Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 383 - That’s Way Too Harsh

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Chapter 383: That’s Way Too Harsh

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Qiao Liang cast a questioning look at Chu Ling who patted his shoulder and said meaningfully, “Your girlfriend is a designer. If you can design her a beautiful necklace, I bet she will be moved! Just listen to me, design a necklace for her to communicate your apology.” With that, he turned to walk towards the factory.

Qiao Liang stared at his feet and pondered. It had been quite a while before he walked into the factory

Tang Xi was discussing with Li Manyan about some design issues and suddenly saw Qiao Liang come in. She took a look at Qiao Liang and continued to discuss with Li Manyan ignoring him. “I like your idea. It’ll be more fas.h.i.+onable if we trim this dress with black lace. Let’s do as you have suggested.”

Li Manyan nodded with a smile. “President Xiao, I heard you had a cold yesterday. Do you feel better now?”

Tang Xi raised her eyebrows. She went to Chanel’s show yesterday with the ident.i.ty of Tang Xi and didn’t show up to the factory. Chu Ling must have told them she got a cold, so she didn’t come over. Thinking of this, she nodded and said, “I’m much better. Thank you for your hard work. The Queen’s future counts on you designers.”

Li Manyan blushed. “No, President Tang, we should thank you. You hired us and gave us chances although we just graduated from school…”

“That’s because you deserve this.” Tang Xi took a look at Jin Han who seemed to be unhappy that she talked with Li Manyan for too long. She smiled as she said, “Go about your business. I’ll see how the others are doing.”

From the very beginning to the end, she ignored Qiao Liang.

Qiao Liang who was completely ignored looked at her expressionlessly. He wanted to follow Tang Xi, but at this time his cell phone rang. He took a look at the caller ID, frowned and picked up the call. The other side of the line said, “Young Master, the Kloss family is searching for Lov, which might cause Miss Xiao troubles. Now…”

Qiao Liang took a look at Tang Xi, pursed his lips and asked, “Have you got any useful information from Lov?”

“Not yet. He insisted who he hara.s.sed was a starlet, not knowing who Tang Xi was.”

Qiao Liang frowned and said coldly, “Lock them into the dark room. No one shall speak to them. And put some clocks in the dark room.”

Little Five was speechless. “…” Young Master, that’s way too harsh.

“Okay, I see. When will you come over, Young Master?”

Qiao Liang turned his eyes to Tang Xi who was speaking to a designer. He pursed his lips, saying, “I’ll go there within an hour.”

Qiao Liang hung up the call, looked around and spotted Chu Ling was chatting with a embroider. The former seemed to be expressing his views and looked excited. Qiao Liang came up to him and said to him in Chinese, “Send Xiao Rou home. Lov’s father might make trouble for her. Don’t send her to her apartment but send her to a hotel. I’ll be going now.”

Chu Ling raised his eyebrows, asking, “Going to design the necklace?”

Qiao Liang frowned. Thinking of the advice Chu Ling just gave to him, he pondered and shook his head as he said, “My men can’t get any useful clues from Lov who said he merely hara.s.sed a starlet and had no idea who Tang Xi was, so I decided to interrogate him by myself.”

“Maybe he did think Tang Xi was just a starlet?”

Qiao Liang shook his head and said, “Someone must have mislead him to believe Tang Xi is just a starlet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to hara.s.s Xixi in public.”

“Why did you make your current girlfriend disguise as your ex-girlfriend? Look at the trouble you have caused!” Chu Ling curled his lips and asked Qiao Liang, “So is your ex-girlfriend dead or hiding somewhere? What if she shows up and exposes your lie one day? Then what will you do?”

Qiao Liang raised his eyebrows, looked at Tang Xi and turned up the corners of his mouth, saying, “It’s not gonna happen. And making Xiao Rou disguise as Tang Xi is the safest way. Only by doing this can we protect the properties of the Tang Family.”

“Are you trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the properties of the Tang Family?” Chu Ling looked at Qiao Liang and said disapprovingly, “From what I know of you, you’re not such a person. Why do you want to do this? And I don’t think Xiao Rou looks like a greedy person.”

Qiao Liang gazed deeply at Chu Ling and patted his shoulder, saying, “You’ll get the answer one day. I have to go now. Take care of Xiao Rou for me.”

“Hey, why do you leave this trouble to me??” Chu Ling suddenly felt he should have pretended not to know Qiao Liang. Then Qiao Liang wouldn’t have asked him to do these troublesome things for him! He felt he had fallen into a trap! He made a big mistake!

Gazing at Qiao Liang’s receding figure, Tang Xi frowned and an aggrieved gleam flashed through her eyes. He left just because she ignored him? Why didn’t he even try to obtain her forgiveness? To her disappointment, he left without looking at her! Then why didn’t he just agree to break up with her?

“Don’t look anymore. The door is going to be pierced by your gaze.” Chu Ling came over and jested. Tang Xi took back her gaze, picked up a piece of cloth and pretended to be busy draping it. “You have seen it wrong. I’m not looking at the door. I’m just pondering.”

“Oh? You’re pondering by gazing at the door?” Chu Ling raised his eyebrows and looked at Tang Xi, saying, “These workers are skilled. They have had decades of work experiences, so you can rest a.s.sured. They will make better clothes than you will.”

Tang Xi nodded and said, “I’m satisfied with their work. They perfectly present my design intentions. I like their work.”

“Let’s have lunch together.” Chu Ling smiled. “We haven’t had a meal together yet. I’ll treat you to this meal to thank you for saving my life last time. Although I almost fainted back then, I could remember you operated on me and saved me. Are you a doctor?”

Tang Xi’s heart beat faster when she heard this question. She smiled and evaded his question. “Can you wait for me for a little bit longer? Also can we have some French food?”

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