Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 404 - Got Captured

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Chapter 404: Got Captured

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

Tang Xi looked back at Qin Xinying who was watching their car being hit with a cold smile on her face. Tang Xi had a cold gleam in her eyes and coldly said, “I should thank these people for helping me make up my mind to take revenge on Qin Xinying as harshly as I can in the future. I’ll make her regret every single of her life for what she has done to me.”

Qiao Liang took Tang Xi’s hand and the latter smiled and shook her head at him. At this time, someone picked up Qiao Liang’s call. Before the other side answered, Qiao Liang said, “Surround the Colton Castle. Make the Kloss family disappear from France by 4pm.”

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows and took a look at Qiao Liang who smiled at her and continued, “I’ll see Kloss Lov myself. Prepare a car for me. We’re going to the Colton Castle.”

Qiao Liang hung up the call and asked Tang Xi, “Are you ready?”

Tang Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Qiao Liang opened the car door and the two of them walked out of the car at the same time. The cafe had been surrounded by many people and someone had called the police. However, as the Kloss family was too powerful, the policemen dared not step forward. As soon as the two of them got out of the car, they were captured by those people. Tang Xi frowned and turned her eyes to Qiao Liang who coldly said, “We can go with you, but don’t touch her. Otherwise…”

Qiao Liang looked coldly at the man who grabbed Tang Xi’s arm. That person felt a chill on his spine, quickly relaxed his grip of Tang Xi’s arm and signaled her to get into the car. Glancing at Qin Xinying who was smugly watching this scene, Tang Xi pursed her lips and said, “Now that you’ve made your choice, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

“You don’t know how powerful the Kloss family is in Paris, right?” Qin Xinying looked casually at Tang Xi and her eyes were full of sarcasm. “Do you think this is China? I doubt whether you can walk out of the Colton Castle alive.”

Tang Xi’s eyes had a chilly gleam. She looked at Qin Xinying and narrowed her eyes. “Let’s wait and see.”

Qin Xinying snorted. “Okay, I wait for you, as long as you can survive. Tang Xi, you can’t blame me for this. It’s all your fault. You’re too stupid and stubborn.”

Tang Xi didn’t bother to speak to Qin Xinying anymore. She turned to get into the car and Qiao Liang followed her in. The Kloss family people were confused. Why did Master send them here just to catch this man and the woman who didn’t look dangerous at all? They were mercenaries! This was like using a steam-roller to crack nuts!

Tang Xi and Qiao Liang sat in the car and surrounded by the Kloss family people. Tang Xi took a look at Qiao Liang who held her hand. She then smiled and asked those people, “Are you all from the Kloss family?”

She asked in French, so they could understand her but none of them answered. They didn’t want to waste time on a captive.

Getting no response from them, Tang Xi pursed her lips and continued, “You should have advised your young master not to do this to us. I wasn’t in the wrong. Why did he catch me? Besides, what’s the problem with Mr. Kloss Yves? His son did wrong. He should make it up to the victim. Why did he kidnap us? That’s ridiculous.”

They had angered Qiao Liang who could be very dangerous. As far as she knew, Qiao Liang had called Lu Li… to bid him to make the whole Kloss family disappear from France. It seemed that he was angry indeed this time.

The mercenaries frowned and pointed a gun against Tang Xi’s forehead, shouting coldly, “Shut up, or else I’ll shoot your head.”

Qiao Liang who was sitting beside Tang Xi narrowed his eyes, suddenly s.n.a.t.c.hed the gun from the mercenary’s hand and hit his head with his elbow. The mercenary was knocked out. Another mercenary was about to attack him, when Qiao Liang took him by the neck with another hand and stunned him. The mercenary sitting in the co-pilot seat looked back in shock and Qiao Liang quickly knocked his head against the window and knocked him out too…

Tang Xi knew Qiao Liang was going to attack the last mercenary driving the car. She rushed up and stabilized the steering wheel. Qiao Liang gave an appreciative look at her, held the man’s head and pulled him back hard. Tang Xi nimbly jumped into the driver’s seat and began to drive the car. The whole process only took two minutes. Qiao Liang moved so fast that the mercenaries didn’t even have time to respond. The car was still moving smoothly on the road…

Qiao Liang dragged the mercenary still on the co-pilot seat back and sat on the seat. Tang Xi looked at Qiao Liang and said with a smile, “Those people would never have dreamed that you were the Q of Long Xiao. If they knew, they would regret messing with you.”

These mercenaries thought they were weak and didn’t even bind them up. They were being stupid.

Qiao Liang took a look at Qiao Liang, saying, “Well done.”

Tang Xi shrugged. Suddenly, she felt a gun was pointing against the back of her head. Tang Xi scowled and pursed her lips. Qiao Liang had also found one of the mercenaries had woken up. That mercenary gave a ferocious smile and shouted, “Go to h.e.l.l!”

Then he pulled the trigger and shot Tang Xi in the back of the head. Before Qiao Liang had the time to take any action, that man had already shot.

Qiao Liang growled, “No!”

The mercenary gave a dark smile, but the next second, the woman suddenly disappeared. The car had no driver and began to dashed around in various directions on the road. Qiao Liang s.n.a.t.c.hed his gun and shot at his head. The mercenary immediately died. Even when he died, he had no idea what had happened. Why did that woman suddenly disappear from his eyes?!

Without a driver, the car was about to hit a telegraph pole, when Tang Xi suddenly appeared on the driver’s seat again. She widened her eyes, held the steering wheel and braked hard. On the very second before the car hit the telegraph pole, the car stopped. However, as soon as they stopped, their car was surrounded by several cars.

Tang Xi knew they were very dangerous now. If they got out of the car, they would be shot to death! She took a look at Qiao Liang. No matter how good Qiao Liang was at martial arts, he couldn’t move faster than bullets!

Qiao Liang said, “Let’s exchange seat. I’ll drive the car.”

Tang Xi gave a questioning look at Qiao Liang, but still quickly exchanged seats with him.

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