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Chapter 691: Curiosity

What? Xiao Luo and the National G.o.ddess Su Li are husband and wife?

Tan Zisheng was astonished, and the look on his face alternated between shock and embarra.s.sment. He felt ashamed of his actions and poor choice of words earlier.

“Huh! So that’s how she could become the national G.o.ddess. Turns out all she had to do was hook a rich man. Pah! She’s only depending on her pretty face and has no talent at all!” Bai Xia hissed, insulting Su Li with biting sarcasm. She intended to attack anyone who offended Tan Zisheng.

The moment she said these words, the atmosphere in the room fell into an awkward silence. Bai Xia was exceedingly obnoxious, and no one could tolerate her poor behavior.

Xiao Ruyi stood up and glared at Bai Xia. “You! Leave now… just get lost!” she shrieked, pointing angrily at the door.

“Fine, I wouldn’t want to stay another longer than I have to! Zisheng, let’s go!”

Bai Xia thought that by showing her support for Tan Zisheng, he would forgive her. However, just as she was about to reach out to hold his hand, she shrank back timidly when she noticed Tan Zisheng’s murderous stare.

As he glared at this uncouth and self-righteous woman, Tan Zisheng was seething. If Bai Xia had not made a mess of the situation, the outcome would have been very different, perhaps even perfect. He really couldn’t that such a foolish woman existed in the world. She was nothing more than a pig. No, she was worse than a pig!

“Mr. Xiao, Ms. Su, I…”

He wanted to apologize, but he found no words to say. In the end, he bowed deeply and apologize to everyone in the private room, before he promptly made to leave the room.

“Zisheng, wait for me!”

Bai Xia tailed after Tan Zisheng like a shadow, and just as she was about to reach the door of the private room, her rage got the better of her. She was indignant at Tan Zisheng’s mistreatment and blamed Xiao Luo and the others for his foul mood. “How could you sit there enjoying your meal? Go to h.e.l.l, the lot of you!”

Suddenly, she picked up a bottle of beer from the table nearby and vented her anger by throwing it at their table. Whether she intended to, the bottle sailed toward the large pot of soup in the center of the table.

Zhang Dashan, Chai Zhiying, and everyone else seated around the table turned pale, for they never expected that Bai Xia would take such drastic action. The bottle of beer was about to smash into the pot and splatter boiling soup all over everyone!

“Be careful!”

Zhang Dashan shouted out a warning for everyone to duck.

But something unbelievable happened. The bottle of beer suddenly stopped in its trajectory and hovered about ten centimeters above the pot of soup. Incredibly, it remained suspended in the air, as if an invisible hand had grabbed it.

Everyone was stunned beyond words! Bai Xia and Tan Zisheng, who had yet to leave the room, were so shocked that froze where they stood.

“Look, Daddy is performing a magic trick! Awesome, Daddy!” Su Xiaobei cheered.

As if on cue, everyone turned and looked at Xiao Luo. They realized his palm was outstretched as if he was clutching the beer bottle, but he was nowhere near the bottle. It appeared that the reason this beer bottle stayed in the air was because of Xiao Luo.

It was no magic trick, but the ability to control things through the air!

Holy f*ck, there was such skill in this world?

Zhang Dashan, Su Canye, and the others gathered in the room were even more astonished now. So much so that they did not realize the cutlery in their hands had fallen to the ground.

Xiao Luo coldly glanced at Bai Xia and flicked his palm in her direction. The bottle of beer that was hovering in the air suddenly spun and shot off like a bolt of lightning toward Bai Xia.


The beer bottle flew right into Bai Xia’s face and struck her forehead, instantly shattering and spilling its contents all over the floor.

Bai Xia staggered a few steps back and collapsed to the floor. Blood flowed profusely from her forehead all over her face, and seeing the blood, Bai Xia panicked and immediately wailed.

Xiao Luo stood up, pushed his chair away, and walked ominously toward Bai Xia. His face was dark with rage, and he could not forgive Bai Xia for her callous actions. She would soon learn that such a dangerous act would invite a very harsh response.

“Mr. Xiao, please calm down. I’m sorry… I apologize on behalf of Bai Xia!”

Tan Zisheng pleaded as he hurried back to protect Bai Xia. Despite his intention to annul the engagement, he found it hard to stand aside and watch Bai Xia get beaten up.


Bai Xia hid behind Tan Zisheng and held on to his sleeve in abject fear. The murderous aura permeating the room made her feel true fear for the first time in her life.

“You idiot, hurry up and apologize to Mr. Xiao!” Tan Zisheng turned around and roared anxiously.

“I… I am sorry…”

Bai Xia no longer dared to show her arrogance. She sobbed and apologized profusely. What she saw in Xiao Luo now frightened her, for he appeared like a monster about to kill her. His devilish eyes looked strange and sinister.

“F*ck off and don’t let me see you again!” Xiao Luo scowled.

Xiao Luo had a bad temper. If not for the fact that Su Xiaobei, Su Li, and his sister Xiao Ruyi were there, Bai Xia would not have been able to leave so easily.

“Thank you… Thank you, Mr. Xiao!”

Tan Zisheng was relieved. It almost felt like Xiao Luo had granted him amnesty. He thanked Xiao Luo profusely before pulling Bai Xia away and fled the room.

The incident ruined the cheerful atmosphere of the gathering. Xiao Luo was so furious that he was on the verge of throttling Bai Xia. However, being the host, he composed himself again. He turned around and returned to his seat with a smile, and the murderous look he wore vanished just like that.

“Daddy, help me wipe my mouth.”

Su Xiaobei said in her cute little child’s voice as she pouted and raised her head to Xiao Luo, showing the traces of soup around her mouth.

Xiao Luo chuckled and said, “Okay, Daddy will wipe it for you.”

He took a piece of tissue and gently wiped off the stains from Su Xiaobei’s mouth.

When Xiao Luo raised his head, he realized everyone was looking at him. “Aren’t you enjoying your meals? Why are you looking at me?” he asked.

“Brother, what martial arts technique did you just use? Can you teach me? Were you trained by a mysterious martial arts master?” Xiao Ruyi asked as her eyes shone with amazement. She was quite interested in this sort of mysterious skills.

Tang Ren nodded his head repeatedly, absolutely awed and in agreement with his wife, Ruyi.

“Where have you been f*cking hiding it all this while? If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe that such martial arts existed in this world! Old Xiao, you have to teach me!” Zhang Dashan said.

Chai Zhiying, who was standing by the side of the room, did not say anything. She just stared at Xiao Luo with her eyes wide open.

Su Canye, on the other hand, jumped from his seat and ran to Xiao Luo. “Brother-in-law, I also want to learn this crazy and explosive martial arts. If I can learn it, I’ll be able to pick up girls effortlessly. Please, I am your brother-in-law, so you must teach me this!”

In front of Xiao Luo, he didn’t dare to address himself as Young Master, and besides, he had a favor to ask of Xiao Luo.

“Li, what did I tell you before? This guy is full of hidden talents!” Shen Qingyan said.

Su Li looked at Xiao Luo without blinking her beautiful eyes. Indeed, this man of hers was mysterious.

“Daddy, I want to learn this magic trick as well!” Su Xiaobei cried, joining in the chorus with her little face filled with excitement.

Xiao Luo felt a headache coming on. He had merely released a little of his inner power, but it seemed mysterious to the others. Without a doubt, he would have to spend a lot of time explaining himself this time.

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