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Chapter 1168: Going Solo

Jiang Yi controlled the Mystic Divine Palace and flew by, killing thousands of soldiers. He was just about to dash underground and kill the alliance army's DemiG.o.ds when Yi Chan shouted, “Jiang Yi, don't chase them. Be careful of an ambus.h.!.+”

There was an eight-star formidable martial artist in the alliance army, who was the number one consecrator of the Zi Clan. They could have scattered and gotten close to the Yi Clan soldiers to prevent Jiang Yi from attacking. However, they had retreated once he had arrived, even retreating towards the wrong direction. Yi Chan was afraid that there was a trap and thus had cried out to stop Jiang Yi.

Once the alliance army had retreated and now that Jiang Yi had arrived, anything else could be discussed at length.


The Mystic Divine Palace exploded from the ground. Jiang Yi's divine senses scanned the vicinity and saw that Yi Chan and company were safe and sound and relaxed a little. He was also secretly pleased that he had chosen to come to this side; if not, the consequences would have been unthinkable.


Jiang Yi navigated the Mystic Divine Palace over as he brought Yi Chan, Li Feiyu, Fifth Eldress, and others into the Mystic Divine Palace. He then said in a low voice, “A few other alliance armies were attacking other cities. Let's go and stabilize the situation first and knock back the alliance armies before talking further.”


Yi Chan nodded and asked Jiang Yi to teleport her out as she gave a few orders to the Yi Clan formidable martial artists to ask them to stand guard over the Buddha Smiling City and gather information from the surroundings. She then entered the Mystic Divine Palace again.


Jiang Yi used his Divine Perception and scanned once again. He realized that the alliance army fifty thousand kilometers away was retreating—and towards the west, too. He curiously asked, “An army in that direction had started to retreat and is also retreating to the west. Shall we pursue?”

“Let's leave them alone for now and head to the north first to check out the situation there!”

Yi Chan thought for a while before speaking. Jiang Yi brought the Mystic Divine Palace to the north and realized along the way that all the alliance armies were retreating; all were heading towards Stupa City.

After tracking four alliance armies, Yi Chan asked Jiang Yi to stop as she teleported out of the Mystic Divine Palace and headed to a big city near them. Collecting information via the Yi Clan's information gathering system, she returned, and said, “All the alliance armies have retreated. They have all gone to Stupa City.”

“Stupa City is near the Stupa Mountain? Is that your clan's city or the Wu Clan's?” Jiang Yi asked curiously.

“That is one of our major cities in the west!”

Yi Chan explained. “However, this city had fallen long ago; it has been a month already. Why are the alliance armies of the thirty-six clans heading there? Since they did not dare to attack anymore, why not retreat to their own territory?”

Yi Chan could not understand this. She thought about it and then continued, “Let's head back to Buddha Thearch City first and discuss after finding out more. At this moment, the Yi Clan is without a leader; with Grandfather and Majesty Father's fate unknown—if I do not go back, the clan would be in chaos.”

“Aren't your brothers around?”

Jiang Yi looked sympathetically at Yi Chan and said, “You shouldn't have to shoulder these burdens; you are still a young girl. Rest a.s.sured that the Buddha Thearch and the rest are very strong; they will definitely be safe. You should not be too pessimistic. I am here.”

The last sentence made Yi Chan tremble a little. She closed her eyes and silently sighed. “Since young, I have been very compet.i.tive and loved to win; I am also the most gifted. My older and younger brothers are quieter by nature and do not like to fight or compete. They are also gentler. Now that such a serious matter had befallen us, they definitely would not be able to hold the fort. Let's head back first…”

Jiang Yi used the Mystic Divine Palace's Heaven Evasion and flew to the Buddha Thearch City within a day. When the Mystic Divine Palace appeared, the entire Buddha Thearch City was in uproar as if the Buddha Thearch himself had returned. All the citizens of the city now calmed down, and the city was also a lot more settled.

Jiang Yi did not leave the Mystic Divine Palace; it was not convenient for him to intervene in the Yi Clan's family matters. He only asked Li Feiyu and company to follow Yi Chan to the Buddha Mountain.

He learned from Yi Chan that the situation in the Yi Clan's four regions was very bad. Besides the huge region to the northeast, more than half of all the cities in the other three regions have been destroyed. Countless Yi clan members have already been moved to the other cities that have not yet fallen. At this time, everyone in the four regions was in a state of panic while many cities were in a mess. The Yi Clan had lost ten million soldiers at this time. If Jiang Yi had come later by a few days, it was likely that the Buddha Thearch City would also have been destroyed; most of the Yi Clan would have also perished with the city.

