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Although he was a Galaxy Aristocrat, Yin Tianzong would still occasionally go onto the Internet to see the latest happenings. After all, although they had guards taking care of most things, it made life really boring.

Going online to check out the latest trends was good when they wanted to relieve boredom. This was the preferred entertainment of many Galaxy Aristocrats.

Therefore, Yin Tianzong logged into the network with an ease born out of familiarity, used a random nickname so as to be un.o.btrusive, and started to browse through the latest news. Of course, there was a saying that birds of the same feather flocked together. Since he got along so well with Hong Dali, Yin Tianzong, too, had the makings of a joker—his nickname was "The king is not at fault for shooting you"…

Well, the name fits his ident.i.ty…

In the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars official forum.

As the official forum, the number of people reading and posting here during each Galaxy Super Mecha Wars would reach astronomical figures. This was especially true this year due to the appearance of the joker Hong Dali. There was an exceptionally large number of people chatting in the forum.

"Well, let's see what interesting posts there are today, hehe." Because there were too many people in the forum, Yin Tianzong selected the filtering function. After all, millions of people posted posts here, and any t.i.tle would be moved downwards in milliseconds. If you did not turn on the filtering function and wanted to look for something specific, it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Okay, filter, number of topics on partic.i.p.ating teams." He would take a look at the number of topics for each team.

Soon, the system displayed the data on the number of topics on each team.

The number of topics of each team in the Galaxy Super Mecha Wars—

Team Annihilation: 1,254,698. Team Magic Armor G.o.dly Mechas: 698,745. Team Salf Alliance: 365,297.

The following was the number of topics of the major teams according to the current ranking. Generally, the ones which had more people talking about them had about 200,000 topics, and those who had less had maybe just tens of thousands. Of course, these were not what Yin Tianzong was interested in. He came here today mainly to see the statistics on Team Dali.

Then, Yin Tianzong was completely stunned.

Last place, Team Dali: 9,653,521…

"d.a.m.n, really?"

Looking at the number of discussions on this topic, Yin Tianzong completely was flabbergasted. d.a.m.n, the first team, Li Tianxing's Team Annihilation, only had 1.25 million topics. The topics about Team Dali, which was last, actually reached the scary number of 9.6 million!

Was this ratio really okay?

Yin Tianzong's mood at this time was like someone who had just eaten iced watermelon in the sweltering hot summer heat, wonderful! Wahahaha, Li Tianxing the louse was getting bested in everything after meeting Brother Dali!

In this Galaxy Super Mecha Wars, he put in so much hard work. With a total investment of 1.6 billion to build five mechas, he managed to get first after much blood and sweat. However, Brother Dali still had way more topics talking him than Li Tianxing. Hahaha, this felt great!

After smiling proudly for three whole minutes, Yin Tianzong clicked on Team Dali's topic listing with satisfaction. He took one look at the topics and was even happier.

"Team Dali is the team to watch in this Galaxy Super Mecha Wars. They advanced into the top 100 and their kills are still zero!"—Hits: 8,652,312, Replies: 1,254,362, Likes: 2,356,125.

"With the appearance of Team Dali in this season's Super Mecha Wars, the other teams all seem uninteresting by comparison!"—Hits: 7,896,523, Replies: 65,265, Likes: 1,896,527.

"Everyone, do you think Team Dali can advance into the top 100 from 1,000? How many kills will they have by then?"—Hits: 8,895,341, Replies: 698,571, Likes: 1,965,342…

In fact, just these numbers did not mean much. There were many people in the forum and such high numbers were normal.

There was a saying that to see whether one was strong, you could not just look at one side. It would be meaningless. To really know if one was strong, you had to compare the data on both parties. So, Yin Tianzong hurriedly took a look at the posts about Team Annihilation and was immediately stunned.

"Team Annihilation is definitely going to be the champion this season. No need for explanations!"—Hits: 1,256,984, Replies: 32,651, Likes: 956,112.

"Brothers, Team Annihilation's mechas specifications are out. Come check it out!"—Hits: 1,123,635, Replies: 26,985, Likes: 154,756.

"Wahahaha!" Yin Tianzong laughed so hard he was tearing. Li Tianxing's numbers were terrible compared to Dali's. Hahahahaha! With five mechas that cost 1.6 billion, and also first position, all his web figures still lost to Hong Dali. There was nothing to compare at all. It simply could not feel better than this, hahaha!

Yin Tianzong was ecstatic. He had never liked Li Tianxing, and now he had been completely humiliated by Hong Dali. Hong Dali had to be Li Tianxing's nemesis, right?

Now that he had compared the numbers, Yin Tianzong was in a good mood. He went back to the main screen of Team Dali and made an aggressive post—

"Team Dali is the greatest, there's no doubt about that. Team Annihilation and the rest are just sc.u.m. Come on, argue if you do not agree!"

