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Chapter 250: I Changed My Habit

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“He eventually did our school proud and studied at a first-tier university. Don't you think he'll cause a stir?”

Tang Mengran slammed the table in fury. “What! Xu Tingting was too quick. She called herself our vice cla.s.s monitor. Can't she be more disciplined like Nan Nan and set a good example for us? This won't do. I want to take a look at the handsome guy too!”

Having that said, Tang Mengran took off and ran toward the basketball court, leaving the rest of the people stunned.

“This Tang Mengran…” Tao Zhenqin curled the corners of her mouth. She had to 'adore' Tang Mengran. Compared to Xu Tingting, she was only slightly better.

“Xiao Qiao, you don't look good.” Zhu Baoguo was not interested in such matters. He observed that Qiao Nan, who looked quite happy earlier, turned pale at this moment. He asked with concern, “Do you feel unwell?”

“No.” Qiao Nan shook her head, thinking that it could not be so coincidental. She was most likely overthinking. “Alright, those who are keen to take a look, please go ahead. There's no need to keep me company. I need to copy the notes now.”

“Not going,” Fang Fang said decisively. “I'm going to study.”

“That…” Tao Zhenqin was a little tempted, but unfortunately, Tang Mengran ran off too quickly and she did not manage to follow suit. She felt a little embarra.s.sed if she left at this point in time.

He Yun and Zheng Lingling were more decisive. After entering high school, there was so much homework every day. How would they have the spare time to look at seniors? Time to do their homework!

Those who liked to watch the fun left and those who remained behind quiet down.

Shortly after, the cla.s.sroom of cla.s.s one was filled with silence. There was no sound except for the occasional flipping of books and writing.

However, the silence was broken by a commotion very soon. “Senior, take a look. This is the cla.s.sroom of cla.s.s one now. Is it the same as the one you used when you're still studying here? Senior, which is your previous seat?” It would be great if she had the same seat as the senior.

Xu Tingting was chattering non-stop like a sparrow. It hurt to listen to her.

Fang Fang knitted her brows and looked out of the cla.s.sroom. She saw an extremely good-looking man standing beside Xu Tingting. The rest of the people seemed to be surrounding the man.

Fang Fang raised her brows in realization. That must be the legendary senior who had too much time to spare.

“It's quite a coincidence. When I was still a student here, cla.s.s one used the same cla.s.sroom as well. It has not changed at all.” Chen Jun smiled gentlemanly.

Xu Tingting's heart melted at the sight of Chen Jun's smile. That was because he did not see the impatience and disgust in Chen Jun's eyes at all. “Can I enter the cla.s.sroom to take a look?”

“Of course you can!” Xu Tingting's eyes lit up. “Senior, look. That's my seat. Where were you seated previously?” Xu Tingting lifted her chest in arrogance. In front of the other girls who had the look of envy, she tried to steer Chen Jun toward her seat. “Senior, why don't you take a seat on my chair first?”

She was fully aware that many other girls were shamelessly trying to get close to Senior Chen because he was good-looking. Nevertheless, Senior Chen had high standards. Any ordinary folks would be overestimating themselves if they thought that they could gain Senior Chen's favor.

“Oh, it's such a coincidence. I didn't expect us to meet in less than a week.” There was a flash of guilt in Chen Jun's eyes. He looked pleasantly surprised as he strode toward Qiao Nan with his long legs.

“Hahaha…” The few girls who were earlier disappointed that they had to sit by the side and watch as Xu Tingting got close to Chen Jun immediately covered their mouth and laughed secretly.

Xu Tingting was complacent and rolled her eyes at them. The current situation was superb. It was much more so since it particularly involved Qiao Nan. It was simply fabulous!

Qiao Nan, who was looking down and hiding her face, had a headache when she heard Chen Jun. Qiao Nan scratched her forehead and looked at Chen Jun. “You are?”

The bright smile on Chen Jun's face stiffened. “Last Sunday, in the small alley. Like this.” Chen Jun made a kicking action. He did not believe that Qiao Nan had forgotten what happened last week.

“Oh, it's you. Thank you so much for your help previously. Sorry, I've studied too much and become a moron. Remembering the knowledge in the textbooks aside, my memory is not very good when it comes to other matters. Moreover, I'm poor at recognizing faces. Don't take it to heart.” Qiao Nan patted her forehead as if she finally remembered who Chen Jun was. “Oh yes, you told me last time that you graduated from Ping Cheng High School.”

Chen Jun was so wealthy. His father was the police commissioner. Chen Jun did not attend The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China. Did he come to Ping Cheng High School to experience life?!

“Last week?” Tang Mengran blinked her eyes. She seemed to have realized something as she looked at Chen Jun with admiration. “Nan Nan met a robber last week on her way to school and was saved by someone. Were you the one who helped her?” She had said that it was the case of a hero saving a beauty, but Nan Nan would not admit it.

“So you're called Nan Nan?” Chen Jun said in a deep tone. Somehow, when Chen Jun said the two words 'Nan Nan', it sounded like a bad premonition.

Tang Mengran sounded affectionate when she called Nan Nan, but Chen Jun's 'Nan Nan' was like a spider web, sticky and pestering. It sounded as if he was calling someone he liked. It gave people the gooseb.u.mps.

Xu Tingting, who was ignored, stomped her feet thrice. She could not take it lying down any longer. She pushed away those around Chen Jun and stood beside him. Thereafter, she looked at Qiao Nan and faked a smile. “Qiao Nan, do you know Senior Chen?”

Why was Qiao Nan involved in everything? First, it was Instructor Zhou, and now, Senior Chen. Was Qiao Nan the reincarnation of the seductive fox spirit? All the good men in the world knew Qiao Nan and were so good to her!

“That's right. Qiao Nan, why didn't you mention it earlier that you know Senior Chen? Someone thought that she knew Senior Chen very well, or rather, knew him best.” One of the girls could not help saying this sarcastically.

“So you're the one who helped Xiao Qiao last time. Thanks so much.” Zhu Baoguo moved forward to s.h.i.+eld Qiao Nan and smiled narrowly.

Chen Jun smiled in return as he looked at Zhu Baoguo. “Are you thanking me on behalf of Nan Nan as her cla.s.smate?”

“Senior Chen, you've misunderstood. Zhu Baoguo is not thanking you as Qiao Nan's cla.s.smate. He's thanking you as Qiao Nan's boyfriend. Our whole cla.s.s knows about them!” Xu Tingting said loudly.

Zhu Baoguo's face turned black. For the sake of Xiao Qiao, he did not stick to Xiao Qiao during or after school. He was usually together with the boys in the cla.s.s. Xu Tingting's mouth was way beyond rude to have made such false statements. “Xu Tingting, in the past, I didn't have the habit of hitting a woman. But in the future, I have decided to change my habit when I encounter shameless women.”

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