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Speaking of which, there were so many people present. Lin Chuyin was probably the most suitable person to be the doctor. This little girl did not have any human feelings and did not need any training to feel turned-off by blood or any awful tumors.

If it were someone else, they would definitely not be in a good mood if they saw such things. If their hands trembled…

Hence, Lin Chuyin was the best person to perform this surgery.

Seeing how much pain Mother Bear was in, it was better sooner than later. The faster they did it, the faster Mother Bear would feel better. No matter whether the surgery was successful or not, it was better than suffering like that. Hence, they quickly got ready for the surgery.

"Mother Bear." Hong Dali walked to where Mother Bear's head was. He touched her long fur gently. Although it was hard and stiff, it wasn't p.r.i.c.kly. Hong Dali comforted her as he touched her fur. "It might be a little painful later, just bear with it. I'll ask her to be gentle."

Hearing that, Mother Bear relaxed and nodded slightly.

"Do it." Hong Dali instructed Lin Chuyin. "Be careful. Don't cut into any arteries."

"Oh, I know." Lin Chuyin answered and held the long sword that Jiang Qianxue pa.s.sed to her. She felt the area where the tumor was, found the center, and made a gentle cut.

Jiang Qianxue's sword was sharp. On the first cut, the skin on the tumor was cut open.

When the skin opened, a giant, white tumor could be seen. Then, a foul odor a.s.sailed everyone's nostrils and made them frown.

To be honest, the process of surgery was far scarier than what was shown on TV. Places like hospitals encountered all kinds of strange diseases and conditions like Mother Bear's were not completely rare. Generally, tumors would give off a foul smell. Mother Bear was so big, such a situation was inevitable.

No one had masks. Lin Chuyin was probably the only one who had no reaction toward it. She gently made a bigger cut. It was an incision, after all. Mother Bear was in so much pain she was s.h.i.+vering. Thankfully, Hong Dali was beside her gently comforting her. She managed to bear with the pain without moving much.

In the olden days, there was Duke Guan's poison off the bone. Today, there was Mother Bear removing her tumor without anesthesia. Both were surgeries on the level and not anybody could bear with that kind of pain.

When Lin Chuyin had cut open all the skin on Mother Bear's back, the full tumor could finally be seen.

It was a huge white tumor with a diameter of about two feet. It was tightly wrapped around the flesh on Mother Bear's spine. It seemed like a huge ball of parasitic feeding on the flesh.

The tumor was surrounded by pinkish-white tentacles digging into Mother Bear's flesh. They could not tell how deep it went, but one thing was for sure—the tumor must have affected the nerves on Mother Bear's spine, which was why she had such a hard time moving. It was no joke.

"Chuyin, how is it?" Hong Dali asked anxiously.

Lin Chuyin knew what she was doing. Although she had made a big incision, she carefully avoided all the arteries. Only a small amount of blood flowed out from the incision. The only problem now was how to remove the tumor.

"Oh, it's still okay." Lin Chuyin answered softly. "Currently, these tentacles are digging into her flesh. It doesn't seem too malignant. I just need to cut off the tentacles and I should be able to remove the tumor."

It was not malignant! That was the best news!

What did a tumor that was not malignant meant? It meant that as long as the tumor was removed, there was a high chance Mother Bear could recover.

"Wahahahaha!" Hong Dali said happily, "That's good, that's good. Chuyin ah, be gentle. You must cut off all the tentacles off the tumor to prevent it from coming back."

"I understand." Lin Chuyin nodded.

"Mother Bear," Hong Dali comforted Mother Bear. "It might still be a little painful. You must bear with it. Oh right, I have something good here. Eat one first!"

He took out a Dali Bean from his s.p.a.ce watch.

This was his snack. But to animals like Mother Bear, it could be quite a good supplement. Anyway, Hong Dali had always been a squanderer. One or two of his snacks was nothing.

"Owu…" Mother Bear howled in a deep voice and slowly ate up the Dali Bean.

With this, Mother Bear became much more energetic. The surgery continued.

The huge tumor, at that size, could not be removed so quickly. Thankfully, Lin Chuyin did not feel tired easily. Especially after Mother Bear ate the Dali Bean, her condition improved greatly. Hence, the surgery went on smoothly.

Lin Chuyin dug out the tentacles of the tumor one by one. Every tentacle was more than ten centimeters deep. When she finally removed all of them, the surgery ended.

