Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 409 - Let’s See Who Is Better at Acting

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! -

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Chapter 409: Let’s See Who Is Better at Acting

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Tang Xi and Qiao Liang’s plan was to make Qin Xinying lose everything she had. If they just let her come back to China, as time went by, people would forget about what she had done, and then she could show up again with the ident.i.ty of the heiress to the Qin’s Group. She wouldn’t be truly punished unless they made her utterly discredited. And if she was found to have a.s.sault Tang Xi in public, she would lose all of her reputation.

She stole Tang Xi’s design drawings, forced Tang Xi to admit the design drawings were hers, a.s.saulted Tang Xi when she refused her and even plotted with Xu Fang to murder Tang Xi…

Tang Xi clenched the recording pen in her hand and a cold gleam flickered across her eyes. It had been quite a while before she looked up at Qiao Liang and asked, “How did you get this recording pen?”

There was the audio of Xu Fang and Qin Xinying’s conversations in the recording pen. She didn’t expect the two of them actually plotted against her. She had thought only Xu Fang wanted to set her up, but it turned out that she plotted with Qin Xinying! Should she thank them for taking her so seriously?

Tang Xi was so angry that her hands trembled. Seeing this, Qiao Liang reached out to hold Tang Xi’s hands and said in a low voice, “I had found out that Qin Xinying tried to set you up, but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be sad and there was plenty of time for us to sort her out, but I didn’t expect that she just didn’t give up with setting you up. We must not let her off easily.”

Tang Xi pursed her lips and said, “Send the audio to the police. With this evidence, Qin Xinying will be convicted of intentional a.s.sault at least! I must teach her a lesson! By the way, release the audio on the Internet. I want everyone to know what kind of person Qin Xinying is!”

“In this case, we should go to the hospital now.” Qiao Liang frowned. “Then you won’t be able to attend Lawrence’s dinner party.”

Tang Xi’s eyes had a sly gleam when she heard his words. She smiled at Qiao Liang as she said, “Tell Lawrence I’m hospitalized and Lawrence will come to visit me. Then the French media will report this news.”

She didn’t want to attend the dinner party that much anyways. She agreed to attend it just because it was held by Lawrence. She wanted to take the chance to advertise The Queen. But now she had something more meaningful to do.

Qiao Liang looked at Tang Xi and shook his head with a smile. He touched the tip of her nose and said, “Long Xiao has a hospital in Paris. Let’s go there.” To treat its injured agents, Long Xiao Group established hospitals of their own all over the world.

The two of them immediately headed for the hospital. The chief of the hospital was already waiting for her and soon arranged a ward for Tang Xi when they arrived. They had even prepared the inspection report for Tang Xi. Surprised at the hospital’s speed, Tang Xi took a look at Qiao Liang and said in admiration, “This hospital is so efficient!”

Qin Xinying smiled and rubbed at Tang Xi’s hair. “I’ll send this audio to the police station, and I’ve made the arrangements in the Qin Xinying won’t be able to get out of the so easily this time. She will have to pay a heavy price even if she can be released.”

His eyes had a cold gleam as he said this. “We should let them know don’t mess up with the wrong people!”

Tang Xi smiled, took his hand and gazed at him, nodding. “Okay, I can take care of myself. Go about your business. Don’t forget to call Lawrence and Carl with my cell phone.”

Qiao Liang raised his eyebrows, grunted in response and turned to leave.

In the police station, Qin Xinying kept explaining in English, “I didn’t touch her! She fell over by herself. I swear I didn’t touch her! I had no reason to a.s.sault her! If you don’t believe me, you can make her confront me! I can prove I’m innocent!”

She didn’t know why these policemen suddenly arrested her, but she knew she had to do something. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t be able to get out of here!

“Did you hear me? I didn’t touch her! Make her confront me!”

“Confront you? She is in the hospital now. How can she confront you?! The hospital will send us her injury a.s.sessment report soon, and then you will know whether you a.s.saulted her or not!” A black police officer glanced at her with a straight face and said coldly.

Qin Xinying frowned and yelled, “Hospitals can fabricate reports. They are setting me up! You must find out the truth!”

“Do you have a problem with our country’s hospitals?!” A white policeman couldn’t bear it any longer. He stood up and walked up to Qin Xinying who was locked behind bars as he stated coldly, “Our country’s hospitals are better than any other country’s! They won’t fabricate the report! Stop slandering others!”

Qin Xinying paused and stared hatefully at that policeman, shouting, “I said I had no reason to hurt her! We are good friends! Why should I hurt her?!”

She changed her strategy. She squatted down and looked pitifully at that policeman, saying imploringly, “You have to trust me. No one else cares about her more than me. I will never ever hurt her. Please trust me!”

The white man frowned and was about to speak when another policeman sitting in front of a computer suddenly said, “The Chinese sent us an audio after we informed them of this matter. Come here. Let’s listen to the audio.”

The policeman spoke in French, so Qin Xinying had no idea what he was talking about. She frowned and was about to speak, when the two policemen came over and the audio was played. Hearing the audio, Qin Xinying widened her eyes in shock. She had deleted the audio! Why did it appear here?!

She swallowed and comforted herself. Don’t be afraid. They don’t understand Chinese, so they won’t do anything to her!

The policemen didn’t understand Chinese but they could tell one of the speakers was Qin Xinying…

One of the policemen turned on the translating machine and inputted the audio into it. Soon their conversation was translated into French…

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