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"Erm, Grandpa Dean, is Gu Feifei… your relative?" Hong Dali extended his neck.

This Dean looks like he's going to take care of me. He probably a.s.signed me to the same cla.s.s as his relative?

"Gu Feifei?" Dean Fergos instantly laughed. "She's the number one genius amongst this batch of students at the Divine College. Hm, I heard that the students all call her the Big Sister."

Big… Big Sister?! I'm going to be in the same cla.s.s as the Big Sister?!

All Hong Dali could think about was the scene he saw when he first entered college. The tragic duo who were being bullied. That made his scalp tingle!

Can I still walk out alive if I go to the same cla.s.s as the Big Sister…

"Erm… erm…" Hong Dali muttered and gulped. "Dean, are you sure that I'm joining that cla.s.s?"

"Don't worry." Fergos smiled and said, "Although Gu Feifei is strong, she never killed anyone before…"

What kind of rea.s.surance was that?!

The Dean waved his hands and pa.s.sed Hong Dali a note. "Go and collect your items from the logistics department. Tell them to arrange a hostel room for you."

"Oh… alright." Since he told me to collect my items from the logistics department, it seems like I'll be staying at the boarding school here…

Hong Dali nodded and left. Soon, a service staff walked over and bowed at Hong Dali. "Hi, are you Young Master Dali? Please follow me."

They walked out of the building and turned left. Soon, Hong Dali saw three strange giant trees. They were short and wide, each measuring at only 200 meters tall. However, their diameters were all over 100 meters. Their leaves were spa.r.s.e too. Rays of sunlight escaped through the s.p.a.ce between the leaves. It was a beautiful sight.

"We're here. This is the student hostel at our Divine College." The service staff brought Hong Dali to a door and introduced it to him. "These three Emery Ancient Trees have existed for over 40,000 years without significant size changes. Please don't worry about that when you live here."

Emery Ancient Trees with over 40,000 years of history, that was indeed rea.s.suring—judging by their diameters, they could probably survive a Grade Ten earthquake. Why else would they be called emery? Hehe.

Things went much smoother now that he had someone to guide him. They walked through the front door of one of the Emery Ancient Trees and headed straight for the logistics office. The service staff said, "The Young Master Dali is here."

Once they entered the office, the admin staff immediately walked forward. "h.e.l.lo, are you Young Master Dali? The Dean has already informed me about this. Hm, do you have any special requests? Such as those regarding your roommate's ability or social status?"

It's understandable to be concerned about your roommate's social status, but ability? What does that have to do with anything?

"Hm, let me think about it." Hong Dali touched his chin. He did not possess any abilities, so that did not matter to him. He shrugged and said, "Whatever, it's fine whether they have abilities or not. Just arrange someone for me at random."

"Alright, no requests about abilities, no requests about social status." The admin staff thought about it. "Hm, then you'll go to Room 1818. Building 18, Room 18. There's only one person in this room right now. No abilities, ordinary social status, just a little temperamental. However, based on Young Master Dali's personality, things should be fine."

Oh, oh. No abilities, ordinary status, temperamental. Meh, how temperamental can he get? I'm a prodigal, not here to look for a fight.

"Thanks, bro. Hehe, then I'll head up first." Hong Dali bid them farewell and prepared to head up.

He did not get too far before he heard a sinister laugh from in front.

"Eh, yo, yo, isn't this Hong Dali? Haha, I didn't expect to see you here. What a coincidence." Hong Dali turned and saw a group of people coming towards him. The front person was obviously the leader. He had a malevolent smile and donned a handsome white coat. He was Bei Yuanqing, the one deeply embarra.s.sed and defeated by Hong Dali!

Zhu Ningyu stood next to him. She looked at Hong Dali with a complicated expression.

This prodigal was the one who embarra.s.sed her! Now that they met in college, there was no way they could let him go easily!

"Oh, it's you." Hong Dali sniffled. He was too lazy to care about him and turned around. As he walked, he said, "Did I not slap you hard enough yesterday? What, do you want to get another beating today?"

"Hong Dali!" Bei Yuanqing frowned as he realized Hong Dali was about to leave. He rushed forward and stood in front of Hong Dali, blocking his path. "Maybe I could've let you go today if you didn't mention that. However, since you brought it up yourself, don't blame me for being merciless! I'll teach you a lesson today!"

Hong Dali could only stop as Bei Yuanqing stood in his path. He smiled lazily and looked at him. He humphed. "Just say whatever you want to say. Don't waste my time. I'm looking for my room."

