Aiming To Be The Best Magician In The World! 198 Heading To The Amusement Park

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"Say, where do you guys want to go now?" Sam asked as he was finally finished eating.

"Let's head over to the amus.e.m.e.nt park then. I haven't been there in a long time." Maria said as she was also finished eating.

"Alright then, let's go," Lance said as he got up from his chair and started walking down the flight of stairs.

"Alright then," Elise did the same as she also got up from her chair and started walking down the flight of stairs.

"Who's paying for the food?" Sam asked when he saw the two disappear.

"Ice," Sylvie said as she pointed at both of Sam's feet. Sam was unable to move due to the ice freezing his foot to the chair.

"Good luck! We'll meet you there!" Sylvie waved goodbye as she headed downstairs with Maal, followed by Benji and Chad who said sorry to him.

"Despicable! What kind of friends are you! You are clearly just using me!" Sam cried out as he used earth magic to destroy the ice that had completely rendered him unable to move.

After getting up did he give the bill to Lily reluctantly, who was more than happy to accept it.

"Thanks! Make sure you come again and bring Sylvie with you!" Lily reminded him for their future plans.

"Yes yes…" Sam said unhappily as he walked out of the store and headed towards the amus.e.m.e.nt park.

"Wow! There are so many people!" Chad and Maal exclaimed as they were outside the gates of the amus.e.m.e.nt park. The two were practically poor and only had the ability for them to be accepted. So they had never been to an amus.e.m.e.nt park before.

"Yeah, come in. I always have my V.I.P Pa.s.s with me. So we don't have to wait in this long line." Maria said as she lead them to the front of the line.

Most of the people in line were cussing them out when they saw them head to the front of the line. As they were ordinary people they didn't think that mere kids would have a V.I.P Pa.s.s that was really hard to attain.

"Tch, what, do they really think they can cut in line with just their beauty? Aside from that little girl in white who looks like a child, she'd probably be able to enter freely. As she isn't even at the height to enter any rides." Some women couldn't help but explain as they looked at the four girls.

"Do those boys really think they can enter? They are dressed up so casually. Tsk tsk tsk, arrogance nowadays can lead to downfall. What were they taught when they grew up?" The men couldn't exclaim and be jealous when they saw the four boys walking next to the young beautiful girls.

What most people saw were four girls and three boys. Since Sylvie looked like a child, they would think she was just there for fun. And the other taller ones were on a date with each other. Thus this lead to some mad jealously that started leaking from single people in the waiting line.


Author : woke up late! Typed the chapter just in time! Phew! I am home alone by the way :D


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