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Chapter 587: I Want You to Apologize to Me

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Hearing Guan Meiyi's words, Shan Feifei sobbed harder to make it look as though she was being bullied by Guan Meiyi.

Shan Feifei was currently very popular online, and Guan Meiyi had only been dismissed as the female lead of Wonderland yesterday. Shan Feifei had posted something on Weibo stating that Ling Tianya was biased, and now she was arguing with Guan Meiyi in front of the company, saying that Guan Meiyi was bullying her.

This kind of thing quickly gained the attention of the people in the lounge, and everyone looked over.

Of course, everyone was on Shan Feifei's side. After all, Shan Feifei was the one sobbing while Guan Meiyi's face was cold, and she looked extremely angry.

“Sister Meiyi, I know that your relations.h.i.+p with Screenwriter Ling isn't normal and you got the role of female lead so easily. I don't have a background, nor a reputation, but I am not so easily bullied. Today, you purposely stepped on my foot. I want you to apologize to me!” Shan Feifei's eyes were red and she was pouting. Even if she was angry, she looked like she had been wronged.

Guan Meiyi was furious. “You sure know how to twist your words. It was obviously you who tripped me!”

Shan Feifei's tears cascaded down her cheeks. “I am hurrying to work, why would I trip you?” She pointed at her own shoes, “Look at my shoes. I wore them specifically for the commercial and now they are in this condition. How can I appear on the screen later? I am not like you, Sister Meiyi, easily able to become the female lead. I have to rely on my own abilities!”

Shan Feifei's words garnered sympathy from many new artists. No matter how much they tried, they were unable to make it big. Guan Meiyi was in the gutter and yet, with one word from Ling Tianya, she was able to become the female lead of a big project. How was that fair? Many of the bystanders who were artists were on Shan Feifei's side and they shouted at Guan Meiyi, “Hurry up and apologize!”

“You think you're all that just because you have someone propping you up!”

“In the past, you used your money to become the Acting Queen and now, you are using personal relations.h.i.+ps to become the female lead!”

In the face of such condemnation, Guan Meiyi almost couldn't take it. However, she didn't want to apologize to Shan Feifei. She knew that Shan Feifei was purposely making things hard for her, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Guan Meiyi was shaking with anger as she looked at Shan Feifei. “If you are certain that I did it on purpose, fine. Let's check the surveillance camera. There are so many camera heads in this lounge, one of them must have seen what happened. You purposely tripped me!”

Shan Feifei was initially anxious, but then she saw the security guard who had come to watch the commotion. He was a fan of hers and seeing Shan Feifei look at him, he felt like he was floating on air. He immediately responded to Guan Meiyi. “I apologize, Ms. Guan, but the surveillance cameras can only be operated by the higher-ranking members of the company. You don't have the right.”

Shan Feifei looked at Guan Meiyi, satisfied. “Let's see what else you can do!” she thought to herself.

The surrounding chorus of sounds demanding an apology became more critical. Guan Meiyi was isolated and she was obviously helpless.

She tightly rubbed her hands and stammered, “Right….right…”

“What is going on? There are so many people.”

Another voice sounded and everyone looked towards the sound. They saw Ling Tianya standing by the door. None of them knew how long she had been there for. Behind her, stood two men and one woman. The woman was her a.s.sistant, Zhang Ke. As for the two robust men, they were obviously bodyguards. They stood there impressively, striking fear in others.

When they saw Ling Tianya, the people who were criticizing Guan Meiyi stopped and stood quietly, waiting to see what would happen next.

“Tianya…” Guan Meiyi looked at Ling Tianya as if she were her savior.

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