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Chapter 722: Only Missing The Final Step

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Song s.h.i.+jun pulled her over and hinted to her about Ye Sijue, whispering, “Do you still need to ask? Sijue is sleeping with Xiaomeng in a tent. You never thought of that? You're too stupid!”

Han Qiqing's eyes widened in shock, “T-they…”

“Shh!” Song s.h.i.+jun stopped her from talking. Some things didn't need to be said.

Han Qiqing gasped, “They're progressing too fast…”

She suddenly thought of something, left Song s.h.i.+jun, and hurriedly ran to Mu Xiaoxiao.

Mu Xiaoxiao was taking Mo Xiaomeng next to the stream, and they each sat on a large rock, admiring the beauty of the setting sun.

Han Qiqing flew to Mu Xiaoxiao, and she almost knocked Mu Xiaoxiao into the water.

“Qiqing, what are you doing!” Mu Xiaoxiao patted her chest frightfully.

Han Qiqing huddled with her on a stone and whispered into her ear, “Xiaoxiao, tell me honestly.”

“What?” Mu Xiaoxiao looked confused.

Han Qiqing raised her eyebrows suggestively and said, “Which stage have you and Yin Shaojie progressed to? Be honest! Did you guys… do that thing already?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, not expecting her to ask this question. Her face blushed and then she stood up.

“Xiaomeng! There seems to be a fish over there. Let's go there and check it out, alright?”

How could Han Qiqing let her escape? Han Qiqing grabbed her hand, and waved to Mo Xiaomeng. “Xiaomeng, come here.”

Good. Now she could ask them together.

“Tell me quickly! I'm telling you. You have to tell me honestly!” She was about to die of curiosity. If they would not tell her, she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it and she wouldn't be able to sleep at night!

Mu Xiaoxiao unsure whether to laugh or cry, asked, “Why do you need to know?”

How could she not be embarra.s.sed to talk about these things!

Unsuspecting, Mo Xiaomeng also got up on the large rock.

So the three girls were huddled as they sat together.

Han Qiqing hugged the two of them as she said, smiling, “Be honest, you two. How far have you progressed?”

“What progress?” Mo Xiaomeng was puzzled.

Han Qiqing said, “I'll ask you later. Let's first ask Xiaoxiao together. Talk, quickly!”

Helpless, Mu Xiaoxiao shrugged and said, “We're… haven't reached that stage yet.”

“Not yet?” Han Qiqing couldn't believe it. “Yin Shaojie sucks! After so long, and he hasn't eaten you yet?”

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Yin Shaojie must definitely not hear this. If he did, he would definitely try his best to prove that he didn't suck.

Han Qiqing narrowed her eyes as she stared at her and said, “Are you lying to me? You two love each other and you even live together. Something must have happened. I don't believe Yin Shaojie is such a decent gentleman. How can he not have done anything to you?”

Mu Xiaoxiao pretended not to understand.

She couldn't just tell her that they had done other intimate things and were only missing the final step, right?

How could she talk about such embarra.s.sing things!

Han Qiqing shook her. “Tell me! He's not really that much of a decent gentleman, is he?”

Decent gentleman, my a.s.s!

Recalling Yin Shaojie's unruly behavior, the pa.s.sionate images surfaced in her mind. She was red to her ears.

Han Qiqing laughed mischievously and stared at her. “I smell shenanigans. Could it be that you two have already done everything and are only missing the final step?”

Mo Xiaomeng still didn't understand what they were talking about. “What do you mean doing everything? What has Xiaoxiao done?”

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