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"Young Master Yuanqing, how long do you think Hong Dali will be able to last inside?" One of Bei Yuanqing's sidekicks pandered. "My estimate is one hour at most!"

"You think too highly of him. My guess is that he won't even last half an hour!" Bei Yuanqing smiled coldly. "Until now, there hasn't been a single person who's been able to coexist peacefully with Gu Feifei for more than five minutes. This Hong Dali is quite special. Half an hour. I'll give him some face."

"My estimate is ten minutes." Another sidekick said, "Gu Feifei hates weaklings. She will knock Hong Dali's little body whichever way she likes."

"Hahaha, not bad, not bad." Bei Yuanqing nodded and laughed. "Definitely, haha!"

Inside the room.

Hong Dali examined the room after he followed Gu Feifei in. The room was neat and tidy, with clean windows. The floor was so s.h.i.+ny that it was almost reflective. Furthermore, the entire room smelled fresh with a light scent of perfume. It was evident that Gu Feifei was a neat person.

Of course, that was if you did not consider her wild temper.

"Don't you get bored if you stay here alone?" Hong Dali found his bed and placed his parcels on it.

It was simple for him to find his bed—only Gu Feifei's bed was occupied, the other three beds were completely empty?

"Boring?" Gu Feifei laid on her bed. She looked like a meat mountain. Laughing, she said, "What's boring? I've lived this way since young. I'm used to it. However," She turned around and looked at Hong Dali with a nonchalant att.i.tude, "you didn't compliment me about my strength, neither did you praise me for keeping the room tidy. Instead, you asked if I get bored. That's a first. What is your purpose? Speak. If I'm in a good mood, maybe I'll spare you some face."

Gu Feifei was known as the most challenging woman in the entire Divine College. Naturally, she came into contact with a lot of things.

In her opinion, anyone who requested to room with her all concealed their dirty secrets.

Hence, if she was in a good mood, she would still spare them some face—for instance, if someone had a bet that he could last ten minutes inside, she would only throw the person out at the eleventh minute…

"Ah? Purpose?" Hong Dali was stunned. Then, he shook his head and laid down on his bed like Gu Feifei. "What purpose can I possibly have? I'm a prodigal. My great-grandmother forced me here to study. It's my first day, so I had to choose a room. I just chose one at random."

"Oh? Random?" Gu Feifei was a little curious now. "Tell me, how did you come to choose this room?"

"Ah, that's quite interesting." Hong Dali smiled. "The admin staff asked me if I had any requests for my roommate's abilities? I said no. Then he asked, what about social status? I said no too. Then I was a.s.signed here…"

"Interesting excuse." Gu Feifei smiled. "Be honest. What do you really want? I still can't tell. However, your eyes seem quite truthful. Just now when we first met, you were stunned by my appearance. Right?"

"Speaking of which, I'm going to say something honest. Hope you don't mind." Hong Dali gulped and thought for a while before saying, "Your appearance is indeed a little… special. Hm, if we were back in my hometown, there's a very suitable word that can be used to describe you."

"Oh? What word? Let me know." Gu Feifei was not concerned.

She was well aware of her own appearance. If Hong Dali was hesitant to respond or lied to her, she probably would have already thrown him out. However, she was in no rush now that he appeared to be saying the truth.

"My people will call someone like you a manly woman." Hong Dali smiled. "I heard that you are very powerful. Combine that with your looks, it does indeed seem apt to call you a manly woman."

"Manly woman?" Gu Feifei was first stunned. Then, she suddenly laughed loudly. "Hahahaha, that's indeed a special word. Hm, I like it. Manly woman? Fine. I'll take it!"

Hong Dali gulped once he heard what Gu Feifei said—did he manage to appease her already?!

Gu Feifei was actually quite easy to talk to. Of course, there was one prerequisite. You must be truthful and honest with her.

Gu Feifei never disliked people who said that she was too ugly or too fat, or that she was too powerful. After all, those were facts that she could not hide. What she hated most was people using her as a prop in bets. This made her feel like an object instead of a human.

Hence, those who dared to make bets involving Gu Feifei usually faced tragic outcomes—after all, she had a horrible temper and terrifying combat talent attributes. That gave her the nickname of "Big Sister" at Divine College.

"Speaking of which." Gu Feifei laid on her bed and looked at Hong Dali. "Do you seriously not mind my looks?"

"Ah, I'm never concerned about money, looks, or strength when making friends." Hong Dali smiled and said, "No matter what, they won't be as rich as me, won't be as good-looking as my wives. As for strength, meh, my Hong Family doesn't really lack strength…"

Fine, that made sense. If he really tried to find someone who was on the same level as him, he would not have any friends in life.

