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Chapter 202: Family Meeting (Part Four)

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The problem was, Hong Dali was absolutely capable of rubbing it in, and he was good at it. After saying what he wanted to say, Hong Dali looked at Hong Jianye and Hong Anbao, smiling as he said, “I realize what fourth uncle said is quite true. We cannot disregard the family rules. It will be bad for me to take my leave. Hence, I've decided to stay on. En, I apologize for what happened. Big Brother Anbao must have slipped. I swear upon the lights that I definitely do not have the strength to knock him off.”

Hong Anbao was furious and determined. “You!” Hong Dali looked at him innocently and said, “Big Brother Anbao, there's no way I can knock you off the ground. Even if we had b.u.mped into each other, I would be the one knocked off the ground. Isn't that right?”

Hong Dali's reason was more convincing than live recordings.

Eleven out of ten wouldn't believe that Hong Dali could knock Hong Anbao off the ground.

Indeed, Hong Wei spun the gym ball in his hands as he nodded. “Dali is right. Aye, Anbao, be more careful when you walk. If you had knocked Dali off the ground and anything were to happen to him, your fifth uncle would never forgive you.”

Although Hong Wei was grinning from ear to ear, he understood the situation fully.

Hearing that from second elder Hong Wei, Hong Anbao sweated all over. “O… Okay. I understand.” At that moment, he could only hold it in. He was very adaptable to circ.u.mstances too. Walking over to Hong Dali, he apologized. “Dali, I have mistaken you earlier. Please don't hold it against me. It's my fault for being careless. I will be more careful in the future, more careful. Haha, haha.”

Hong Dali grinned, looking all amicable. “Big Brother Anbao, it's not that serious. I still have to depend on Big Brother Anbao's care in the future. My body is weak, I can only request for Big Brother Anbao to give in to me.”

Hong Anbao grunted begrudgingly and turned around without saying anything.

Seeing that Hong Dali had completely gained the upper hand, Hong Jianye was so furious the corners of his mouth were twitching. He rolled his eyes, and a thought flashed across his mind. Hong Dali is not to be trifled with. He then looked at the people surrounding Hong Dali and fired off. “Big Elder, since it's a misunderstanding, let's forget about it. But we cannot simply forgive Dali's people for barging in like that…”

Hong Tu had generously given Hong Dali a chance. He doted on Dali since Dali was little, but that didn't mean everyone received the same treatment. He turned around in an instant, faced w.a.n.g Mingyu and the rest and coldly said, “Dali is my darling grandchild, but that doesn't mean you can mess around. You have trampled on the Hong Family manor today. if I don't do anything about it, others will belittle the Hong Family. What do you have to say?”

Hong Dali called it quits. “Big Grandfather, is it that serious? They were just trying to help me. Can you just turn a blind eye to it? Hehe. I promise to respect you going forward!”

Hong Tu tapped lightly on Hong Dali's head and shook his head. “Good child, it's not a matter of turning a blind eye to it.”

w.a.n.g Mingyu and the rest stood gazing at one another. Li Nianwei took the initiative and stepped forward, bowing at Hong Tu. She softly said, “It was wrong of us to barge in like this today. If Big Elder wants to punish us, I'm willing to take all responsibility.” She owed everything to Hong Dali, as long as Hong Dali was okay, she didn't mind anything.

Seeing Li Nianwei put herself forward, the rest stepped out too. w.a.n.g Mingyu said, “Big Elder, as long as Young Master is okay, you can punish us however you want. We have no complaints.”

By saying that, it implied that everyone was willing to accept punishment.

Just as Hong Tu was about to speak, an old man emerged from the crowd and chuckled. “Old Hong, we haven't met for fifty years. Your temper hasn't changed, hehe.”

Hong Tu looked carefully at the old man and got a shock. “You are… w.a.n.g Daoming!?”

Hearing Hong Tu's exclamation, Hong Jianye knew he was in trouble.

w.a.n.g Daoming roared with laughter and approached Hong Tu directly, giving him a hug. “Yes, it's me. So you didn't forget about me. Haha. Fifty years pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. Those days when we were on the battlefield, we shared both drinks and bullets. Do you remember the time I was. .h.i.t by a stray bullet? You were the one who dug the bullet out for me!”

Hong Tu laughed as he returned the hug. “Haha, old man! I thought you went missing all these years, you never visited me even once.”

w.a.n.g Daoming curled his lips. “I wouldn't dare to step into this maze of a place. The land beyond the doors was unmeasurable! If Young Master Dali hadn't gotten himself into trouble, I wouldn't want to come here. Speaking of which, what do you intend to do with these little rascals? Give them a chance for my sake, what do you think?”