After Yi Chan went back, she was kept extremely busy. She deployed troops to each surviving city to maintain law and order, arranged for men to scout for more information, collect the bodies of the fallen, treat the wounded, and dispatch supplies. She was preoccupied for a whole three days and three nights before she dragged her exhausted self back to the Mystic Divine Palace.

“All the alliance armies have retreated to Stupa City. Their people are everywhere, and there's no way to find out more!”

After Yi Chan saw Jiang Yi, she concentrated and explained the situation to Jiang Yi. “I have already used the Yi Clan's name to ask for reinforcements from the Wu Clan, the Jian Clan, and the Zhan Clan for help. However… there has been no response. There are not many formidable martial artists in the clan left. I have no way to send men to investigate the Black Sea. Jiang Yi, what should I do now?”

“It doesn't matter!”

Jiang Yi's eyes flashed coldly as he said in a low voice, “Let's make a trip to Stupa City and utterly destroy the alliance armies. Let's see if we can interrogate the three clans and find out where they obtained your grandfather's Vajra Scepter. That way, we can find a lead to the mastermind! Once the situation here has been stabilized, I will personally head to the Black Sea to investigate.”

No matter whether Buddha Thearch and the rest had encountered danger, this matter was definitely related to the mastermind. Since Zi Fengtian could get his hands on the Buddha Thearch's Vajra Scepter, he definitely had contact with the mastermind before. If they took him down and interrogated him, they might be able to gather some information.

It didn't matter whether the Buddha Thearch and the others had died or not; a trip to the Black Sea must be made.


Yi Chan was a little concerned as she said, “What if there is a trap in Stupa City? It is already strange that the enemy had chosen to flee there.”

“That is one of your clan's cities; what trap could there be?”

Jiang Yi waved his hand and said, “We can't think about so much already. If the alliance armies are not destroyed, we will continue to be stuck here. We will not be able to ascertain the fate of your grandfather and the rest. If we do not rescue your grandfather and the others, the Stellarsky Domain would really be finished.”

Jiang Yi still held on to a sliver of hope that the Buddha Thearch and the others had not died. Hence, he had to make a trip to the Black Sea to be at ease.

“Alright then!”

Yi Chan nodded. Stupa City was one of the Yi Clan's cities. If there was danger in Stupa City, any other city would be as dangerous. She then headed out to make arrangements, and when night came, she flew into the Mystic Divine Palace. It then used Heaven Evasion and left.

After a night of traveling and at the break of dawn, Jiang Yi reached the vicinity of Stupa City. This Stupa City was not far from Stupa Mountain. That year, Jiang Yi had also used the Smelting Divine Furnace to kill five DemiG.o.ds from the Wu Clan on Stupa Mountain.


Jiang Yi neared within five kilometers of Stupa City and used his Divine Perception to scan the city. However, he realized that the more than ten-million-strong army had disappeared. There were only a few dozen DemiG.o.ds in the city. Furthermore, when he tried to take a closer look, his body jolted. In an instant, a killing aura emanated from him.

Many people were tied up in the city plaza of Stupa City. They were actually Jiang Yunhai, Qian Gui, Zhan Yiming, Yun Tianqing, Shui Youlan, and company. Everyone who had been abducted on Stellarsky Continent was all within the city.

“Was the mastermind the Ten Ancient Clans?”

Jiang Yi gritted his teeth as he roared. Yi Chan and the others were frightened and jumped when they heard his roar. She hurriedly asked Jiang Yi what he had discovered. After knowing the situation, Yi Chan held on to Jiang Yi frantically and said, “Jiang Yi, do not be agitated! This Stupa City is definitely a trap. If you enter, you will die!'


Jiang Yi smiled with bitterness and anguish as he said, “Could I not enter? It if was you and the Buddha Thearch was in the city, would you not go?”

Yi Chan became silent. Jiang Yi, though, had calmed down. He thought for a moment and said resolutely, “All of you are to leave Mystic Divine Palace; if things go awry, you all can head to the Snow Region and never return to the East Imperial Continent. I am entrusting Fifth Eldress and the rest in your hands. I will barge into Stupa City on my own.”

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