Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures Chapter 61.3 - Challenge, Royal Arena (Part 3)

Ghost Marriage, The Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures -

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Chapter 61: Challenge, Royal Arena (Part 3)

But his young master’s temper was… …

“Then go to the Royal Arena of Fengqing Street and sign the life and death agreement!”

Su Li stayed silent. No one can imagine if a 5-year-old child truly understands the life and death agreement. But looking at the firm expression on Su Li’s eyes, people simply can’t regard him as a 5-year-old kid.

“Let’s go.”

This time, Ji Hong didn’t hesitate. He elegantly turned and lead the way.

And that’s it. The grandson of Zhen Guogong wanted to challenge the young master of Mingyue Mountain Villa spread throughout the entire Haoyue Country. Even the emperor learned of it.


In Yun City, Mu Yunhan was rus.h.i.+ng to the Yunxiao Courtyard.

As soon as he entered the study room, he saw Mu Yunxuan smirking while touching his cheek. He didn’t even notice that he came in. He doesn’t know if his brother lost his soul to Su Zimo.

Mu Yunhan coldly stamped his feet, but Mu Yunxuan still didn’t notice it. At that moment, Mu Yunhan was petrified. His big brother became like this since he returned last night. He returned last night with slapped marks on his face but he was so happy about it. If his brother didn’t become a fool, then what is he?

“Big brother, you still dare to smile?”

With Mu Yunhan’s cold words, Mu Yunxuan instantly recovered himself.

He frowned his eyebrows and said: “What if I am smiling? If I don’t smile, do you want me to cry?”

Mu Yunxuan gave his brother a bad look.

“Big brother, you don’t know what’s going outside. There is a big event outside.”

“Big brother, big brother…”

Mu Yunfan’s voice sounded from outside. He and Murong Xingchen then entered the room.

Mu Yunxuan frowned in dissatisfaction. How come it was so difficult for him to have a peaceful time?

“You two hurriedly coming in, what’s the matter?”

Mu Yunxuan touched his forehead and asked with some impatience.

Mu Yunfan wasn’t bothered by this issue.

“Yunxuan, you still don’t know? Zhen Guogong’s grandson, Ji Hong went to find the young master of Mingyue Mountain Villa to challenge him! They already signed the life and death agreement in the royal arena today. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t know his name, his name is, what is it again? Su, Su Li!”

Murong Xingchen said with excitement. He personally witnessed Su Li’s cultivation level.

Mu Yunxuan’s facial expression instantly changed. He coldly said: “You two can go out now.”

His cold words made the two feel like they were poured with cold water.

“Yunfan, let’s go out. Let’s not talk with your big brother, who has no time to chat. There is no meaning in thinking that he has the same thought as us. Let’s go straight out.”

Murong Xingchen said while looking at Mu Yunxuan’s face. When they saw Mu Yunxuan’s face became more ugly, they hurriedly run outside.

“Is this the big event outside you were saying? ”

Mu Yunxuan slowly asked.

“Mmm! It’s a life and death agreement.” Mu Yunhan went close to the chair and sat down.

“Even if they signed a life and death agreement, it’s their business.”

Mu Yunxuan was not shocked, he didn’t show any care.

Mu Yunhan can’t sit still.

“Big brother, it’s life and death agreement. Aren’t you worried about Li’er? He is only 5 years old. You should come out and decide for him.”

“What’s the problem with his age? Who sign the life and death agreement?”

Su Zimo didn’t come out, which made Mu Yunxuan didn’t think too much.

“According to Qing Feng, it is Qi’er who signed.”

“Since it’s Qi’er who signed, then you don’t have to worry about it.”

Mu Yunxuan’s jade-like fingers tapped the marble table lazily.

“Big brother, what do you mean…?”

“My, Mu Yunxuan’s son, will not do things that he is not sure.”

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