The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2082 Aren't You Afraid Of Being Struck By Lightning?

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All the women were in shock! Even the Emperor Immortal could no longer hold back his curiosity. "How old is Mighty Immortal Gu? Would you please enlighten us?"

Gu Xijiu answered with calm and composure. "232 years old."

Jaws dropped across the room! Gu Xijiu's answer came as a shocking truth that most of them chose to deny.

"Liar! If you intend to lie, you should at least say a more reasonable age. Aren't you afraid of being struck by lightning?"

"Exactly! No one else can achieve such level at that age. Perhaps, except for the Divine Lord. There must be a limit to what you should joke about."

The sarcastic remarks continued, and the opinions were widely divided. All of the ten masters certainly did not believe what she said. They treated her words with the contempt they thought she deserved.

Scornfully, Spiritual Master Yuhang decided to unmask her cowardly cheat. "Your majesty, I remember that there is a mirror kept in the palace known as the Bone Reflecting Mirror. It can reflect one's real age at once." He suggested to the emperor a way to resolve this matter.

The Emperor Immortal nodded with a smile. "There is!" Then, he turned to look at Gu Xijiu and asked politely, "Mighty Immortal Gu, would you care to look into the mirror so that you can remove everyone's confusion at once?"

Gu Xijiu did not even hesitate in her reply. "Of course."

The crowd was bewildered. They thought that she would try to find ways to reject the offer. To their surprise, she agreed to the emperor so swiftly. Could it be that she was indeed that young?

Very soon, the mirror was summoned and carried into the hall. It was a plain and simple mirror, furnished modestly. It was placed right in the middle of the hall. However, it did not reflect anyone's reflection. It showed the person's internal composition- the bare bones.

To prove the power of the mirror, Spiritual Master Yuhang purposely stood before the mirror for it to reveal his age. "15200 years old." The mirror displayed the numbers.

Spiritual Master Yuhang agreed to its accuracy. "Mighty Immortal Gu, there is still time for you to step away from this," he gave Gu Xijiu a chance to change her mind and avoid regretting her decision.

Gu Xijiu only smiled. "I will not regret this later."

The eyes of the were fixed on her as she gracefully stood before the mirror. "232 years old," the digits slowly flashed in the mirror. The crowd's eyes open widely in disbelief upon seeing the display. They could not believe that what she said was true.

The ashen faces of the women showed how shocked they were; before they could absorb the truth, a sudden ripple on the surface of the mirror caught their attention again. Another line of digits appeared. "11,000 years old?"

Another surprise caught the crowd. Gu Xijiu was surprised as well. Astonished, the Emperor Immortal did not know what actually happened. Was there a glitch? Why were there two lines of different digits?

The revelation was not over yet. There came another unexpected setback of the mirror, as the digits started to appear repeatedly, in a consecutive manner. Both lines of digits were added with a question mark at the end. It seemed like the mirror was confused, too.

After a while, the mirror showed some more questions marks, followed by some exclamation marks. Soon, it decided to shut itself down and gave no further response. Perplexed by the oddity, the crowd turned to the Emperor Immortal for an answer.

The Emperor Immortal merely shook his head. "The item is a possession pa.s.sed down from the previous dynasty. Its malfunction may be caused by the lack of use."

The servant approached the mirror. He gave the mirror a few taps and kicks before reciting some incantations to activate it. Then, he tested the mirror himself by standing in front of it to display his age.

Hopeful, the Emperor Immortal called a few men forward to test the functionality of the mirror. The display was accurate now. However, when Gu Xijiu went up again, the mirror, once again, broke down. The mirror had existed for tens of thousands of years, but nothing like that had ever happened before.

Equally confused, the celestial messengers carried the mirror away as told by the Emperor Immortal. All eyes gathered on Gu Xijiu. How old was the Mighty Immortal Gu? Why did the mirror go haywire every time she stepped before it?

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