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Chapter 344: Fierce Compet.i.tion on Download Count

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July 14, in the wee hours of a Thursday morning.

On So Cool video-sharing website, the downloads of Min Feiyao's concert had increased at an abnormal speed.

Within a mere day, the downloads rapidly increased and directly rose up to a number as huge as 13 million. In the meantime, the download count of stage nine of I Am a Singer had already reached 11 million.

The arrival of Hatsune Tianyi 1 created a more insane impact than Li Nianwei's concert back then.

After all, this was the birth of a brand new kind of entertainment style. And it was, in essence, different from other concerts.

Everyone had a cute lolita in their hearts.

No one remembered who said that, but what it meant was very true…

“Good!” Ko Gohon looked at the numbers on the screen and was extremely satisfied. “We'll do it this way! Continue to add more money into it! No matter what, it has to overshadow the download count of this stage of Hong Dali's I Am a Singer!”

“Yes, Young Master!” The bodyguard instantly responded, but he didn't forget to remind. “But Young Master, currently, the other advertising channels of Miss Feiyao are already unable to keep it up…”

“Idiot!” Ko Gohon was enraged. “Don't you know how to throw in money? You still need me to teach you this?!”

“Young… Young Master…” The bodyguard explained in trepidation. “The problem is that this Hatsune Tianyi duo appeared too strongly, and the various media companies don't dare to play around with this. Now, almost no one reads news not related to Hatsune Tianyi, so even if we want to give money, we can't…”

Failing to spend money even if they wanted to, this was really something rare.

As expected, like what Hong Dali had said, squandering took skills. This was really not a joke…

“d.a.m.n it!” Ko Gohon thought for a while, but in the end, decided to place priority in that bet. “Put other things aside for now. No matter what, you must push the download count up! Do you hear me?!”


July 15, Friday.

The statistical data of both parties had undergone an enormous change.

Min Feiyao's concert statistics were: Likes: 1,498,781. Dislikes: 38,475. Views: 81,653,781. Downloads: 15,155,631.

And the data for stage nine of I Am a Singer was: Likes: 4,265,324. Dislikes: 14,831. Views: 98,884,918. Downloads: 12,452,168.

By comparing such strange statistics, it could be said that other than the number of downloads, all the data of Min Feiyao's concert had made it completely lose out to stage nine of I Am a Singer.

After all, the audiences weren't fools. They could still perceive what had happened.

The only high statistical data of Min Feiyao's concert was the number of downloads. The disparity in the ratio compared to the number of views was rather big. Of course, the other higher statistical data compared to I Am a Singer was the number of dislikes…

Thus, the official Tieba forum that had been silent for a few days had once again erupted with flames of war.

“So shameless. If you want to increase the statistics, then increase them all. What kind of capability can you display just by increasing the download count? If you don't have enough ability, then don't do it!”

“Yes, yes, look at the numbers. Apart from the download count, you don't stand out in anything.”

“Don't talk mindlessly, I know some internal news. It's said that this time, Min Feiyao and Miss Nianwei had made a bet on whose download count is higher.”

“Really? What the heck, Min Feiyao is so daring? Can they make it? This is obviously not dependable! She should recognize her own limitations rather than going head-on against G.o.ddess Nianwei!”

“Let's not say further, I'll go and download it first. Speaking of which, I really haven't downloaded this stage of I Am a Singer. I almost forgot about it!”

“Me too, me too!”

July 15, Friday, at 8:00 PM.

After a day's big battle on the Tieba forum, the download count of stage nine of I Am a Singer had ushered in a second peak.

Countless people started to download the video on the internet with all their might in order to support Li Nianwei, Hong Dali and Hatsune Tianyi. The statistical data of the downloads of I Am a Singer had increased from 12 million and more in the morning to 17 million within less than a day and, once again, overtook the single-day download statistics of Min Feiyao's concert greatly.

Of course, consequently, the number of views and likes of the video had also risen up greatly. True fans would definitely not hesitate to like and click to view the video after downloading it. But the Internet Water Army was not so kind. After all, they were only doing this because they were hired to…

“Idiot! Idiot!” Looking at the statistical data on the computer screen, Ko Gohon was fuming mad. “They've actually caught up with us, and there's a very obvious increase in the statistics! Get the Internet Water Army to continue to download, download with all their might! I don't believe I can't win Hong Dali!”

“O… OK…” The bodyguard felt that he hadn't sweated so much in his entire life as he did these few days. “Then, Young Master, how many downloads do we do this time?”

“5 million!” Ko Gohon fiercely pounded the table. “Get me 5 million downloads! I don't believe I can't win this!”

“5 million!” The bodyguard held his chest. “Young Master, we really have to make it this much?”

