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Chapter 582: Hong Dali's Deterrence PowerTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dali Medical Charity Foundation official website.

Once the video regarding Blister Baby was released online, the donation received reached another climax!

Because the people saw everything that happened! Hong Dali did charity because he really wanted to. If it wasn't because those useless people from the Eleventh Society brought the reporters there, no one would even know that Hong Dali did another charity act this time!

A charity foundation established by such a person, what was there to worry about?

On the forum—

“Brothers, I think everyone has seen the video by now, right? I don't know about you guys, but I give my loyalty to the Young Master. I don't have a lot of money, but I can still donate half of my monthly salary. My wife supports me. Here is 1,000 yuan to express my sincerity!”

“Yup, I saw it too. Haha, this time, this is really for doing charity. I donate 500, oh my, my whole body feels so comfortable!”

“If I don't donate a bit every day, I will feel uncomfortable all over. I shall continue to donate 20 yuan today!”

“Brothers, wait for me, I shall donate some more too. Actually, after I donated yesterday, I wanted to see what would happen next. But now I see that the Young Master never lets us down. I shall donate another 50 yuan today!”

Door to Heaven, five magnates' conference room.

“Hong Weiguo went out in a rush today. d.a.m.n, we couldn't see any more interesting shows without him here.” Wen Jianan gloomily sat on the sofa and said, “Seeing Dali's charity foundation slapping the Eleventh Society's face in real life is indeed very satisfying, just that the video is a bit too short. I am not fully satisfied yet, but it's already over!”

“That's right.” Sun Yuanzhou laughed loudly and said, “Seeing the people from the Eleventh Society getting scolded is really too satisfying. I have not liked them for a very long time.”

“Don't trivially chat anymore, let's see how Dali's charity foundation is doing first. I feel that with this video, Dali can ama.s.s another 20 to 30 million at the least!” Wen Jianan laughed and opened his laptop. “Dali's influence now is indeed formidable!”

Then, after he saw the figure on Dali's charity foundation, he was instantly stunned. “How… how much is this!?”

Previously when he checked the total figure, it was around 17.940 billion (some money was spent on those who needed aid), but the total figure now had become 18.016 billion!

Which means that he ama.s.sed another 76 million in just this short while!

Shanghai, Tianhai City, inside a normal four-star hotel.

The mysterious man sat on the sofa and looked at the video on the computer screen. Then, he ferociously slapped the table and said, “Good! Hahahaha, this child Dali really gave me a surprise!”

In the video, Hong Dali acted very naturally, without any sense of acting at all. Instead, the Eleventh Society's members' depressed expressions were a clear comparison to Hong Dali and the others.

“Hahaha, that's right, this little prodigal's heart isn't just a normal level of kindness.” The Bureau Chief sighed in satisfaction and said, “Boss, you really didn't dote him for nothing.”

“Yup, indeed. From the looks of things now, he is truly a kind person from the bottom of his heart.” The mysterious man's mood was obviously quite good. “I can rest a.s.sured now. Last time, we had already intended to find time to investigate all of the charity organizations in the country. Looks like there isn't a need to do so now, it's enough to just let this child Dali carry on with his actions.”

“That's true.” The Bureau Chief nodded. He thought for a while and suddenly asked, “Boss, for this aspect, how should we support him?”

“That's simple.” The mysterious man violently waved his hand and said, “Satisfy all of his requirements! You have always been closer to him, as long as he requires something, just satisfy his wishes. I reckon that this child will definitely want to go around different places to take a look. This is also a deterrence power to tell those people down there to not mess around.”

“This little rascal, he isn't being a prodigal now, but instead becoming an imperial envoy, haha!” The Bureau Chief laughed loudly and said, “This little rascal always just suddenly pop out somewhere, this role is really suitable for him.”

In the conference room of the government buildings of the autonomous regions in the various provinces, countless leaders were holding emergency meetings.

For example, in a county government of a specific county, the county magistrate held a doc.u.ment in his hand and in a solemn voice, said, “According to the latest news, the prodigal Hong Dali started doing charity works. All of us must strictly follow the directions of our higher-ups, find out all of the families who have difficulties and show our care and concern for them. Give subsidies to those who require it, help those who need help, provide a minimum living for the disabled and such, we must ensure that the money we give them is sufficient and personally hand it to them. If not, if Hong Dali suddenly comes here, we will have to bear the consequences!”

That was why Hong Dali had deterrence power now. This fellow flew around in a fighter jet now. He was previously in Fuzhou, then suddenly appeared in Weian, who knew where his next destination would be?

If they were unlikely enough for Hong Dali to appear in their area and he found a problem here, the mayor of Panshan City, Niu Mingzhi, was their most obvious example!

“Oh my, everyone is jittery now, this Hong Dali is really too incredible!”

“Exactly, he goes around in fighter jets now! Fighter jets! How fast is that? No one can tell where he will suddenly go to, so we must ensure we do our work properly!”