"Fine, that makes sense." Gu Feifei smiled. "Oh right, I saw a projection footage yesterday. Your Hong Family was in a fight with Bei Family and Zhu Family? That Bei Yuanqing outside seems to be waiting to laugh at you?"

"Hm, they always want to step over our Hong Family." Hong Dali shrugged nonchalantly. "I can't be bothered to care about that though. Usually, if things don't affect me or my friends, I won't really care. Of course, if people really p.i.s.s me off, then they're in trouble."

Hong Dali was obviously annoyed by this. He soon changed the topic and said, "Alright, that stuff is boring. Your turn. Eh, right, tell me, I said that I didn't care about my roommate's social status and got sent here. What's wrong with your social status?"

Hong Dali was unconcerned about his roommate's ability and social status when offered a choice. Gu Feifei obviously had no abilities, but what was up with her social status?

"My social status?" Gu Feifei smiled. "Nothing much, actually. However, my family can be considered people who fell from grace."

She looked at the ceiling with her head on her arms. "My family is part of the Shenglong Royal Family. However, as you know, the Shenglong Royal Family is also divided into different levels and tiers. Unfortunately, my family belongs to the bottom tier.

"My father is an alcoholic and a gambler! He only knows how to drink every day. After he gets drunk, he'll go gamble. A huge portion of our family business was lost that way. I knew that he was a horrible person from the day I learned how to think. Afterward, he could no longer afford to live on Shenglong Star as he lost the entire family business. In the end, he left by himself to live happily on another planet, abandoning my mother and me here."

Hong Dali listened with his mouth agape.

He always saw these characters in movies before. However, he never expected to actually meet one in real life. Amazing!

Shenglong Royal Family! Even the poorest and weakest members would not be too incapable. However, he really lost it all?

Seems like gambling is something I can't touch… We're both prodigals, but I'm living here happily while he's struggling in a tragedy…

"Hence," Gu Feifei continued, "I wanted to beat you up when I first heard that you're a prodigal. However, I thought about it and decided not to. You're very different from my father. At least you can identify your priorities clearly and know when to be serious. Especially since I saw the footage online yesterday, it showed that you're actually a decent person. Hehe, I'm digressing…

"After my father left, only my mother was left to take care of me. Think about it, this is the Shenglong Star, home planet of the Shenglong Royal Family. We're at the lowest level of the royal family. How tough is it for a single mother and her child to survive? If we left to go to another place, we can at least lead a comfortable life. However, I wouldn't have been able to attend this college. Hence, my mother endured mockery and criticism from everyone else and worked part-time jobs as an ordinary person to earn a little money. She did it all just to raise me up. Afterward, I started school here."

Gu Feifei spoke casually, but it was not difficult for Hong Dali to imagine how much pressure she and her mother must have been under.

After all, it was fine if an ordinary person suddenly gained money and status. They could slowly elevate their quality of life.

However, if a wealthy person suddenly went bankrupt and had to survive working low-end jobs at horrible places, their mood must be…

That was why many rich merchants chose to commit suicide instead of continuing to live after they went bankrupt.

The gap. The gap was too huge for them to accept.

Furthermore, Gu Feifei came from the Royal Family! A woman from the Royal Family had to go work part-time jobs just to earn money. It was easy to imagine how difficult that period of time was for them.

Hong Dali instantly gained respect for them. He nodded and said, "Your mother is indeed amazing. However, have you never thought about asking for help from anyone?"

"Money ruins relations.h.i.+ps." Gu Feifei smiled disdainfully. "I understood that at a very young age. You have to depend on yourself no matter what. If you wait on someone else to pity you, you'll starve to death."

"That's true." Hong Dali inhaled deeply and said, "Alright, let's change the subject. Feifei, you have to eat some kind of elixirs during normal training, right? That stuff is super expensive. How do you acquire them?"

Why were most young people from Shenglong Royal Family Stellar-level warriors and above? That was because of the ma.s.sive resources in the Shenglong Royal Family. They stacked their attributes by feasting on elixirs. No matter how little talent you possessed, you would not be too much worse than everyone else once you stacked all your attributes together.

However, for Gu Feifei's family conditions…

"d.a.m.n! I almost forgot! I'm screwed!" After Gu Feifei heard what Hong Dali said, she instantly jumped out of bed and hurriedly turned on her laptop. Then, she expertly logged on a website and stared at the graphs on the screen. Then, she finally exhaled slowly. "Oh, good, good. There were no accidents. Seems like there were some increases…"

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