Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 407 - None of You Can Survive

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Chapter 407: None of You Can Survive

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Kloss Yves frowned, narrowed his eyes and took a look at his butler. At this time, a coquettish woman hurried out of the castle. She glances at Qiao Liang and her eyes hold a gleam of surprise, but soon she retrieved l her gaze and said to Kloss Yves, “Boss, the stock prices of all our companies are plunging and now have hit the down limit… besides, a few of our companies are facing bankruptcy and three holding companies have been purchased by Long Xiao Group.”

“What?!” Kloss Yves was shocked to hear the news. He stared at Qiao Liang and narrowed his eyes, asking, “Long Xiao Group?”

If it was just Long Xiao Organization, he didn’t fear them, because Long Xiao Organization was just an underworld organization. Even though they were very powerful in the underworld, they couldn’t bring down the Kloss family easily. However, if it was Long Xiao Group, it was a different story…

Long Xiao Group was the core of global finance. Its existence was of great significance to global economic trade. Even governments dared not offend them, because Long Xiao Group was the largest arms dealer in the world. State leaders would have to show respect to Long Xiao Group’s bosses. Even the French president dared not mess with them, let alone Ciffa Gang!

Qiao Liang turned up the corners of his lips. He looked calm but his eyes had a cold gleam. He turned his eyes to Kloss Yves, asking, “Mr. Kloss, you seem to be surprised at my ident.i.ty.” Then he took a look at Kloss Lov who was still lying on the ground and said flatly, “Don’t you know that Long Xiao Organization and Long Xiao Group have the same boss?”

“You don’t even know Mr. Q? Are you really the master of Ciffa Gang?” Little Five snorted, dragged Kloss Lov up from the ground and looked at him darkly. “Hey, weren’t you still on your high horse just now? How dare you molest our Young Mistress? And you even tried to kidnap our Young Mistress and Young Master? Are you tired of your life?”

“Daddy! Help me!” Kloss Lov looked at his father imploringly.

He was scared. He didn’t know this guy was so tough! As the young master of Ciffa Gang, he had surely heard of Long Xiao which had mastered the power of the global underworld. They didn’t hire mercenaries, but trained their own agents. Those agents were all trained in the Devil Island and were mostly listed among the top international killers. Any one of them was as dangerous as a whole army…

Thinking of what he did to Tang Xi, Kloss Lov regretted it so much. If he had known Qiao Liang was from the Long Xiao Organization, he would never ever said those words to Tang Xi! He would only treat her as a G.o.ddess to look at and not touch!

Kloss Yves looked at his son, clenched his hands and stepped forward. He said to Qiao Liang in a low voice, “Mr. Q, I’m terribly sorry! Please forgive my son. I’ll take the punishment for him.”

Qiao Liang took a look at Kloss Yves and a cold gleam flickered across his eyes. He would never leave himself any future trouble. If he released Kloss Yves and his son, they would absolutely take revenge on Long Xiao Group. Therefore, he laughed when he heard Kloss Yves’s words. Kloss Yves looked at Qiao Liang in doubt and the latter suddenly looked up at him and gave a sarcastic smile, asking, “Why should I forgive him?”

Then he ordered coldly, “Kill them all.”

Kloss Yves’s face turned pale and Qiao Liang looked at him and smiled. “I’m sorry, Mr. Kloss, you know my secret, so you have to spend the rest of your life in Long Xiao’s jail.”

Kloss Yves and Kloss Lov were shocked by their words. They stared at Qiao Liang in disbelief and Kloss Yves asked, “Mr. Q, are you going to kill us?!”

Qiao Liang looked at him and answered with a smile, “Yes, your guess is right.”

“In this case…” Kloss Yves’s eyes had a dark gleam. He suddenly took out his gun and shot at Qiao Liang who quickly took Tang Xi’s hand and dodged the bullets. Kloss Yves narrowed his eyes and turned to run, leaving Kloss Lov behind.

Qiao Liang looked at his back, sneered and coldly said, “You guys don’t have to live if Kloss Yves escapes.”

As soon as he said this, gunshots were heard. Kloss Yves who was running suddenly stopped, looked back in disbelief and slowly fell down to the ground. Qiao Liang took a look at his body and sneered. He took Tang Xi into a car, ordering, “Clean up this place. I want to see all the properties of Kloss Yves became Long Xiao Group’s by tomorrow.”

Little Five lowered his head and said, “Yes, sir.” Then he looked back at the agents behind him, saying, “Dispose of the body and take Kloss Lov back.”

The agents immediately carried out his order. One of the agents looked at Qiao Liang and Tang Xi’s car with interest and asked Little Five with a smile, “Hey, Little Five, is that girl our Young Master’s sweetheart? She is good. Although she looked delicate, she was very courageous. She didn’t even bat her eyelids when she saw a man being killed in front of her. She didn’t seem to be scared when the bullets almost hit her! Are you sure she is from a rich family?”

Little Five took a look at that agent and said with a frown, “Why did you ask me this question? You should ask Young Master.”

In his view, Miss Xiao was actually stunned by the scary scene. She was just too shocked to respond!

She must be too scared to scream… Fortunately, Young Master protected her. Otherwise, she might have been killed by Kloss Yves!

Tang Xi who was sitting in the car had no idea that the agents of Long Xiao Organization were gossiping about her. She looked at Qiao Liang and asked, “Why did you kill him?”

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