There were not many tentacles, only about one hundred of them. After a four-hour surgery, everyone sweated through their clothes and the tumor was finally removed.

"This thing is heavy." Lin Chuyin placed the tumor on the ground. Next was something rather troublesome—there was no needle and thread to close up the wound. Such a big incision with little wounds inside could not possibly be left as it was, right?

"Dali," Tang Muxin asked anxiously, "What do we do with the wound? If it gets an infection… There's nothing we can disinfect it with…"

Tang Muxin raised an important point.

Any surgery would require sterilization, especially on the wound. If the wound was not sterilized and closed up, recovery would be very slow. It would be life-threatening if it got infected.

"Let me think, don't be anxious…" Hong Dali touched his chin and looked at everyone.

There was nothing Tang Muxin could do. Sister Nianwei was a singer, nothing she could do. Zhang Yi… She could beat someone up, but not sew up a wound. Levis was good for fighting. Blood Demon… eh? Blood Demon?

"I got it. Hahaha!" Hong Dali said excitedly. "We can do this! We don't have other things, but we have alcohol, right?"

It was certain they had brought some alcohol. Levis nodded. "En, I bought some hard liquor. This could be used as a disinfectant." He was a professional, after all, and usually low-profile. But he would generally have some hard liquor with him. It could be used not only as anesthesia, but could also be used as a disinfectant…

With something as the disinfectant, the only thing lacking was something to sew up the wound. Hong Dali instructed Blood Demon. "Big Brother Blood Demon, don't you have the ability to grow long spikes? Can it be bent? If it can, it could be used as the thread to sew up the wound. Can it be cut?"

"I'll try." Blood Demon would have never thought that the first time he used this ability was not to kill someone but to save someone. Alright, to save a bear. No matter what, weapons did not differentiate good or evil. It all depended on how it was used…

Blood Demon's ability was indeed suitable as sewing material. He grew a long, thin spike from his finger and began to sew up Mother Bear's wound. The spike went around the opening a few times and a small incision was closed up. Then, the spike fell off from the Blood Demon's finger. He did not forget to add on. "This ability is quite useful. After a while, the spike will dissolve on its own…"

Everyone gasped with their mouths open wide.

Levis joked. "Blood Demon ah, how about you become a doctor instead of an in the future? It's not bad."

Everyone nodded. "I think it's possible!"

"En, I can consider." Blood Demon laughed and raised his brow. "I think your suggestion is good."

As they spoke, each incision was closing up. Another hour pa.s.sed and the incisions on Mother Bear's back were all sewed up. Hong Dali poured the hard liquor on Mother Bear's back, fed it two more Dali Beans, and the job was done!

"Mother Bear, it's done. The surgery is very successful!" Hong Dali laughed and patted on Mother Bear's head. "You just have to rest well now. In a few days' time, you should be able to move around!"

"Wuu wuu…" The little bear waited for Hong Dali to finish what he was doing before he pattered over. He snuggled under Mother Bear's chin and purred. At the same time, everyone's could see the conversation the mother and child had with each other—

Xiao Hei: "Mama, are you okay now? Did they save you?"

Mother Bear: "My good child, they saved me…"

Xiao Hei: "Wuu wuu… Mama, if you had died, I wouldn't be able to continue living either. Wuu wuu…"

Mother Bear: "Silly boy. Mama is okay now…"

Their exchange was simple but touching.

"Dali," Tang Muxin was all teary-eyed. "It's always so touching when I'm with you. Hehe. See how well they are now? Thankfully you found them. Otherwise, Mother Bear would be too pitiful…"

"Hehe, I do what I can." Hong Dali laughed as he rubbed his nose. "Alright. Everyone, stand further away. This pair of mother and child seem like they haven't gotten a good rest for a long time. Let's leave. Oh right, let's bring the tumor along to see what it is exactly."

Everyone opened their mouth wide. "Har? We have to bring this out?"

"Of course." Hong Dali said curiously, "Aren't you curious what's inside this tumor?"

Well, a tumor, a tumor of this size. Once removed, that was it. The problem was, this tumor was a very weird one. No one had heard that such a large tumor could grow between one's flesh and skin. Usually, tumors grew on organs. But this one…

Hence, everyone left the cave. When they arrived at the entrance, Lin Chuyin asked, "Dali, do you want to cut this open?"

Hong Dali nodded vigorously. "Yes!"

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