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Meanwhile, as Kay and the rest presumed, Arya became famous as soon as the drama was aired on television.

She was named as the New Uprising Star in the entertainment industry. Her schedules had become packed up with various interviews and she was invited as a guest in many talk shows.

In a very short period of time, she had secured a place in television industry for herself and had a huge number of fans vouching for her as well.

She was a preferred celebrity for interviews because of her beautiful and honest way of answering all the interviews where her relations.h.i.+p with Ryu Ken was also revealed.

She's been in televisions, newspaper and magazines, she had caught the country by wave. She was admired, adored and most girls were envious with her for having such a beautiful face and body, such bright career in the entertainment industry and even have someone like Ryu in her life.

Like what Bernard and Kay suspected, her connection with Ryu Ken did not become a hindrance because her talent, capabilities and unmatched beauty stood out above all.

She rightfully deserved the role in the drama series and none could disagree at all.

Inside the agency and her office, Kay was organizing her scheduled when Arya asked everyone to leave except for Kay.

"Why dear? What's wrong?" Kay asked, a bit anxious with the serious look Arya had.

"I'm not sure but I think it would take time for Ryu to bring down that Old Man Skull. We are running short of time and moreover, I don't want my husband to stain his hands with blood, Kay. I want to help my family… I have a plan but I would need your help in accomplis.h.i.+ng this." Arya explained.

"Dear you know that I'm willing to help you every time but we must not do anything careless in this condition of yours. For goodness sake Arya, Ryu will really kill me if he found out that I let you do something dangerous in this condition! So please I beg you…" Kay exaggeratedly burst out because he could sense with Arya's look that she was planning something cunning.

Arya laughed and said, "Why are you panicking? Don't worry… I won't involve myself where I can be in a bad spot. Will you listen first about my plans before you exaggerate and react like this? Geez… I'm so excited with the idea I have that I didn't sleep properly last night while I was antic.i.p.ating victory in one slide."

Kay scratched his head. He pondered on how Arya was always worried for her husband's safety since Ryu left for his mission two weeks ago, that she never stops thinking of a way how she could be of help.

As Arya had mentioned, Rita was involved in helping with the strategy for Ryu's gang while Denise was trying her best to protect Shawn by any means. Old Master Ken was focused with their Uncle Alex who was in coma right now and he never left his son's side while he monitored the rest of the family. Then the rest of the family where focused on the business while Ryu and Dean were away.

Kay understood her frustrations very well…

Kay inhaled and exhaled loudly and said, "Alright… Fire it out and let's see how safe and good that plan you are saying is…"


The next day, Arya and Kay visited Bernard in his place.

"How are you now?" Arya asked Bernard who was sitting in his garden with Deyna by his side who had become his personal physician.

They were shocked at first when Deyna told them that she would stay with Bernard to help the latter in his condition. Bernard seemed to trust Deyna's medical abilities also.

Bernard smiled at her, Arya noticed he still has the same sweet smile that he had when he was a twelve year old boy.

"You still have that smile sissy boy!" Arya said with a grin that made Bernard's eyes widened.

"You remember me now?" He asked, looking at Arya intently, his first love.

"Yes sissy… And I'm sorry, I forgot about it completely. The doctor said that it was a traumatic experience for me at that age, that's why I probably hid it subconsciously in my memory though the phobia on dogs remained." Arya explained, smiling to Bernard sweetly.

Bernard laughed and winked at her. "That's okay and I understand. You were my heroine at that time who save me and protected me when it should have been the other way round."

"It's because you were not supposed to even be scratched by any means. I remember that you kept saying that you might die if you get even a single scratch at your body." Arya said teasingly.

They were new neighbors, but Bernard left their neighborhood soon to stay abroad.

That time she asked Bernard to play but then there's a mad dog that suddenly appeared to attack them. She tried her best to protect Bernard because she was afraid that her new found friend will die if get bitten by a dog.

"Yup you are right… And I faded… But then, I still want to thank you even though it's after a long gap of so many years... I owe you so much..." murmured Bernard, feeling embarra.s.sed as he recalled the whole incident.

Arya was his childhood first love and that time he vowed to come back to pursue her but he was too late.

Arya laughed and said, "Hmm, since you owe me then can I ask you for a simple favor in return? Help me… I want to become a heroine once more in this lifetime of mine, and I want your help in doing that."

The same mischievous grin plastered Arya's face as she winked at Bernard.

Bernard who was flabbergasted quickly said, "Anything for you Arya, just tell me what you want and I will make it happen…"

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