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Published at 23rd of July 2019 09:55:06 PM Chapter 120: 120


The floating sculpture grew brighter than ever, so bright that Jiang Yi couldn't even open his eyes . He used his hand to cover his eyes and only looked over at the sculpture when the light gradually dimmed down . What he saw immediately made him so delighted that his expression blossomed like a flower .

The sculpture was still a sculpture, and there were no changes to it . The only difference now was that a door appeared underneath the floating sculpture . The door might be closed, but Jiang Yi saw the hope now .

He didn't recklessly go open the door but sat down to meditate and recuperate instead . No one knew what was within the door, but Jiang Yi had to let his body recover in order to react to the unknown danger .

This time, Jiang Yi spent four hours to recuperate . After expending all the earth-tier recuperation elixirs, he recovered his body back to 70% or 80% before standing up .

He had this grave expression as he walked towards the door . He clenched his teeth and used force to push the huge door, but it didn't move an inch . Jiang Yi circulated his essence force to slam on the huge door .


A ma.s.sive explosion could be heard, but there were still no signs of the door moving . Not a single piece of limestone dropped, and there was no trace of damage on the door either .

“Black essence force!”

Jiang Yi's eyes lit up before he channeled a wisp of black essence force to his hands and gradually pushed onto the door . The instant the black essence force and the door made contact, the entire door brightened up and began to open .


Jiang Yi's body immediately retreated instead of advancing . He felt an oppressive pressure—a kind of prowess that was able to make his soul tremble . As though there was an esteemed master within the door… or an ancient demon lord .

There was nothing but silence . Jiang Yi stepped through the door and looked inside, only to see another hall . From his current angle, he could only see a few totems and nothing else!    ( B oxnovel . c om )

“Who is the one releasing the oppressive pressure? Can there be a living person in here?”

Jiang Yi's eyes glistened; he couldn't detect any life forms even after using his delicate senses . Instead, he realized that was a faint presence of a dead man .

“I'll just do it!”

After hesitating for a moment, Jiang Yi clenched his teeth and decided to press on his luck . There was nothing for him except death if he didn't walk out of this strange hall . If he was to die after entering, then he would just accept his fate .

He entered the stone door slowly, and after going through it, he arrived within a small hall . The moment he entered the small hall, the stone door behind him shut without any sound or presence, giving Jiang Yi a fright .


Jiang Yi took a quick scan and had his eyes dazzle . In his eyes reflected a sea of treasures and precious items . Everywhere was flas.h.i.+ng with bright lights—it was as though Jiang Yi entered the biggest treasure vault in the world .

But Jiang Yi's eyes didn't stop at the treasure-filled hall; his expression was then filled with fear as he looked straight ahead—at the white jade bed . There was a person meditating on the bed, and the extremely horrific presence was emitted from his body .

Something isn't right!

Jiang Yi took a closer look and instantly realized something was wrong!

That person was meditating with the back facing Jiang Yi, and it was clothed with a bright yellow robe . Jiang Yi could see one of its exposed hands . That hand… had already turned into bones!

This was a dead person: a corpse that was eroded by the wind and had turned into a skeleton .

“Ss, ss…”

Jiang Yi took in a few breaths of cold air, thinking how formidable this person was . How was it able to emit such a horrific, oppressive pressure after turning into a skeleton? Even causing Jiang Yi to suffocate .

A dead master? Grand hall? Restriction? Floating sculpture?

Jiang Yi's eyes flickered for a few times and soon reached a conclusion . He seemed to guess where he was now, and he knew the ident.i.ty of the individual in front of him .

The Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons!

He must have been teleported into the actual Tomb of the Heaven Monarch . This meant to say that he was inside that golden paG.o.da that appeared in the middle of the sky .   ( B oxnovel . c om )

Why did the Death Trap turn into a Teleportation Trap and teleported him into the real Tomb of the Heaven Monarch? Jiang Yi was not able to find out the reason . But right now, he had this relief as his body released all the tense . At least he knew he was safe for now, and he even entered a treasure vault?

