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'Uu... What was that pain, I haven't cried in years.' Sylvie thought to herself as she tried moving her arms.


Sylvie then realized something that was important. She for some reason could barely move her arms and legs like they were weak.

'Lets try talking...'

"Waa wah baw u aaa..." Sylvie's mouth had shot out some weird cries instead of the words she had hoped to hear.

'N-no way... Am I actual- Did I actually reincarnate?' Sylvie thought.

Sylvie who struggled to move her limbs stopped trying and then slowly opened her eyes.

'What is this? Why is everything so blurry... Is this okaasan?'

When Sylvie first opened her eyes the first thing that came into view was a beautiful woman with pale pink hair.

The beautiful woman who heard Sylvie's weird cries slowly opened her eyes as she saw her child.


The door that Sylvie's back was faced towards slowly opened as a grown man and a young kid entered the room.

"Laura! You're okay! I heard her cries so I went to check, however seeing that you also woke up it removes a lot of stress from me." The grown man said to the beautiful woman that Sylvie first saw while breathing a sign to release the stress he had acc.u.mulated.

"Mother! You're awake!" The young kid said as he ran over to the bed Sylvie and Laura was on.

"Yeah, I'm awake you two, Claude, Yves." Laura said while looking at the two.

When Sylvie heard the voices she rolled over to see the two with her blurred vision. She was stunned at the two males that almost every girl would dream of having.

'So Laura is my mother while these two... I am going to a.s.sume they are my otousama and my oniisama. Such a pain that they are my family members... If I could meet that G.o.ddess that made me reincarnate one more time I will kill her...' Sylvie thought to herself.


Somewhere in heaven.

"Achoo!" A girl with long white hair and two light blue eyes sneezed and a white dress that went down to her knees. Her appearance was that of a little girl, however she is what people refer to as 'G.o.ddess Plutia'.

"Jeez! I was a day late from my work for letting her reincarnate with her past memories! Just what right does she had to curse me!" Plutia said while looking at a crystal ball which had Sylvie in it.

Plutia looked at the crystal ball as if it had wronged her. She was deciding whether or not to destroy it or keep it.

"H-however, you did help me out once... I'll let this go just this once..." Plutia muttered to herself while looking at the crystal ball with a faint blush on her cheeks.

Plutia then looked upwards at the fully white sky which was heaven.

"I guess I'll go become a human and start fighting monsters as an adventurer again under my alias like I did 200 years ago. It's been really boring, however the adventuring days with her was really fun... Maybe I should tell the mother to name her Sylvie after all just like her past name fufufu~" Plutia muttered to herself as a flash of light came out of her.

What was left after the flash of light was nothing. There was nothing to be seen aside from heaven which was only white just like a box that was endless. The G.o.ddess Plutia had now went down to the human world with an alias (namewise her appearance is still the same).


Back to the Martel's room.

'Uuu~I feel so hungry... That reminds me... I haven't eaten anything ever since I was born. Okaasan feed me please!!'

"Waa!!!" Sylvie's mouth raised a weird cry again as if indicating she was hungry.

"Oh oh, alright alright. Here here you're hungry right?" Laura comforted Sylvie as she carried Sylvie's mouth towards her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Sylvie who could barely see anything [Author: Ha sounds like my vision when I don't have on.] when felt something touching her lips immediately started sucking on it.

'Eh? What am I doing. At least I'm getting less hungry?'

Sylvie who couldn't understand the baby instinct started questioning her conduct when she started to suck on Sylvie's b.r.e.a.s.t.s for milk.

[Insert lewd sucking sounds here hehehehe.]

[Author: Who typed that?]

"Say Laura, what is her name going to be?" Claude asked.

"Yeah mother! What will my little sister's name be?" Yves asked with his eyes sparkling.

"Lets see..." Laura thought.

While she was thinking a voice had said a name in her head. When Laura head this she opened her eyes wide and looked around the room. She then heard the voice once again in her head and was trembling a lot while holding the Sylvie that was being breastfeed.

Once she calmed down she muttered something that was inaudible for the others.


Laura started trembling again when the voice in her head urged her to say the name.

"Sorry what Laura? What is the name of our daughter?"

"Mother why are you trembling so much?" Yves asked.

"O-Our daughter's name is Syl- Sylvie..." Laura said while looking up with tears rolling down her cheeks and a big smile on her face.

"O-oi! What's happening Laura! Are you in pain?" Claude immediately asked as he ran and held one of her hands that was carrying Sylvie.

[Author: I nearly typed Plutia instead of Sylvie. FFS WHY CANT I BE MC HUH.]

Laura who heard this immediately shook her head. She took in deep breaths as she calmed herself down. Once she was calm she replied to Claude for the reason why she was crying and trembling.

"The G.o.ddess. She named our child... We can now be sure our child is blessed."

"N-no way... This daughter of ours, shes our treasure. Even with the G.o.ddess's blessing she will still be ours!"

Claude who realized this matter started crying as well as he hugged both daughter and his wife.

Yves who did not know anything yet was still confused as he has not went to school yet due to him being at the age of six while school starts for age eight and above.

"Mom, dad why are you two crying?" Yves asked them while tilting his head.

"Your little sister, make sure you take care of her well." Claude said as he let go of the two and walked over to pat his son's shoulder.

"Remember the way of the sword I showed you. That is the way you can attain knighthood. And this here can also give you another reason to attain knighthood like the reason I had when I first met your mother." He continued.

"Um dad, I still don't understand." Yves replied.

"Don't think about it too hard. Once you grow up you will understand. Now let's go, let your mother and your little sister take a rest." Claude said as he led Yves out the room.

"See you tomorrow Laura!"

"Bye mother!"

"See you two tomorrow! Have a nice workout and rest!"

""Bye Sylvie."" Both father and son said at once before they closed the door.

"Awaaa" Was the reply Sylvie gave them as she pulled her head away from Laura's breast.


The door was finally closed as Laura then gently laid Sylvie back on the bed so she could take her nap.

"Young people should get a lot of sleep." Laura said to Sylvie quietly as she kissed her forehead.

[I typed Plutia twice instead of Sylvie and had to reread and change it lol.]

Sylvie who heard this suddenly felt drowsy then succ.u.mbed to it and slept.



Plutia: Hey! I saved you this time! Be happy, at least you have a family unlike your previous life!


Plutia : Hey I gave a spoiler last chapter to, what do you want :)


Plutia : ahh you'll find out another time ^_^



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