Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 357 - Met So Many Handsome Men!(2)

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Chapter 357: Met So Many Handsome Men!(2)

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Qiao Liang took a look at Xiao Jing and frowned, but the latter immediately raised his chin and said, “My father said he was worried about Rourou’s safety, so he asked me to accompany her. Do you prefer me or my father coming here?”

Qiao Liang just ignored Xiao Jing’s question, took Tang Xi’s hand and walked into the company. Tang Xi broke free of his hand, and looked at him imploringly, saying, “This is my company. You should respect me! Otherwise, people will think I founded this company because of your help.”

Qiao Liang stopped, frowned and gazed deeply at her before asking in a deep voice, “Then where did you get the one million-yuan registered capital? Where did you get the one million-yuan rental? And where did you get the one million-yuan start-up fund?”

Tang Xi curled her lip and said, “They are from my endors.e.m.e.nt fee.”

“Yes, you’re right, so you yourself earned this money. You founded this company not because of me but depending on yourself.” Qiao Liang looked at Tang Xi with a straight face, and said, “You should have the aura of a boss! This!” Qiao Liang pointed at the ground he was standing on, and said with a deadpan look, “This is your territory. You have the say. If anyone dares slander you or gossips about you, just throw him out. He is not welcome here!”

Oh, he was so domineering! Chen Ziyan was fascinated by his charm. No wonder he was called Prince Charming Qiao! He was so attractive, and manly!

Tang Xi gave a faint smile and turned to leave. Chen Ziyan exclaimed in her heart, ‘Oh, Xiao Rou is domineering too! Especially that indifferent yet confident look she gave to Qiao Liang just now! Oh, she is my G.o.ddess!’

Tang Xi took them to her office, and was about to ask them to wait for her for a while, because she would go to Chu Ling’s office, when Chu Ling’s growl was heard, “Xiao Rou! Do you still want your company? I’ve earned you this precious chance to attend the Paris Fas.h.i.+on Week, and have contacted top models for you! And you just reward me by muddling through your work? Where are the finished clothes? Where are they? I see none of them! I told you to arrive at the company at 6pm. But what’s the time now? You’re simply a…”

“A what?” Qiao Liang looked back at the angry Chu Ling and asked with a straight face, “What do you think she is?”

“Well, a person who doesn’t keep her word.” Chu Ling swallowed back the word he was about to spit out, and looked at Tang Xi, asking helplessly, “Where are the drafts and the clothes I want?”

“Where are your works?” Before Tang Xi answered him, Qiao Liang looked at Chu Ling and asked, “I remember you have many works available. Do you want me to go to your home and get them?”

Chu Ling stared at Qiao Liang with wide open eyes, like an innocent girl raped by a bad guy. “You… you… you thief! Why should I give you my work? You’re simply insulting me!”

“So you don’t want to take your work out?” Qiao Liang squinted at Chu Ling, and said with a smile, “Then shall I change them into waste paper or…”

“Qiao Liang! I’ll be angry!” Chu Ling glared at Qiao Liang aggrievedly. His supercilious manner in front of Tang Xi had disappeared. If his men saw him being like this, they would be shocked!

“So?” Qiao Liang looked at Chu Ling, asking, “Do you want me to tell people that when you were little…”

“That’s enough!” Chu Ling shouted, “Alright, alright. I’ll give her five sets of clothes. As for the rest …” he pointed at Tang Xi and said seriously, “She’ll have to prepare them herself!”

“Oh, why are you so scared of me?”

“I’m scared of you, because you always play dirty!” Chu Ling glared at Qiao Liang, saying gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, “If you leak my whereabouts to my father, I’ll kill you. Even if I might be locked up by you, I’ll still try my best to kill you!”

Tang Xi looked at the two quarreling in puzzlement. Qiao Liang gave a casual smile and seemed not to take Chu Ling’s words seriously. Just then, Chu Ling suddenly grabbed Tang Xi’s arm and took her into her office, saying, “Let’s have a meeting. The staff has already waited long for you.”

Chen Ziyan who had finally calmed down was fascinated by Chu Ling again! Oh, why was this man so handsome?? He looked so attractive even when he was growling! He was a totally different type from Prince Charming Qiao! If the latter was like a king, then the former was like an elf prince! Why were there so many handsome men around Xiao Rou??

Tang Xi pushed open the door of her office, and the staff sitting on the sofa all stood up, including Li Manyan and Jin Han. Jin Han was tall, handsome yet looked cold, so Chen Ziyan noticed him as soon as she walked in. She froze there, exclaiming in her heart, ‘G.o.d, another handsome man! He is simply the grown-up version of Ning Ke! Was he working here? And…’

Noticing that Jin Han’s eyes rarely left Li Manyan, Chen Ziyan smiled. So this handsome man loved this girl. Look at his affectionate eyes! They were a perfect match!

“Ziyan, what are you thinking of?” Tang Xi’s call took Chen Ziyan back from her reverie. Tang Xi said to her, “Can you study by yourself here first? If you have any problems, you can ask Qiao Liang and my brother. They can both tutor you.”

Chen Ziyan looked at the two of them. Qiao Liang nodded at her and Xiao Jing smiled at her, but Chen Ziyan felt a bit intimidated, so she smiled awkwardly. “Well, I think I took the wrong textbooks with me. I had wanted to tell you but I was afraid I might disturb you. I mistook my alb.u.m with the textbooks, so I didn’t take the textbooks with me.”

She dared not let Prince Charming Qiao tutor her, so she thought she’d better just sit there quietly! Especially… Chen Ziyan looked at the handsome men and beautiful girls filling the room, and thought in satisfaction… Wouldn’t it be a waste of a chance if she chose to study instead of appreciating the handsome and beautiful people!

It was a blessing for her to meet so many handsome men in a single day!

Tang Xi looked at Chen Ziyan and knew she was not in the mood to study. She shrugged and went to attend the meeting.

The meeting lasted two hours. It was 9pm when the meeting ended. Chen Ziyan who had been so excited in the beginning had fallen asleep.

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