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Published at 31st of July 2019 04:52:25 PM Chapter 162

"Bah whatever, go on . " Claude said as he urged Milton to finish the story .

"Anyway, after finding Mina and Jazz . We decided to you know, take more missions of course . We needed money haha…" Milton said as he scratched his cheeks with an embarra.s.sed look .

" . . . " Claude just stared at him for a whole minute .

"Captain… I have an excuse alright?" Milton said as he looked at Claude with fear in his eyes .

"You already know what I am going to ask you right?" Claude asked Milton .

"Where all the money we got for retirement was right? Haha… About that… I kinda used it all on expensive liquor…" Milton said .

"You idiot . That was an entire years worth of money, yet you used it all on liquor… Who can be as dumb as you? Look at how cheap whiskey is, yet it is good . " Claude said as he looked at his ex-member with a devilish grin on his face .

"Whiskey doesn't taste as good as those expensive liquors though . " MIlton complained .

"Here are your Dragon Breaths . Please drink moderately, even though I warn you every time . I know you won't and will continue to drink until you pa.s.s out . " The bartender said as he brought 10 mugs and placed it on the table .

"Alright! It's finally here! Let's see who can last the longest! Loser pays the bill!" Milton said .

" . . . You are just making people pay for your drinks…" Claude said .

"Haha, whatever . They just got to bring up their alcohol tolerance . Then they won't have to pay anymore!" Milton said as he grabbed the mug .

"Cheers!" He said as he raised up his mug .


"Cheers!" The group said excluding Claude who just watched them in fascination .

"Bleh . " Mina was the first to drop after taking a mouthful . He slowly fell forward as he hit his head on the table dropping dead drunk .

"Hahaha . Mina has to pay this time . I am amazed Jazz hasn't pa.s.sed out yet . He must be training yeah?" Milton laughed as he took another mouthful of the alcohol .

"Minaaaaaa~ Wake upp . You'll catch a colddd like thiss . Hic . " Zeb started to say as he hiccuped . Zeb was already drunk of course as he was saying this .

"Sorry Mina, I can't afford to pay . I'll give you a blanket though . " Jazz apologized as he entered his dimensional storage and grabbed a blanket before placing it on Mina .

"Whaaat!~ Howz arrr youz not dronlk yet?!" A man said as he was chugging the alcohol .

"Because I took sips?" Jazz said as he used a tactical strategy of his .

"Stop being a wuss! Chug it! Even she took a mouthful before going out cold! She's way better than ye!" The man said as he grabbed Jazz's mug and started to shove the alcohol down his throat .

"MFFMFMGFGFMFMFFG!!!!" Jazz wanted to scream for help but, he was unable to as he did not have enough strength to resist .

He ended up drunk dead like Mina as well, may those two rest in peace .


Author : yawnity yawn~


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