The county magistrate cleared his throat and waited for the people to quiet down. Then, he continued, “Also, stop the small tricks that you guys normally do. It's not that I never noticed them before, just that I didn't bother to mention them. If Hong Dali finds out what you guys did, you guys can start to pray for your own fortune! Dismissed!”

Door to Heaven, inside Hong Weiguo's room.

Liu Yihui and Mu Tie stayed here to continue buying in Qian Guangzhao's shares. After they were done with their work, Liu Yihui asked Running Dog to come over, smiled and asked, “Running Dog, can you help me do something?”

“h.e.l.lo, Mister.” Running Dog's att.i.tude towards Liu Yihui and Mu Tie was quite good. After all, Hong Weiguo had said before that these two were his sworn brothers, so their treatment should be equal to Hong Dali's uncles…

“It's like this, Dali is going everywhere to walk around, I find it quite interesting. If there's any latest news, can you send us an image or video?” Liu Yihui grinned and asked, “How is it? I think this will be more interesting than watching a drama.”

Transmitting a live recording, this request wasn't a big problem. So, Running Dog instantly agreed and said, “OK, Mister.”

Mu Tie said, “Can we consider this as Dali's Incognito Traveling Journey? This is good, this is more fun than watching a drama!”

In the Eleventh Society's headquarters large conference room, Zhou Deye sat in the Chairman's seat discussing their future strategic work with the other leaders.

Hong Dali's pressure was too large, it was not possible for them to live as carefreely as before anymore.

“Boss Zhou.” A person slowly said, “Our last-minute action this is too rushed, will it work?”

“If our performance this time is not bad, it shouldn't be a big problem.” Zhou Deye touched his chin and slowly said, “The are easy to fool. As long as we settle things beautifully, plus the fact that this Blister Baby is a very cla.s.sic case, it will definitely work.”

“But Hong Dali…” Someone still had some doubts and asked, “There wouldn't be any accidents from his side, would there?”

“No no, definitely not!” Zhou Deye was very sure of this. “Not many people know of this Blister Baby, plus this matter is in Weian Province. Hong Dali is in Fuzhou Province now, the distance between these two places is quite far. Even if Hong Dali knew about the Blister Baby, it's too late for him to affect us.”

“That's true.” Another person nodded and said, “As long as he doesn't come, things should be fine. As long as we perform well this time and set a good image, there shouldn't be any problems after that. But honestly speaking, this Hong Dali really causes me to be depressed. He should just squander all he wants, why did he come and do charity!”

“Exactly!” Zhou Deye violently nodded. “If it wasn't for him, how carefree were we? Every day we hold a meeting, go around places to take a look, what a good life that was!”

Yet, just as he said this, the a.s.sistant ran in with his head full of sweat. He placed the laptop in front of Zhou Deye and said, “Boss, bad news, our work encountered a problem!”

“Encountered a problem?” Zhou Deye's heart skipped a beat. “What happened!?”

“Boss, take a look at this…” The a.s.sistant's face was very dejected. “We are in trouble!”

What the a.s.sistant played was the video on the So Cool video-sharing website. Zhou Deye just watched the first few minutes and sweat had already covered his head! Especially after he saw the statistics displayed on the screen, as he watched, he scolded. “d.a.m.n it! Are these people useless trash? How did they go later than Hong Dali!? Why is Hong Dali there? G.o.d, is he a celestial!?”

“Hong Dali, he… He…” The a.s.sistant halting tried to say something for a long while before finally saying, “He went there in a fighter jet…”

What the heck! You even have to use a fighter jet to change locations!?

“This Hong Dali!” Zhou Deye's face went bright red. He suddenly stood up in shock and anger and said, “It's over this time, it's really over this time, our show has been exposed! This time, public opinion won't be easy to control!”

Everyone else was completely stunned too.

They had indeed thought that some accident might happen, but they never expected that Hong Dali would actually fly there in a fighter jet! That's a fighter jet! That wasn't something to be played with!

“Boss Zhou, what should we do now? If this continues, everything will be over!” Someone anxiously said, “Since this has already happened, we need to hurriedly think of a plan to salvage our image!”

The others were also anxious. “That's right. If we don't think of something, we won't even be able to collect a single cent next time!”

“This can't do, I must think of something right now.” Zhou Deye walked around anxiously. “If I don't think of something…” Just as he said this, his eyes suddenly lit up. “Oh right, wasn't there an earthquake in He An village previously? Although it's just a small quake, quite a few houses were destroyed and quite a number of people got injured, right?”

“That's right!” Someone exclaimed in surprise. “Let's go and support them now, we must reach there before Hong Dali does!”

“No no no!” Zhou Deye's shone. He laughed and said, “In terms of speed, we will definitely lose to Hong Dali. But he is still in Weian Province right now. Let's do it this way, let's do a press conference first! Say that we are collecting resources to support He An village. Once we release this news, even if Hong Dali can reach there faster than us, he would definitely feel embarra.s.sed to fight with us to help them. After all, we are the ones who release the news first!”

The others cheered and said, “Yes yes yes, let's do it this way!”

“Boss, you are really wise. I admit defeat!”

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