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Published at 22nd of July 2019 10:25:08 AM Chapter 540: 540

“Ah——” Han Xue'er shrieked in pain . As a rich young missy, she had been pampered and well-taken care of, and no one dared to do anything to her usually, much less inflict so much pain on her .

There was a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in her s.h.i.+n now, and it looked horrifying .

“No, no…” Han Xue'er cried out, her tears flowing everywhere instantly .

She fell onto the carpet and moved to the side, terrified, trying to avoid Yin Shaojie . However, Yin Shaojie's gun was locked onto her and followed her closely .

Han Xue'er's cried became even more hysterical . She shouted at the police in fear, “Policemen! Hurry up and save me! Can't you see that he's trying to kill me? Hurry up and save me!”

The policemen were also shocked by Yin Shaojie's actions, for they had never seen someone act so cruelly .

Even though they knew that Han Xue'er had gone overboard, his method of fighting evil with evil was… horrific .

Upon hearing Han Xue'er's words, the policemen looked at each other before all turning away with tacit understanding . Their backs were faced towards the scene and they pretended that they didn't exist .

Yin Shaojie took a step forward towards Han Xue'er .

“Now, yes, or no?” He stressed each syllable of the word, his gaze cold as frost .

Meanwhile .

Han Yun'er was sitting in a car as she watched the video feed from a tablet . Her eyes widened at the unfolding scene .

She had arranged everything properly before this and placed many video cameras around so that she could enjoy the sight of Han Xue'er suffering .

Even though she really wanted to view the proceedings live, she couldn't, for she was one of the accomplices .

Thus, to protect herself, she could only install the video cameras and use this method to watch Han Xue'er's downfall .

However, Han Yun'er hadn't imagined that Yin Shaojie would use such a terrifying method to avenge Mu Xiaoxiao!

The interior of the car was warm, but Han Yun'er couldn't help but tremble from the chill as she saw Yin Shaojie's gaze then .

She suddenly felt very uneasy .

With Yin Shaojie like this, what would happen to her if he knew that this was her plan?

Suddenly, Han Yun'er didn't want to think about this anymore .

In the house .

The atmosphere was chilly and cryptic . No one dared to make any noise, and the only sound that could be heard was Han Xue'er's sobbing .

Yin Shaojie was obviously impatient and didn't want to give her any time to rest .

“Bang——” The second bullet brushed past Han Xue'er's face, and a streak of blood appeared on her cheek instantly .

Just a little more and it would have hit Han Xue'er's face!

This demonstrated the accuracy of Yin Shaojie's gunmans.h.i.+p!

Han Xue'er looked like she had turned to stone . She didn't dare to move, and a coldness gush down from the top of her head . She was dazed for a while before she felt the pain from her cheek .

“AH——” Han Xue'er shrieked shrilly as she cupped her face . When she removed her hand, her palm and fingers were stained with blood, even though it was very little compared to the amount of blood soaking Yu Zhe's entire body .

However, as a rich young missy, Han Xue'er had never been injured like this . Moreover, she cared about her face the most and couldn't accept the fact that her face had been injured .

Nevertheless, Han Qiqing, who was standing at one side suddenly voiced out cruelly, “Yin Shaojie! Why did you miss! Can't you aim more properly? Shoot at her face directly so that her flesh explodes out! Humph, let's see if she still dares to bully our Xiaoxiao after that . ”

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