Aiming To Be The Best Magician In The World! 231 Back At The Dorms

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"Benji, you're back. We just got a note from Maria. She wants us to register as Adventurers to practice for the school tournament." Sam greeted Benji when he entered the boy's dormitory again.

"I know, I met them when I was going to the Adventurers Guild. So we all registered just then. You two should go register with Maal tomorrow." Benji said as he scratched his head.

"... You really went out with the girls today. And you did so without telling us? So how did it go?" Chad asked Benji immediately as he put away his book.

"Why are you interested in this sort of stuff? And we didn't do anything. All we did was take one mission after and since its already dark. We went back." Benji said as he looked at Chad weirdly.

"Tch, you had all the possibilities there, yet you didn't take it?" Chad clicked his tongue in annoyance as he opened his book again.

"Take what! You think I can take chances in public! Everyone was staring at me! They were about to burn holes into my body! I swear!" Benji said as he knew what Chad was talking about, after knowing him for nearly a year.

"You coward! You had so many chances. Yet you ruined all of those chances!" Chad shouted as he closed his book and looked at Benji.

"Quiet! You try being in my position! All of those people were looking at me as if I was an animal! I don't want to die yet!" Benji retorted as he looked at Chad.

"What are you two doing?" Lance asked them as he had finished taking his shower.

"Nothing Lance," Benji and Chad immediately said when they saw lance leaning by the door.

"Oh, h.e.l.lo Lance. So when are we going to the Adventurers Guild?" Sam asked him.

"We'll go in the morning with Maal. There should be no troubles then." Lance said.

"Alright," Sam said.

"Nya, where did you all go nya," Maal asked the two of them when they got back.

"Oh, we went to register at the Adventurers Guild. You should go with the boys tomorrow." Maria replied.

"Where's Sylvie? Have you seen her?" Elise asked Maal.

"Nope, why? Have you seen her?" Maal asked the two of them.

"Nope, she probably visited her family then." Maria replied.

"When do you think she'll come back?" Maal asked them.

"Whenever she wants to? Unless her family sends her back. Which is unlikely." Maria gave Maal an answer.

"She'll definitely be at the tournament though. That is for sure," Maria added.

"Oh, okay." Maal said as she had a bright expression on her face.

"What are you happy for? Shouldn't you be sad that she isn't here?" Maria asked Maal when she saw her face.

"Nnh, but, she is so troublesome to take care of. She just wants to pet me all day." Maal replied.

"You're right, taking care of her is a ch.o.r.e." Both of them agreed as they felt it would be more silent without Sylvie.




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