Looking for his room? Seems like this guy is going to be staying in school.

Bei Yuanqing instantly formulated a plan. He smiled and said, "Ah, I almost forgot about that. Hm, seems like you'll be living in school? Come, let's go. I want to see which room you're staying in. This way I'll be able to visit you more often in the future, right?"

The contents of what he said were polite, but his tone was not.

Those around him instantly gloated and laughed when they heard that.

"Oh, whatever." Hong Dali pouted and said, "Room 1818. Come if you want to. p.i.s.s off if you're not coming."

Originally, it was just a room, not a big deal. However, once they heard the room number, Bei Yuanqing and the rest were first stunned, before breaking out into thunderous laughter!

"Hahahahaha! Hong Dali, congratulations! Same room as the Big Sister, hahahaha! I can imagine how s.h.i.+tty your life will be in the future! Aiya, you're asking for trouble!"

"Yes, yes. That's the Big Sister. You're rooming with her? Wahahaha, I wonder if you can still keep your p.e.n.i.s in the future?!"

Big Sister?!

Hong Dali pretended to be nonchalant, but his thoughts were turbulent. Could it be? I'm rooming with that legendary strongest Big Sister? I seem fated with Big Sisters though. I met my Chuyin back on Earth. Now it's even better. We're rooming together! Speaking of which, will this Big Sister directly kick me out?

Of course, no matter how turbulent his thoughts were, Hong Dali had to appear calm. He looked at Bei Yuanqing and the rest and smiled. "You guys are so boring. Instead of attending lessons, you choose to show off here. Be careful, don't get caught and suffer a beating later."

"Lessons? What lessons?" Bei Yuanqing showed no concern at all. "So what if I don't go for my lessons? What's there to worry about? Oh right, speaking of which, which cla.s.s are you from?"

"Physical training faculty, Cla.s.s 18." As they spoke, they reached Room 1818. Hong Dali directly knocked. "Alright, I'm here. Why are you still here? Do you plan on entering with me?"

"Nope, not entering." Even if Bei Yuanqing was ten times braver, he still would not dare fight that Big Sister. He smiled and said, "However, we are curious about how long you'll last inside. Hm, I'm looking forward to watching you get kicked out. When you have nowhere else to stay, it'll be more convenient for me to play with you. Haha."

"Boring idiot." Hong Dali pouted.

Soon, the door opened. A girl's face appeared in front of Hong Dali. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"

Once Hong Dali saw this girl, he instantly drew in a cold breath!

Hong Dali was invincible on Earth. He feared n.o.body in the universe. He had seen it all.

He had seen all kinds of beautiful women. However, this was his first time seeing someone like that.

Hong Dali instantly thought of a sentence to describe the current situation. "How do you feel when a lady with huge stands in front of you?"

This girl in front of him was definitely a girl with huge Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were at the very least E Cup. She was over 1.95 meters tall, looking down at Hong Dali.

The most crucial problem was that, although this girl's face was indeed beautiful, when you saw her body…

Have you ever seen a football? This beauty's body shape was like that. Her waist was at least one meter in diameter. When that was paired with her small head and legs, she looked like a football!

"Gasp—" Hong Dali was unsure if she was a beautiful girl or a raptor-like girl. He sucked in a sharp breath and his eyes widened. "Ah, yes. I was a.s.signed to the room here. Are… are you Gu Feifei?"

"That's me. Are you rooming with me?" Gu Feifei inspected Hong Dali from head to toe. Then, she mumbled. "You're so small-sized. Can you even last a few rounds with me? Who a.s.signed you here?"

Hong Dali's scalp instantly tingled.

"Ah, erm, can't we coexist peacefully? I just made my requests, and they a.s.signed me here…" Hong Dali broke out into a cold sweat. He was already imaging the scene at midnight where he was being swung around in the sky with one hand by Gu Feifei like a little duckling…

Just thinking about this scene made them shudder!

"I'm temperamental. I like to beat people up." Gu Feifei finally opened the door and went into the room. "You better not try to speak to me. Otherwise, I might get angry."

"Oh, sure." Hong Dali nodded and followed her into the room.

Outside, Bei Yuanqing and the rest looked at one another before chuckling in unison.

This Hong Dali was dead for sure! Gu Feifei was famous for her erratic and horrible temper. Plenty of students attempted to challenge the high-difficulty mission of rooming with her. However, they all failed in the end. As for their outcome…

Unbearable to watch!

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