Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 613 - It Was Really Strange!

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Chapter 613: It Was Really Strange!

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However, Ye Sijue was bossy. “Eat. Ignore her, she’s only been scalded a little; it’s not serious.”

He said this as he cooled the soup in his bowl before placing it in front of her.

“Have some soup first.”

Mo Xiaomeng hesitated. However, she had no choice but to drink the soup under Ye Sijue’s insistent gaze.

The temperature of the soup was just right. It was a little hot, but felt warm to her stomach when she swallowed it.

Also, the soup was delicious.

Actually, Mo Xiaomeng was already hungry since a long time ago. Her stomach had grumbled a few times after she had sat down. Perhaps it was because she hadn’t had much for lunch, and had stayed in the study the entire afternoon and fell asleep while reading a book.

After finis.h.i.+ng the bowl of soup, Mo Xiaomeng’s stomach felt much better and didn’t grumble anymore.

She looked up at him.

She thought to herself whether he had been so caring and let her eat first because he had heard her stomach grumble.

She asked, “Where’s your dad? Aren’t we going to wait for him to eat with us?”

Ye Sijue replied, “He’s gone to Germany on a business trip earlier in the morning, and he’ll be back ain a few days”

Yang Zixuan was treated quickly. Medicine was applied to her scalded right hand and bandaged.

When she walked over, she spotted the empty soup bowl in front of Mo Xiaomeng.

She also saw that the bowl in front of Ye Sijue was missing.

It was evident that Ye Sijue must have given his soup to Mo Xiaomeng.

An already fuming Yang Zixuan was now even more furious and she glared at Mo Xiaomeng while gritting her teeth.

“Where are your manners? As a guest, you should have waited for the host before starting your meal.”

She said angrily, and tried to hit Mo Xiaomeng the next instant.

Unexpectedly, her right hand flung back involuntarily as she swung her left hand, causing the former to hit the back of the chair.

“Aiyoh!” Her features were contorted with pain.

Mama Ye asked concernedly, “Zixuan, why are you so careless? Are you alright?”

Yang Zixuan cupped her right hand and complained, teary-eyed, “Auntie Pei, look at her. She’s still sitting there at ease and eating while I’m hurt and injured. How can a human being be so heartless!”

Mama Ye looked over.

Ye Sijue glared at Yang Zixuan coldly and said to his mother, “Xiaomeng was hungry, so I let her have some soup first to calm her stomach.”

Mama Ye had no intention to berate her from the start and nodded. She looked towards Mo Xiaomeng with a smile and said, “Treat this as your own home, Xiaomeng. You can eat first if you’re hungry; there’s no need to wait for us.”

“Auntie Pei!” Yang Zixuan was displeased upon hearing her words.

“Alright Zixuan, sit down and eat.”

Yang Zixuan sat down reluctantly. She then looked at her hand which had been hurt yet again aggrievedly, before glaring at Mo Xiaomeng angrily.

It was all this woman’s fault!

Yang Zixuan was vexed. Why was it that she suffered whenever she tried to hurt this girl?

This was really strange!

She pouted and looked coy as she said to Ye Sijue, “Brother Sijue, I can’t hold my chopsticks because my right hand’s hurt. Can you take some food for me?”

“Use a fork,” Ye Sijue replied, gesturing to a domestic helper to bring a fork for her.

Yang Zixuan’s face fell again.

Mo Xiaomeng wasn’t a fool. She could feel the hostility from Yang Zixuan, and thus kept quiet and ate her meal with her head lowered.

Just then, the butler walked over and announced, “Young Master, Madam, Young Master Yin and Miss Mu have arrived.”

Mo Xiaomeng was stunned.

Miss Mu? Was that Mu Xiaoxiao?

Ye Sijue was puzzled, “Why are they visiting out of the blue?”

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