“You rascal!” Ko Gohon went forward and slapped him. “You do whatever I tell you to, go quickly!”


July 16,

The number of downloads for Min Feiyao's concert had once again reached a new peak, from the initial 17 million to rapidly breaking the 20 million mark, and it was still advancing furiously. From 20 million to 22 million, 25 million, and eventually, at 2:00 PM, it stopped at the 28 million mark.

Meanwhile, at this time, the download count of stage nine of I Am a Singer had just broken through the 20 million mark.

“Good!” Ko Gohon heaved a long sigh of relief. He'd finally overtaken the other party completely, it really wasn't easy.

Now that there was already a difference of 8 million in the download count, looks like this time, it would be highly likely for him to succeed.

Still, Ko Gohon felt that it wasn't very safe. He instructed his bodyguard, “Go and increase the download count to 5 million more, I want to completely crush Hong Dali's hopes of winning. Then I'll go and greatly humiliate him!”

“Yes!” Upon hearing the order, the bodyguard instantly went out.

Alas, not long after, the bodyguard returned with his forehead br.i.m.m.i.n.g with sweat. “Young… Young Master… That side, that side says, they can't continue…”

“What?” Ko Gohon exclaimed in shock. “Why can't they continue? Have you asked why?!”

“I've asked them.” The bodyguard started to be soaked in sweat again. “That side says that currently, they've used up all their ident.i.ties and usernames, and at most, at most they can only add around a million or so…”

“One million is one million then!” Ko Gohon expressed that what he didn't lack the most was money. “Then increase one more million for me! Quickly go!”


July 16,, midnight, at 12:00 AM.

Currently, it was exactly a week after Min Feiyao's concert.

The ordinary people had already entered slumberland. Meanwhile, everyone who was involved in the bet between Ko Gohon and Hong Dali, apart from the carefree prodigal Hong Dali who had gone to sleep, were all waiting in front of the computer.

When the midnight bell sounded, Ling Xiaoyi took out her camera and took a picture of the final statistics of Min Feiyao's concert—

Likes: 1,675,234. Dislikes: 57,485. Views: 98,623,458. Downloads: 31,547,412.

At the same time, the statistics of stage nine of I Am a Singer was—

Likes: 6,245,314. Dislikes: 17,861. Views: 148,887,949. Downloads: 23,442,188.

“Very good!” Upon looking at the statistics, Ko Gohon was extremely satisfied. “This time, Hong Dali won't be able to catch up no matter what. Hahahaha, he can wait for me to go and smack his face, hahaha!”

“Congratulations, Young Master!” The bodyguard heaved a long sigh of relief as well. “There are still three days, it's not that easy to catch up with an 8 million gap.”

“That's true.” Ko Gohon was in a very good mood today. “Here, a toast to our upcoming success!”

In the next two days, the download count of stage nine of I Am a Singer was still continuously increasing.

It had to be said that it was too early for Ko Gohon to be happy—this fellow had placed too much emphasis on the download count…

If the downloads that he'd deliberately increased were all deducted, the actual download count would, in fact, be 19 million, which meant that on average, there were approximately 3 million downloads per day.

Precisely because of this figure, it made Ko Gohon think that he was sure to succeed. Subconsciously, he felt that Hong Dali's side would also deliberately push up those figures, or else how would there be such a high download count.

But the limit of the Internet Water Army was only about 12 million downloads. Thus, Ko Gohon thought that Hong Dali's side wouldn't be able to increase the download count by much as well.

The problem was that Hong Dali was totally unconcerned about this. With the careless style of this fellow, why would he go and deliberately increase it?

From July 13 to July 16, within four days, there were already more than 23 million downloads. That meant that, on average, there were 5 million downloads or so per day…

As expected.

On July 17, at 8:00 PM, stage nine of I Am a Singer had already achieved a download count of 27.79 million. And on July 18, the download count had broken past the 30 million mark and was still continuously increasing!

When the midnight bell sounded on July 19, under everyone's intent gaze, the download count of stage nine of I Am a Singer had eventually stopped at—36 million!

“This… How is this possible!” Ko Gohon ferociously kicked his laptop till it was in pieces and loudly berated. “How is this possible!”

And on July 20, at 9:00 AM, Hong Dali groggily climbed up from his bed and asked, “Sister Xiaoyi, where's Sister Xiaoyi?”

Very soon, Ling Xiaoyi appeared before Hong Dali. “Young Master, I'm here.”

Hong Dali rubbed his eyes. “What's the download count?”

“Congratulations, Young Master.” Ling Xiaoyi smiled. “Min Feiyao's download count is barely 32 million, and the download count of our I Am a Singer is 36 million.”

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