Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 67.3 - Stronger than the last one (Part 3)

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures -

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Chapter 67: Stronger than the last one (Part 3)

“Second Young Master, it’s Miss Ling.” Qing Feng faintly said.

“Ling Qiushui…?”

Mu Yunhan never thought it would be her.

“Last time she overheard our conversation. She calculated her heart. I let people secretly stare at her since then.”

“I didn’t expect it to be her. I even consider her to be my sister-in-law.”

Mu Yunhan held his head with both hands, then he leaned his back on the chair and looked at his elder brother with an amused expression.

“My vision is not so bad. As for the matter about the Ling family, it will take some time to check, but I believe there will be news.”

Mu Yunxuan’s eyes were like an eagle staring at its prey not far away.

“Then, I guess mother will be sad when she hears it.”

Many women want to enter their Mu family, but most of them were scheming. conspiracies. If what his elder brother saying is true, then the Ling Family is also crafty.

“Don’t tell mother yet. Go to dinner first, I still have something to do.”

Mu Yunxuan got up, that woman really knows how to make someone worry, she always made his heart feel uneasy.

“I see, I understand, Big Brother is going to save the beauty.”

Mu Yunhan’s face has funny expression, he didn’t expect that his elder brother will smile and will not refute his words, which showed that Su Zimo was really in his elder brother’s heart.


It was getting dark, the sound of wheels rolling in the silent woods could be heard very clearly.

He Yunting really got it right, they may not be able to get back to the capital before dark.

However, Su Zimo found the dye she needed in Yuhua Village, so her trip was not in vain.

“Momo, we were followed when we came here. Say, do you think they set an ambush halfway when we go back?”

He Yunting looked at both sides of the woods with caution. He doesn’t want things to turn the way he thought! As soon as the sky turned dark, Su Zimo becomes… …

“Yunting! You talk like an old lady. If you open your mouth again, you’ll be in trouble. Listen carefully outside. G.o.d also favors you. What do you think?”

Su Zimo said with a smile, but her eyes became colder and colder. She had already noticed the strangeness in the woods. Her heart was like a moon got covered by clouds, which could make people feel nervous.

He Yunting slightly detect the people in the surrounding. After that, he felt relieved.

“Momo, these are dogs that wanted to bite the moon. The most powerful among them, I, He Yunting can defeat it by three strokes.”

As soon as He Yunting’s voice fell, more than a dozen masked men in black immediately blocked the front of the carriage.

The Fire red horse snorted it’s nose hard, and many sticky liquids were poured on the four men in black in front of it.

“What a h.e.l.l, it smells bad.”

“Auurrggh… …”

“I’m itchy and smelly… …”

He Yunting smiled after letting them taste the snot of the Fire red horse.

One of the men in black couldn’t help but vomit.

“d.a.m.n it, this old man will kill you.” One of the four men, who seemed to be the leader, was coincidentally sprayed by the Fire red horse’s snot. His angry look showed that he wanted to tear He Yunting into pieces.

“Alright! Just wait, okay.” He Yunting said with unhurried voice. He jumped out the carriage with a calm face, as if a dozen doesn’t exist.

The dozen masked men in black, look each other. They don’t know what He Yunting planning to do.

“Everyone, it’s not easy to make a living, right? How about we negotiate, don’t be the kind of people who stir the gra.s.s and wake up the snake. How much money your employer paid you, I will pay you double to buy his life. How about it?”

After speaking, He Yunting’s made a righteous expression. In fact, he wanted to know who was the mastermind… …

“Brothers, don’t talk nonsense to him. If we failed to kill them, we will all die when we go back.”

The leader wiped the snot on his body and shouted angrily.


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