As soon as he posted, the number of replies instantly exceeded 300. There were all kinds of replies.

"What is there to say about Team Dali, they are the number one underdog in this Galaxy Super Mecha Wars!"

"How can underdog be used to describe Team Dali? They should be a pinata, colorful! If placed on the ground it will become a color palette, if it's in the sky it will become a rainbow! From now on, I am Team Dali's die-hard fan!"

"Chey, you only became a die-hard fan today. I'm G.o.ddess Nianwei's die-hard fan since the beginning! Team Dali is sure to win this time!"

"Regardless of whether they win or lose, I'm their die-hard fan for life!"

Looking at the replies, Yin Tianzong beamed with delight. My Brother Dali becomes the talk of the town no matter where he goes. He's too powerful! He quickly replied, "Team Dali is the strongest! Everyone doesn't know yet, right? The members of Team Dali are all amazing characters. There is even a nine-year-old child among them, hehe."

Hearing that, it got even more lively—

"Is that true? A nine-year-old child joined the compet.i.tion? Team Dali is even more worth watching now!"

"That's right, they are able to progress to top 1,000 even with a nine-year-old child. This team is simply too amazing!"

Soon, a person who announced this big news in a separate post. "Big news! Big News! The latest information of the members of Team Dali. There is a child who is only nine years old in Team Dali!"

As soon as this post was up, it became even more lively. Countless people began to speculate how amazing Team Dali was. Such a team could enter the top 1,000. This world was simply crazy!

Yin Tianzong continued to throw heavyweight news out—

"The full information of the team members of Team Dali. Quickly come in and take a look! Absolutely official news!"

Then the content of the post read: "Team Dali. Captain: Hong Dali, male, 18-years-old, Orange-grade Double Honorary Aristocrat. How he became a Double Honorary Aristocrat: He had a good relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Qianxue, the Galaxy Aristocrat, and Yin Tianzong, the perfect Galaxy Aristocrat. Mecha: Granzon.

"Li Nianwei & Tang Muxin. Li Nianwei, female, twenty-four years old, the winner of the last Sing! Milky Way in Shenluo City, a talented singer with a support rate of 85 million. Tang Muxin, eighteen, Hong Dali's fiancée. Mecha: Dragon Tiger King.

"Lin Chuyin: a mysterious girl, eighteen-years-old. All information is unknown, it is said that she has no human feelings. Mecha: Valsion.

"w.a.n.g Mo, male, nine-years-old, other information unknown. Mecha: The Dark Angel, Astana Steel."

Well, as a narcissist, Yin Tianzong naturally prefixed himself with "perfect"…

Of course, these were details. As soon as this post came out, the whole forum exploded again. The topic of Team Dali rose to the top crazily—

"Oh my G.o.d, Team Dali is too strong! Hahaha, a team with such a make-up made it to top 1,000!"

"I think they will be able to make it to top 100! How many kills do you think they will have when they make it to top 100?"

"It's hard to guess. There should be at least tens of kills."

"I can't guess. It's not possible to predict. Haha!"

Just like that, when Yin Tianzong went offline, there were 1,365,894 topics regarding Team Annihilation. And the number of topics regarding Team Dali had reached a staggering 12,395,642!

On the other side, the temporary manor in Shenluo City which Li Tianxing was in.

The sound of things smas.h.i.+ng kept coming from Li Tianxing's room. Clearly, although Li Tianxing was temporarily at first place, his mood was not so good…

"d.a.m.n Hong Dali!" Li Tianxing's neck had turned green with rage. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why do you keep going against me! Why? Why is all the limelight on you when you're on the last place?! Why?!"

It was no wonder he was so angry.

As the number one genius among the younger generation of the Galaxy Aristocrats, Li Tianxing had the pride of the number one genius.

He should have been the central figure in all topics, and his every move should affect the hearts of countless people. But who could have imagined that someone like Hong Dali would appear? As a result, everything about him became Hong Dali's side topic!

Side topic!

How could he accept that? He was the number one genius of the Galaxy Aristocrats. He was talented and would enter the Dimu Star Sector High n.o.ble headquarters for special training in the future!

But why would a person like him be a side topic of Hong Dali?! On what grounds?!

"The number of topics of my Team Annihilation is less than 1.4 million, and the number of topics of Hong Dali's Team Dali is more than 12 million!" Ten times! What so good about him, why is his luck so good? Where did he hide? d.a.m.n! In the next game, I must knock him out.

Thinking up to this point, Li Tianxing continued smas.h.i.+ng things!

This continued for seven to eight hours. When he finally made sense of what he was doing, the second day of the compet.i.tion was about to begin.

"Just wait and see. Hong Dali, I'm going to kill you! Kill you!"

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