Jiang Yi paused for a moment . He didn't just go and touch all those treasures, but offered a respectful bow and salute instead . He gave three bows to the skeleton on the bed and said, “Senior . I am Jiang Yi, and I have no intention to offend your remains . I hope to seek forgiveness from you . ”

Jiang Yi looked at the skeleton for a moment before scanning his surroundings . This seemed to be the bedroom of the Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons . All sorts of treasures were hanged on the wall . There were gigantic ancient swords, jades that were sparkling and pure, an ancient zither that was made of jade… a dazzling battle saber . There were so many treasures that Jiang Yi couldn't even count . With a simple estimation, Jiang Yi estimated that there were at least a hundred artifacts here .

“Are these Numinous Artifacts? Or Heaven Artifacts? Or are they the legendary… Sacred Artifacts?”

Jiang Yi's heart of thumping . The Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons was an unmatched master that existed several thousands of years ago . He adored treasures and nearly swiped all the treasures on the entire continent . Jiang Yi was now within the Heaven Monarch's bedroom, and if these treasures that are placed in the bedroom of the Heaven Monarch of Ten-Thousand Dragons, then they must be the most valuable treasures .

All humans loved treasures; it was a kind of basic instinct—like how the dragon race loved s.h.i.+ny objects . Jiang Yi wasn't sure if there was any danger, but he couldn't hold back the desire within his heart . He carefully walked over to a table and saw a green-colored artifact sword . With a single glance, he knew it was an extraordinary item .

When he was next to the table, he used his black essence force to enhance his vision . After taking a detailed scan and making sure that everything was safe, he then extended his hand to grab the artifact sword .

I'm fine!

The moment his hand touched the artifact sword, Jiang Yi's heart felt a sudden cease . There was no anomaly in the surroundings, which relieved his tensed-up body . He then abruptly and forcefully grabbed onto the artifact sword, causing him to experience a shock . He was now at the sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm and had the power of six horses . He could use a single hand to lift up a giant boulder which weighed 350 kilograms, but… he actually couldn't lift this artifact sword!


Jiang Yi's essence force quickly circulated as he tried to grab and lift the artifact sword again, but the artifact sword didn't move an inch—just like the wooden table that the sword was on, too .

A restriction . There must be a restriction placed on this artifact sword! That's right… black essence force!

Jiang Yi quickly channeled a wisp of black essence force to his palm and grabbed onto the sword again . But the artifact sword was still glued onto the table, and Jiang Yi couldn't even s.h.i.+ft it by an inch .

Try this jade zither!

Jiang Yi turned his eyes and looked it onto the jade zither that was hanged onto the stone wall . He used both his hands to grab onto the jade zither, and it had the same bizarre response . It was as though the jade zither became a part of the stone wall, and no one was able to take it down .

“G.o.ddammit!” Jiang Yi was frustrated . He circulated his essence force and slammed his hand onto the jade zither .


The jade zither suddenly s.h.i.+ned with white light and released a horrifying force which sent Jiang Yi flying several feet away . Jiang Yi guessed it correctly: there was indeed a restriction shackling all the artifacts .

When the glow on the jade zither turned weaker, Jiang Yi sprinted over and tried to pull it down with force; but he was still unable to take down the jade zither .

“Let me try the other artifacts!”

Jiang Yi didn't believe in his bad luck . He began to wander around and tried his luck on all the artifacts within the hall . It was a pathetic result for Jiang Yi to enter a treasure vault yet unable to move any of the treasures .

Something isn't right!

Jiang Yi, who was rather dispirited, suddenly recalled something . He was attracted by the skeleton and all the treasures in this room, but he actually forgot something of utmost importance .

It seemed like… this side hall was just like the grand hall . It was also a sealed-up dead s.p.a.ce . He had escaped from one prison to enter another but could only think about all these treasures . What use was there to obtain all these treasures if he wasn't able to exit from here?

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