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"Wuwuwuwu" Sylvie cried as she hugged Maria's grandmother while burying her face into her stomach.

"My, you look cute little Sylvie. Don't cry now, you actually look really cute." Maria's grandmother said as she hugged and tried to comfort Sylvie.

"Nyo! I don't want to wear this! It's too embarra.s.sing! wuwuwuwu help me!~" Sylvie cried as she hugged Maria's grandmother even tighter.

"Er... Mother, when did you adopt a child?" A woman with blond hair and blue eyes said that was almost a replica of Maria.

"Oh, I didn't adopt no child. She's merely a friend of Maria's and will be sleeping with her tonight." Maria's grandmother said as she started to pat Sylvie's head until she calmed down.

"Why is she crying then? And what is that outfit she is wearing…" Maria's mother said as she looked at Sylvie and back to her mother.

"This outfit was probably the works of Maria and Lily." Maria's grandmother said as she continued to pat the crying Sylvie.

"Alright mother… I'll take care of her while you can go back to cooking." Maria's mother said as she turned Sylvie to face her and buried Sylvie's face into her stomach instead.

"Wuwuwuwu" Sylvie continued to cry as she held onto Maria's mother this time.

"There there, don't cry anymore little girl." Maria's mother said as she hugged and stroked Sylvie's head.

"Alright then Liesel. The little girl's name is Sylvie by the way, she isn't what she looks like." Maria's grandmother said before heading into the kitchen.

"Alright mother!" Liesel said as she sat on a couch and started to comfort Sylvie.

After comforting Sylvie for a while did Sylvie finally take a nap. That was at this moment did a man with brown hair and brown eyes enter the room.

"Oh? Liesel when did we get another child?" The man said as he looked at the Sylvie in her hands.

"Naw, she's just Maria's friend that's sleeping over here tonight." Liesel said as she let Sylvie sleep on her lap.


The door at the backyard finally opened where a sweaty Gin had entered.

"h.e.l.lo mother, father." Gin said as he wiped his sweat.

"h.e.l.lo Gin (Mother), Son (Father)." Liesel and her husband said as they looked at Gin who had just entered.

"Make sure you take a shower before eating dear." Liesel said being unable to stand up and give him a hug due to Sylvie so she merely waved at him.

"Alright mother. I will go take a shower now." Gin said as he left to his room before coming back out with clothes before heading to the bathroom.

"Maria! Lily! Where are you two! Let mother see your face!" Liesel shouted for the entire house to hear.

"I am here mother!" Lily's voice responded back.

"Where?" Liesel said as she did not see them.

"Here~!" Lily said suddenly appearing in front of Liesel as well as Maria being right next to her.

"Are you two misusing light magic again?" Maria's father said as he grinded the both of their heads with his knuckles.

"aah! It hurts papa! It hurts stop it!!!" Both girls cried out as they covered their heads and tried to run but was unable to as they found a thick water rope tying their ankles and anchoring it down towards the ground so they were unable to move.

"Then why did you two misuse light magic?" Maria's father said as he stopped grinding their heads with his knuckles.

"Hic hic, that hurt father!" Lily cried as she held her head and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

"Father that was painful! And we just wanted to play a prank on you two!" Maria cried out as well as she looked at him with tears in her eyes as well.

"Don't forget we're a family of saints. Don't miss use the light magic. Use camouflage magic or water magic to clone yourself next time." Maria's father said as he released the water binds on their ankles.

"Yes…" The both of them said as they went closer to Liesel and away from their own father.

"Link, don't bully them too much." Liesel said with a frown on her face.

"If I don't how will they learn? It'd be better if they were like that little girl and was sleeping peacefully and not breaking some rules." Link said as he looked at Sylvie.

"Sylvie breaks rules to you know! She breaks the rules of logic!" Maria cried out.

"How does she break the rule of logic?" Link asked her.

"Uh, she's too cute. She's too strong. And yeah, she breaks the rules of logic." Maria replied.

After 20 minutes pa.s.sed as the four of them conversed around a sleeping Sylvie did Gin finally come out of the showers with a newly refreshed look.

"h.e.l.lo there big sister, Lily, mother and father." Gin said as he joined the conversation as well.

"h.e.l.lo there Gin! Older Brother! Dear! Son!" The four greeted him back.

"Dinner is ready you six! Come to the dining table and eat!" Maria's grandmother shouted from inside the kitchen.

"Alright mother in law! Let's go now everybody. Time for some food." Link said as he was starving.

"Alright. Little Sylvie, wake up. It's time for dinner." Liesel said as she nudged the sleeping Sylvie awake.

"Nnh… Huh?" Sylvie said as she woke up and realized she took a nap and was getting a lap pillow.

"Huh? Eh? Nya? What?" Sylvie started to said words quickly as she was confused.

"It's time to go eat dinner sweetie." Liesel said as she picked up Sylvie who weighed like nothing and carried her to the dining room.

"Eh? Where am I, who are you? What is happening?" Sylvie questioned as if she was a person without her memories.

"You're in my house. I am Liesel, mother of Maria. And you will be eating dinner with us today." Liesel said as she placed her on a chair besides her.

"Alright, since we're all here let's start eating. Before that thank the food!" Link said.

After they all prayed they then began to eat their meal peacefully. Of course with the Sylvie who was eating with a puzzled expression on her face.


Sylvie : I can't seem to recall anything

Author : You seemed to cry too much to recall anything

Sylvie : Is that so? Why did I cry?

Author : look in the mirror?

Sylvie : why?

Author : just look in the mirror

Sylvie : Ok.. KYAAAAA WHAT AM I WEARING!!!!!!!!!!!

Author : see..



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