Hong Tu smiled as he hugged w.a.n.g Daoming. “You have already appeared here, how could I not honor you? We should be family by the Hong Family rules, barging into the manor is enough to keep them in jail for 3 to 10 years, for serious cases. But I'll let it go for your sake and just jail them for 3 months. It won't do if it's shorter than that.”

w.a.n.g Daoming thought about it and could only nod his head. “Three months. It's true we destroyed the manor's door. 3 months it shall be. Nianwei la.s.s and Mingyu boy, what do you say?”

Li Nianwei and the others looked at each other and said, “We'll leave it to Old Elder.”

Hong Dali stomped his foot in anger. “What are you doing? How could you jail my people for 3 months!? Wouldn't I become a general without an army when I step out of this place? I refuse!”

As he stomped with rage, Geezer w.a.n.g pulled him aside and whispered, “My Big Young Master, look at the current situation. If he didn't act on it, how will anyone respect him in the future? Trust me for once, just listen for now. We'll try to settle it later, bear with it first, okay?”

Hong Dali huffed and puffed. “I'm so angry.” But he had a virtue, which was being able to listen to others, and knew Geezer w.a.n.g was right. They had stirred up trouble and forced their way in today, there was no excuse for them to get off scot-free. He reluctantly nodded and said, “Alright then. I'll listen to you once and bear with it!”

“Haha, Young Master Dali is indeed understanding and willing to listen to others.” Geezer w.a.n.g smiled and return to Hong Tu's side. “Old Hong, shall we go get a drink together?”

“Of course.” Hong Tu put his hand on w.a.n.g Daoming's shoulder and looked at Li Nianwei, softening his glance. “You are Li Nianwei? I've heard of you. Quite a few of the young people in our family enjoy your singing. En, you are pretty, mild-tempered, and treat our Dali well. Not bad, not bad.”

Li Nianwei smiled. “Thank you, Old Elder, for your compliment.”

Hong Tu nodded and looked at w.a.n.g Mingyu and the rest. “You are w.a.n.g Mingyu? Weiguo's chauffeur in the past? En, to barge in the manor for Dali, you are indeed brave.”

w.a.n.g Mingyu had sweat all over his forehead. He quickly replied, “No, no. I did what was necessary.”

Hong Tu nodded. “Haha, loyal to your master. That's a good thing. But these are two different matters. Protecting your master deserves praise, barging into the manor deserves punishment.”

w.a.n.g Mingyu: “I understand. Everyone understands as well.”

Hong Tu spoke gently, “En, alright now. You may leave first.”

Li Nianwei and the rest followed the security out. Hong Dali ran after them with Tang Muxin. Hong Tu shouted, “Little rascal, why did you follow them out? Quick, come back!”

Hong Dali replied as he ran, “I'll sleep with them tonight. Big Grandfather, I'll come to see you tomorrow morning!”

Hong Tu helplessly said, “You rascal! Look at yourself, running after them like a monkey.”

w.a.n.g Daoming laughed and said, “Haha, Young Master Dali is so endearing. That's why we are willing to follow him.”

Hong Tu turned around and waved. “En, okay, okay. Everyone, go back and take a rest. We'll hold our family meeting at 2:00 PM tomorrow afternoon.”

Everyone replied. “Yes!”

“Go back and prepare the necessary.” The three elders, Hong Tu, Hong Wei, and Hong Ying left the hall. Hong Tu pulled w.a.n.g Daoming's hand while leaving and laughingly said, “Daoming ah, come. Let's go have a drink or two. Aiya, those war comrades that we fought with, how many of them are still around? You have to update me on everything!”

w.a.n.g Daoming sighed. “Not many. We're in our eighties, those old guys were even older than us. They have mostly returned to the ashes.”

The few of them soon arrived at a relaxing teahouse within the manor. As they sat around the table, some servants had already prepared Yuqian Longjing Tea. Hong Tu poured some tea for w.a.n.g Daoming and smiled. “Daoming, you didn't visit for so many years. How have you been? We have been through so much together, don't regard me as a stranger.”

Lo”It's been almost fifty years since we fought in the war.” w.a.n.g Daoming drank a sip of tea. “It's all in the past now. Let's not talk about it. We are already with one foot into the grave. What's the point of thinking about it now? Young Master Dali has a good mindset. Blessed are those that take things in their stride.”

Hong Wei laughed. “How did the topic change into Dali?”

w.a.n.g Daoming roared with laughter. “He… is an odd kid indeed. Other than practicing my moves, I worked in a small hair salon to earn some money for alcohol. The other day when I was riding my electric scooter, I accidentally knocked off Young Master Dali car's rearview mirror, but he didn't demand any compensation.”

Hong Tu laughed heartily. “This little rascal was being himself, a squanderer. It's normal for him not to demand compensation. What happened after?”

w.a.n.g Daoming's expression was spectacular. “I left. In my hurry, I knocked off his rearview mirror later on.”

Puuu. Hong Tu didn't hold back at all. He spat the tea out. “It must be fate.”

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