picking the red pearl up again.

Jiang Yi was relieved after finding out that the red pearl didn't absorb his blue essence force; neither his blood and flesh. He even tried to shroud the pearl with his blue essence force, but the pearl didn't have any reaction like a dead object.

Should I let it absorb more black essence force?

Jiang Yi pondered and had this brave idea. Jiang Yi knew that this pearl must be an artifact, but he had no idea on how to utilize it. If he was to feed the pearl more black essence force, it might just be able to refine or have some other changes.

Once he had the idea, he carried it out. Anyway, there was an abundance of heaven and earth energy, cultivating ten wisps of black essence force wouldn't take up too much time.

Putting the pearl aside, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged and began to cultivate. Once ten wisps of black essence forces were cultivated, he picked up the pearl. His black essence forces would uncontrollably surge into the red pearl, vanis.h.i.+ng without a single trace.

But after absorbing another ten wisps of black essence forces, this red pearl still didn't have any changes. Jiang Yi felt the sudden rush and began to cultivate black essence forces in a frenzy. He wanted to see how much this pearl could absorb.

10 wisps, 20 wisps, 50 wisps… 100 wisps!


After absorbing 100 wisps of black essence force, the red pearl began to have some transformation. The whole pearl was letting out a dazzling red light. On the surface of the pearl, there was a faint image of a red-colored dragon pattern flowing about; it looked exceptionally mystical!

Right now, Jiang Yi couldn't see the dragon pattern because… his mind went 'boom' as though it had exploded. His spirit soul felt like it was being torn apart, and the pain was so excruciating that he was constantly rolling.

His expression might be twisting in pain, but his eyes were filled with astonishment and doubt. At this moment, his mind had almost a hundred black wordings that appeared out of nowhere. These wordings were just like tadpoles which spun, twirled, and swam inside his mind.

"Essence of the Dao, Primary Soul of the Martial… Proper Methods and Heaven Righteous, Mutual Law that Complies in Peace…"

Jiang Yi endured the pain and muttered the wordings in his mind. His eyes soon lit up as he exclaimed, "This, this is… the chanting for the second rank of the Nameless Divine Art?"

Back at the Skyplume City… after he was knocked out by Jiang Ruhu, he awakened a nameless technique art. But those wordings of the technique art were obviously the chanting for the first rank. Right now, because of this fiery red pearl, a few sentences of the chants had appeared in his mind again. The former and latter were apparently related, and there was no other explanation except that it was the chanting of the second rank.

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