Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 796 - Approaching Mu Xiaoxiao (4)

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Chapter 796: Approaching Mu Xiaoxiao (4)

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In the corner, behind the tall equipment, a dark figure could be vaguely seen in the dim lighting.

“Who are you? I saw you. Stop hiding. Come out!” she demanded.

She thought it was probably some student preparing to skip cla.s.s, so she instantly felt like teasing the person.

As if he had heard her, the dark figure stood up, but he was wearing a cap that hid his face from her view.

Mu Xiaoxiao folded her arms at her chest, smiling mischievously as she said, “Which cla.s.s are you from? Tell me your name. Don’t think I don’t know that you are trying to skip As a student, how is it right to try to skip all the time?”

A certain someone who was just contemplating about skipping was not even embarra.s.sed lecturing someone else now.

That person walked to her side.

Mu Xiaoxiao then realized that he was so tall, at least 1.8 meters, about as tall as Yin Shaojie.

Just then, footsteps were heard from the door.

Mu Xiaoxiao instinctively turned back to look.

Little did she expect that the guy lunged at her when her defenses were down, covering her mouth and dragging her backward.

Her eyes widened in horror, but she sensed that he wasn’t too rough in his actions, so she wasn’t too afraid. Perhaps, he just didn’t want people to find him?

Sure enough, a pleasant male voice spoke into her ear, “Shh, keep quiet.”

The next second, the door was opened, and two boys came in. They were talking as they took some things before quickly leaving again.

Mu Xiaoxiao knocked herself into that guy behind her, cuing him to release her.

Fortunately, this person really let go of her.

Mu Xiaoxiao retreated a few steps. From this perspective, she was able to get a clear look at the person.

Wow, a handsome guy!

Mu Xiaoxiao was quite surprised. She didn’t expect to encounter such a handsome guy in this kind of place. Judging from his stylish attire and the air about him, she knew he must be some rich kid.

However, most of the students studying at Shangde were rich kids, so this was not uncommon.

This person seemed quite familiar to her. She seemed to have seen him from somewhere before but she couldn’t remember exactly.

If he was a student of Shangde, given how handsome he was, she would have definitely remembered him if she had seen him before. She would at least put him and Yin Shaojie together for comparison.

Seriously, this handsome guy right in front of her had the looks on par with the school hunks, and he could actually compete with Yin Shaojie in the looks department.

So it felt odd to her. If she had seen this person in Shangde, there was no reason she would not remember him.

Then there was only one other possibility: She had seen this person, but not in school.

He wasn’t a student of Shangde.

“Who are you?” she asked, not appearing guarded.

He didn’t hurt her just now. This meant that he wasn’t a bad guy.

The handsome guy chuckled and squinted as if he could hardly believe her, saying, “You don’t know me?”

Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head and returned him with a question, “I don’t know you. Should I know you?”

She scoffed inwardly. This guy loved himself that much, huh? Did he really think that the whole world should know who he was because he was handsome?

The handsome guy took off his cap and his hood, revealing his fine-looking facial features.

“Are you sure you don’t know me?” he asked again with a smirk, his eyes staring interestedly into hers.

“Oh——” Mu Xiaoxiao looked like she had a sudden realization. Then her little face straightened, and she said indifferently, “Nope.”

“Hahaha——” He was tickled into laughter as if she had just made a funny joke.

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