Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 795 - Approaching Mu Xiaoxiao (3)

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Chapter 795: Approaching Mu Xiaoxiao (3)

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“You didn’t eat again. Even if you are busy with work, you have to eat regularly. You had some stomach trouble the last time, yet you’re still not eating right. Later, I will watch you and make sure you eat.”


One kept blabbering while the other was sparing with his words. And so they chatted along the way home.

Fortunately, it was a short journey, otherwise Han Qiqing would tire of talking.

Upon reaching home, the helpers had already prepared the dishes.

Whiffing the smell of her favorite dishes, the glutton in her awoke.

She hadn’t eaten much at the Yin residence because most of the dishes were too light, so she was still quite hungry.

“Brother, I will eat with you!”

After satiating herself and belching, Han Qiqing felt better than before.

Just when she sat down on the sofa, that icy brother of hers came over and gave her something.

“A client gave me this.”

Han Qiqing took a look at it. It was actually her favorite German chocolate, and she instantly smiled till her eyes curved into crescents.

“Thanks brother!”

If it wasn’t for the cold expression on Brother Iceberg, she would have jumped and kissed him.

“Yeah.” He replied indifferently before heading upstairs.

Han Qiqing knew that he was going to work in the study again.

She sat on the sofa, holding the chocolate in her arms, the usual bright smile returning to her face.

Sure enough, home was still the best place for her. Her family treated the best.

At Shangde High.

“Ah chooo——”

During lesson time in Year Two Cla.s.s S, Song s.h.i.+jun sneezed again after multiple successive sneezes.

He rubbed his nose and muttered. What’s happening? Is someone talking bad about me?

Meanwhile, in the field, Year One’s Cla.s.s S was having their physical education cla.s.s.

Mu Xiaoxiao stood among the rest, wearing a sulky face as her pink mouth cursed Song s.h.i.+jun.

It’s all Song s.h.i.+jun’s fault!

Originally, she had wanted to laze around at home for two more days making use of her sick leave. However, because Song s.h.i.+jun came to the Yin residence to play games yesterday, she got excited, joined in, and ended up glowing with energy as she played.

Thus, the Great Master Yin said that since she was already recovered she should definitely return to school.

It would have been fine if she only had normal lessons, but she just had to have physical education cla.s.s today.

The most frustrating thing was that they were going to be running again today!

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately thought of skipping cla.s.s upon hearing the physical education teacher say that. But it was only just a thought. She had already gotten into the formation for cla.s.s. How could she still escape?

The physical education teacher said, “You can all go and do some exercises first. In ten minutes we’ll start running. The first three people from the first column, go to the equipment room and take the equipment. The rest may disperse.”

The person next to Mu Xiaoxiao tugged at her, “Let’s go then.”

“Ah?” Mu Xiaoxiao then realized that she was the third person in the first column.

So, she had no choice but to follow the two students to the equipment room.

Standing in the equipment room, she couldn’t help but be reminded of the last time Lu Yichen brought her here when they skipped cla.s.s.

Her eyes instinctively turned to the door behind her.

Through the door and toward the aisle at the end was the best spot to escape.

Were there other people also skipping at this time?

When she was still daydreaming, the two cla.s.smates had already gone out with the equipment.

Mu Xiaoxiao then remembered that she was supposed to be helping them. Just as she turned around, she heard a strange sound from the side.

Could it be… that someone else was here?

Her legs unconsciously led her in that direction.

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