Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 268 - Jealous

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Chapter 268: Jealous

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

He Wanyi had been waiting for Tang Xi at the other end of the red carpet. Seeing Tang Xi walk over to her, she took her hand and said with a smile, “Beautiful, you’re too beautiful today! I think you’ve attracted more attention than me. Fortunately, only designated photographers can take photos here. Otherwise, I’ll become the laughing stock of the entertainment circle if it’s reported that I, a famous star, has lost to a high school girl.”

Tang Xi smiled shyly. She patted He Wanyi on the shoulder, saying, “Sister Wanyi, what are you talking about? I’m sure you look very beautiful in this dress.” She then naughtily winked. “Although you may not be as beautiful as me, you must appear as very attractive to people too.”

He Wanyi pretended to be angry and patted her on the shoulder. Suddenly, she saw Qiao Liang stare at her with a frown, and she hurriedly retracted her hand, and took Tang Xi’s hand. “Oh, he looks like an iceberg. How can you stand him?”

“Ah?” Tang Xi looked at He Wanyi with doubt, and the latter signaled her with her eyes to look at Qiao Liang. Tang Xi smiled and looked at Qiao Liang. Qiao Liang took her hand and said in a low voice, “It’s time to enter the auditorium. Let’s go.” With that, he took Tang Xi to walk into auditorium without looking at He Wanyi.

He Wanyi shouted “Hey!” at his back, and then burst into laughter. Seeing this, Chen Ziyan who was about to praise Tang Xi for her beauty gasped and murmured, “What’s wrong with Xiao Rou?”

Upon hearing her words, He Wanyi chuckled and put her arm around Chen Ziyan’s shoulders. “You don’t understand? Shall I explain to you?”

Chen Ziyan’s eyes lit up and she looked at He Wanyi and raised her eyebrows. “Could you?”

He Wanyi raised her eyebrows. “Sure.” Then she led Chen Ziyan into the auditorium in high spirits and Chen Ziyan’s surprised exclamation could be heard from time to time…

As for Ning Yan, although he worked in the entertainment industry, he really hated being interviewed. He rejected the host’s request for an interview in a few words and walked to the side. Seeing Qiao Liang and Tang Xi had entered the auditorium, Ning Yan raised his eyebrows and asked Xiao Jing who was walking beside him, “You just surrendered your sister to Qiao Liang like this?”

Xiao Jing snorted. They were reluctant, but Qiao Liang had stolen their sister’s heart. If they objected to her being together with Qiao Liang, their sister might disown them. Thinking of this, Xiao Jing scowled. Ning Yan could tell from Xiao Jing’s dark face that Xiao Jing must have been conquered by Qiao Liang. He smiled, put a hand into his pocket and asked, “You just sold your sister to Qiao Liang like this? How does you her family think? I heard her biological parents had arranged her engagement with Liu Chengyu. Does Liu Chengyu know that she is together with Qiao Liang now?”

“It’s none of your business!” Xiao Jing glared at Ning Yan and snorted. “Although Rourou is living in my uncle’s home, she just stays there to treat my aunt. Don’t think too much! If they want to get Rourou back, I’ll fight them to death!”

Ning Yan shrugged and signaled him to look over there. “Look, that man is looking around. He must be looking for your sister.”

Xiao Jing followed his gaze only to see Liu Chengyu walking towards them from the other end of the auditorium as if searching for something. Suddenly, he spotted Xiao Jing. He paused and said something to the school leaders following him, and the latter nodded with a smile and left. Liu Chengyu walked towards Xiao Jing who looked at him, curled his lips and asked the others, “Aren’t you going in?” He then took the lead to leave.

Seeing Xiao Jing leave, Xiao Sa caught up with him, “Hey, Jing, wait for me. Why are you in such a hurry?!”

He Wanzhou who didn’t hear their conversation was surprised to see them leave so quickly, and asked Ning Yan, “What’s wrong? Why did they run away?”

Ning Yan took a look at Liu Chengyu and raised his eyebrows. “Perhaps they saw someone they didn’t want to see…”

He Wanzhou groaned when he saw Liu Chengyu, and then he shouted, “Alas, President Liu, hold on! Last time you recommended an actress to me, but then that woman ruined my play! I suffered a great loss because of her! Are you going to compensate me?!” Then he walked quickly towards him.

Hearing his words, Liu Chengyu who was about to chase the Xiao brothers had to stop his steps, because if he did chase after them, people would think he was trying to hide from He Wanzhou…

So Liu Chengyu looked back at He Wanzhou and smiled. “President He, what a coincidence! I’m going to make an appointment with you to meet you tomorrow.”

On this side, Tang Xi and Qiao Liang walked into the auditorium. As Qiao Liang was serving as a judge, he should sit at the judging table and judge the students’ performance. Although Tang Xi would play piano today, she was merely a student, so she could only sit behind. Qiao Liang wanted to let Tang Xi sit beside him, but Tang Xi refused because she didn’t want to be so ostentatious. Qiao Liang couldn’t persuade her and could only let her sit in her seat.

Upon seeing this, He Wanyi was glad she got a chance. She wasn’t a judge tonight, so she just needed to sit in the front row, watch the performance and say something on the stage in the end. As soon as Tang Xi left Qiao Liang, she waved at Tang Xi and beckoned her to sit beside her…

The front row was reserved for distinguished guests. There were many empty seats beside He Wanyi, and Chen Ziyan also sat beside He Wanyi, so Tang Xi went over to her. He Wanyi led her to sit down and Tang Xi greeted them with a smile. Chen Ziyan looked disappointed at Tang Xi. “Rourou, you really let me down. I always take you as my good sister, but you didn’t even tell me you knew Sister Wanyi!”

Tang Xi blinked at her and smiled. “You didn’t tell me you liked Sister Wanyi either.” Then she turned to He Wanyi. “Sister Wanyi, did she speak ill of me?”

“No,” He Wanyi raised her eyebrows. “She just complained about the mean girls who are jealous of you and want to see you make a spectacle of yourself. She said she was waiting for you to show up like a queen and slap those b*tches’ faces. She was excited when she knew you were my good friend, and had ordered dozens of my autographed photos, and said she would sell them for money…”

Chen Ziyan looked smugly at Tang Xi. “What? Jealous?”

Tang Xi smiled. “You might as well ask for my autographed photos. Maybe I’ll be even more popular than she is after I enter the entertainment industry.”

“My G.o.d!” He Wanyi covered her mouth with her hands and widened her eyes. “h.e.l.lo, I’m still here. Can you see me?”

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